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Yeah I hope they give us another 4 epic games for the PS4, I can not get enough of UC or TLoU.

Why I bought a PS4:

TLoS sequel/ prequel or spinoff
The Last gaurdian. #2.1
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Framerate always effects gameplay as it effects the controls. When you are used to 60fps then a game being 30fps matters.

I will normally choose the PC version of games because I know I can mostly play at higher frames and detail.

If this game is slower paced and has a locked 30fps like UC it will be fine. But it would of been nice to have 60fps or even an option in the menu like with PC games. #20.1
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Me too I love all my Playstations but I think with this game they have focused on pushing the eye candy and the black bars and 30fps are signs of their limitations.

Them saying otherwise is BS I think, every dev would like their games to run at a silky smooth 60fps at 1080p and have top in it's class visuals, but they know they have to compromise.

I really hope Naughty dog choose 60fps as their standard rather than just trying to push maximum pretties. #18.1
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The Xbone and PS4 are just not very powerful machines, it's as simple as that.

We get what we pay for, the PS4 is good for the price but shows it's limitations when it cannot hold 60fps in Killzone SF or BF4 (which I both own).

I will get a ton of disagrees from fanboys in denial but even the PS4 is nothing to brag about, sure it will have great exclusives like UC4 and that's why I own it. But gloating about it's power to Xbone owners is sad r... #9.7
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This seems like a good OPTION but it will be a sad day for gamers like me if this kind of thing actually replaces owning the hard copy.

If Sony servers go down or you have a problem with your net then you are locked out of your games.

This could be good for old and rare PS1/2 that are hard to get hold of.

Sony are the ones it's seems putting teh clowdz to good use. #2.10
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So if the game turns out to be crap, you would still support it because it came to the PS4 ?

Sounds like what people were saying about knack, they would blindly buy it because it was a PS4 exclusive.

No matter the system a crap game is still crap and does not deserve a free pass from anyone. #7.1
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Oh no if it's City Interactive then it really is doomed to be junk.

Lets hope they hired some new talent for this project. #1.3.1
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Only possible in the clouds sounds like MS BS to me. EA and MS make a great couple like a marriage made in hell. #1.6.1
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Yay another reason for me to hate Microsoft, like I need anymore. This move just seems disrespectful and sleazy.

Shame on any PS3 owner that does this. #107
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Mmmm fannytastic. #9
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Well said, the more options the better for us. #39.1
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PS4 could emulate PS1/2 easily but why would Sony allow it if they are trying to sell us PS Now?

Surely if the only way to play PS1/2 games on the PS4 was with PS Now then that would add value and incentive to people to use it.

So I think native PS1/2 emulation on PS4 will not happen, but I would like to be wrong. #42
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And maybe fuel knowing EA. #1.1.12
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Just for you Lukas_Japonicus : #1.1.12
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You don't know this until you are tested. Obviously this guy made a split decision and did not think he would die.

He took a chance, seems the suicidal person slowed the guy down and that delay got him killed and that is very sad.

A question for you all you religious nuts. Why did god let the 'hero' die and the person that wanted to die live? #17.2
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So the guy that wanted to die lived and the guy that wanted them both to live died. How sad. Maybe the train station should slow their trains down that are coming into the station 50-70mph seems way too fast. #35
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I can see no reason why even the Xbone cannot hit 1080p with theif. What I find most surprising is that the game will not be 60fps as it is running on the Unreal 3 engine, to me the game looks dated maybe should of come out 4 years ago.

Technically it looks very basic by todays standards it has some very flat textures and the lighting does not seem very dynamic, I have not been impressed by anything I've seen of this game since it's reveal. #78
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I really hope it will set a standard and be 1080@60fps if any dev can do it then ND are the ones. #2.1
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UC4 will be released Q4 2014, I can feel it.

I think Sony/ND will do all they can to get this system seller out for Xmas this year.

Whatever MS has up it's sleeve to rival UC4 it will not stand a chance unless it's Halo. #1.1.3
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I already played this on a good PC so will wait for it to hit PSN+ on the PS4 I'm in no rush. #21.1
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