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Yes a 7200rpm USB 3.0 hard drive will be faster or about equal to the internal Xbone hard drive, it def wont be too slow.

I have to give MS respect for this and the Kinectless XB1, still the price is not low enough and not enough exclusives for me get one yet when I already have a PS4 and good PC. #7.2.2
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The Xbone is not powerful enough to look anything like that tech demo. It's not happening as a game it was used to showcase the power of the Unreal engine to potential customers of their tools. #3.1.1
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'mouth-dropping' wtf you mean jaw dropping. Yes Uncharted 4 will be great no doubt.

I guess MS will do as they did last gen and throw money at studios for exclusivity bs instead of investing in talent to create new original IP's, giving people a real reason to own a XB1 and competition for Sony that moves the industry forward. #2.1
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Do we need anymore of these useless 'face offs'.

This is how it will be 99% of the time this gen:

PC>PS4>XB1 and then WiiU,360,PS3 about equal when it comes to 3rd party games.

You really care about graphics then go for the PC instead of arguing about who has the best gimped inferior version.

This game is 900p 30fps on the more powerful console ffs. #22
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It will probably format to FATx so it wont be easily used in a PC etc, you could play ripped music of it if MS allow it but don't think they would allow home ripped movies.

There could be an option to rip custom soundtracks through the XB1 like you could on the original Xbox in future.

Being able to have all your games already on the HDD is great, so will they really play from the HDD without the the need for the game in the drive? If so this could be a p... #4.4
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Well done MS for finally putting those guys out of their misery, the poor b@stards stuck making sh!tty kinect junk for the casual scum. #1.12
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No doubt the graphics processing of the PS4/Xbone cannot touch the GTX670. #8.1
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The 670/760 and 770 are best bang for your buck and fine card for the price, they blow away the consoles but if you want to get into 1440p and 120fps then of course they are a little underpowered for that then you should go 780/ti.

You want 1080p 60fps and high/ultra in most games then they should be fine. #7.1.2
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Max this, max that is nonsense you can max most games with a low end card but it depends how many frames you want.

For me I always aim for 60fps then drop detail to get it.

My 4GB GTX670, 16 GB ram, and i7-4770k should do it. #1.4.1
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They listened to the sound of their arses getting kicked by the PS4 sales, just like when they heard the same sound as the PS4 pre orders went crazy and they had to reverse their DRM policy.

They are not doing it for us gamers it's because their stupid decisions have diminished their sales. #23
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Best Watch Dogs Console Experience is on my PC plugged into my 42 inch Sony Bravia and using a Xbox 360 wired controller. #24
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Yes but all TVs are really only true 60HZ, You need a monitor for true 120Hz.

A 120Hz monitor and a 120hz LCD TV are not the same. #10.1.1
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Well done sheep shaggers !, sorry I could not resist. #5
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Yeahs it's BS to label a game with 60fps it it's not steady and only does it 5% of the time when there is nothing on screen.

If you want 1080/60 in all your games then PC is the only option. My PS4 and Xbox are for exclusives, PC for multis. #19.1.1
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I thought they did also and If Ubi could not get AC4 the run at 60fps then how will the more advanced Watch-dogs manage it? It may hit 60fps now and again but a solid locked 60fps I can't see it happening. #14.1
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This game will not be native 1080p and a solid 60fps on the PS4. It will be locked 30fps or fluctuating 30-60fps. Unless they gimp it to look like last gen graphics. #1.4.3
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It's 1080p so it will be dirty thirty frames per second. #2.6
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Eff All! aka jack sh1t. #10
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The rumble motors will use the most power in a controller. I don't see the problem in pluging the usb cable in after about 4.5 hours to top up the battery.

It really is no big deal but I would still like the light to be dimmer or the option to turn it off as it still reflects on my tv screen a little. #1.5
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I cannot wait for Uncharted 4 then TLoU2. #18
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