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UC4 will be released Q4 2014, I can feel it.

I think Sony/ND will do all they can to get this system seller out for Xmas this year.

Whatever MS has up it's sleeve to rival UC4 it will not stand a chance unless it's Halo. #1.1.3
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I already played this on a good PC so will wait for it to hit PSN+ on the PS4 I'm in no rush. #21.1
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True just like Nintendo, MS skimped on the proccessing power. With all the profits they made last gen it's quite pathetic.

I'm glad Sony and the PC's are around to set a higher standard maybe nextgen they will try and future proof their consoles a little better. #20.1
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There has been a 2 year gap between the Uncharted games so why should Uncharted 4 take more than 3 years to make? TLOU may have taken up many of ND's resources but don't they have 2 teams ?

I have no issue with them taking their time and the longer it takes the better the results.

I can imagine UC4 coming this winter as this will shift many PS4's. Suppose we have to wait till e3 to find out, can't effin wait!. #11
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And landing straight on my d1ck? #3.1.4
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I think Titanfall will come to PS4 eventually, Titanfall superdupa blah blah blah edition.

Ms have claimed exclusivity on many titles that have later only been timed exclusives. #1.2.2
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Yes Nintendo are fine thanks to the haldhelds and the Wii sales. But the WiiU is not, Iwata need to go they need to employ someone who understands the importance of 3rd party support and a modern online eco system.

With all the money they earned they could of made the Wii U a lot more powerful and with all their IP's they should of had devs working on those titles we all love, there should be a steady stream of great 1st party games making the Wii U an essential purchase... #2.1
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Like it or not we have at least another 3 years of the WiiU. #1.35
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You ever heard of the phrase 'time is money' ? Studios will not undertake a project unless there is a very high chance of a profit.

These guys are quite a small team so cannot just pump out a perfect port in a few months. #3.3
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Iz huggliz. #1.1
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Yep this is just COD with mechs and 6v6 so with everyone having a mech 'buddy' then it will as system demanding as COD 12v12.

A modified source engine will not be as taxing as frostbite or cryengine and I can imagine running titafall on my PC at well over 100fps maxed out.

Titanfall looks fun but will pale compared to the spectacle of BF3/4.

And 720p @ 60fps lets not fool ourselves here the Xbox One is a weak console now and will alwa... #1.3.5
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This looks like a crappy lightgun game on the original Wii. This years biggest stinker I think. #30
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Only SSD's can take avantage of SATA3 no platter based HDD is as fast enough to max SATA2. #8.1
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Looks bad and ass yes. Oh that face is scary. #2.1
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Yes it's pricey now but will only get cheaper in time, hats off to Nvidia for pushing this tech.

I'm glad I bought a GTX and have held of buying a new gaming monitor as I really want G-sync I can't stand tearing or stuttering and g-sync will extend the lifespan of a GPU. #2
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Err it's called easy effing money, that's the point add all the DLC and maybe some exclusive sh1t. 60fps@1080p better textures and maybe improved lighting etc you know it will sell and so do bethesda.

We may see alot of this as it is easy to port the PC versions to PS4/XBone and just add some extras to sweeten the deal and maybe a reduced price, probably will be full priced though as they can use the 'next gen excuse'. #1.13
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Why sell a game once when you can sell it twice. Easy money. #1.1.18
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Yeah and cut out backwards compatability so they can re sell you all the games you already bought at least the HD remakes looked better now we will just have the older games but with compression and added lag. #1.4.10
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No Sh1t we all know it's about selling rip off map pack DLC's nowadays. A game like Cod/Titanfall/BF will never give us free content. #8
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Yeah that's pathetic I maxed it out on PC at 60+ fps. Really not worth £50 when the PC version is £15. #11.1.1
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