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They listened to the sound of their arses getting kicked by the PS4 sales, just like when they heard the same sound as the PS4 pre orders went crazy and they had to reverse their DRM policy.

They are not doing it for us gamers it's because their stupid decisions have diminished their sales. #23
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Best Watch Dogs Console Experience is on my PC plugged into my 42 inch Sony Bravia and using a Xbox 360 wired controller. #24
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Yes but all TVs are really only true 60HZ, You need a monitor for true 120Hz.

A 120Hz monitor and a 120hz LCD TV are not the same. #10.1.1
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Well done sheep shaggers !, sorry I could not resist. #5
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Yeahs it's BS to label a game with 60fps it it's not steady and only does it 5% of the time when there is nothing on screen.

If you want 1080/60 in all your games then PC is the only option. My PS4 and Xbox are for exclusives, PC for multis. #19.1.1
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I thought they did also and If Ubi could not get AC4 the run at 60fps then how will the more advanced Watch-dogs manage it? It may hit 60fps now and again but a solid locked 60fps I can't see it happening. #14.1
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This game will not be native 1080p and a solid 60fps on the PS4. It will be locked 30fps or fluctuating 30-60fps. Unless they gimp it to look like last gen graphics. #1.4.3
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It's 1080p so it will be dirty thirty frames per second. #2.6
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Eff All! aka jack sh1t. #10
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The rumble motors will use the most power in a controller. I don't see the problem in pluging the usb cable in after about 4.5 hours to top up the battery.

It really is no big deal but I would still like the light to be dimmer or the option to turn it off as it still reflects on my tv screen a little. #1.5
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I cannot wait for Uncharted 4 then TLoU2. #18
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Nonsense, you are saying the devs of Uncharted / TLoU, MGS4, Killzone and GoW3 did not take full advantage of the PS3 hardware ? Maybe you need some really thick glasses to mach your thick head. #23.2
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You think Activision are going to turn down a potential 160+m of last gens customers' revenue ? #2.1.10
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Many indie devs can only afford to release for one platform at a time so what Microsoft is doing here is quite disgustion in forcing those devs to release on Xbox first or not at all.

So what happens is if the title is a big hit it becomes known as an Xbox game and MS get the most profit as the game is new. If it does not sell that well and they cannot afford to make other versions then Microsoft gets an exclusive.

So it's bribery and bullying from MS, &#... #1.4.1
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Well to many it was not discounted enough and that's why they stayed with last gen or got the PS4 maybe. #6.2
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If one has no interest in kinect and does not want to be forced to buy it then the Xbone has never been at a 'good' price. #5.1
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GT will probably have less detailed enviroments so I say yes it could of course, but it just depends if Polyphony focus of visuals or performance I hope we have a solid 60fps and a great online mode. #8.2
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Amen brother! you are someone that actually gets it. We were stuck with console exclusives being either gimped with low resolution/framerate or low detail and 7+ years later it's the god damn same.

Gimped games on gimped consoles. For fast paced games 1080/60 or 720/60 should be a must but 30fps ffs.

Framerate should be king in a racing game but we all know eye candy sells games so that's the priority for most devs.

So glad I've a... #5.3
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I f**king knew that they would not be able to hit 60fps with those visuals.

All racing and fighting games are spoilt by running at 30fps.

Disagree all you like people but the Xbone and PS4 just do not have the raw power to do 1080p@60fps with this level of graphical detail, guess we have to wait for next gen or PC. #1.7
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Yep, you want the old resi vibe go with Mikami. Crapcom have lost it. #1.2.2
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