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It's Capcom the re hash masters, very eco friendly as they re-cycle so much.

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Well you know Bungie ripped out content so they could milk the DLC.

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I had a feeling that it would be quite lacking in content as to fleece us for DLC and I could be right. What I've played is fun (with others), some of the later missions are so hard on solo. So it's really just a 3 player online co op game.

I'm also playing Borderlands 2 GOTY and that seems massive and so much fun.

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I have a PS4 and a good gaming PC am I allowed to be here almighty cell989 ?

And to anyone who gets offended by someone stating their PC specs needs to get a life a maybe a job.

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Beware the jelly peasant! Yeah and thanks Rock* for making my mind up, I've held of playing GTAV for so long now there is no [email protected] way that I'm playing it at 30fps.

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Yeah mod support and lets hope that it's optimised better than GTA4 was.

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I imagine the guy saying "Hey middle aged guys, if you've ever wanted to be alone with a schoolgirl in her bedroom without getting arrested, then we have the game just for you!".

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I think if one goes out of their way to state it like he has then it must be something positive, it's like he wants to release the good news but can't.

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lets hope at least it's something positive about that game.

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Yes the PS4 version has slightly more detail in the textures, unless you have a PS4 and Xbone and no decent PC this is a non issue.

And gaming bolt must be run my clowns.

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Anti piracy and to lower production costs probably. And why the 3ds never had two thumbsticks to begin with I'll never understand, they must have lost many potential customers because of this, thanks Iwata!

Lets hope the new cstick is an indication that their next handheld will have dual sticks, the more options the better.

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The lowest of the low kind of human that's what kind, And yes these 'prankers' should do jail time this is so dangerous, makes me think of that kid who was shot to death by police as he was holding a wiimote.

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It's 2014 ffs, a poxy game running at 1080p now is news.

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Pathetic Ubisoft, all the crap they have done in the past and still do just makes me not want to give them my money.

They don't seem to respect us, well f*ck them.

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Yep utter crap, Joe danger looks like the best of the bunch to me, sad.

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Lets hope they stick with the free maps forever, it takes too long as it is to get into a game without spitting the player pool.

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If MS demos a game it would probably be running on a high end PC not the poxy Xbone.

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You will need to use these and NOT sandpaper:

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Yeah I played it alone in the dark (around midnight) with headphones and the atmosphere got me, watching a youtub stream on a bright sunny day ain't gonna to be effective.

So if people don't find this creepy or scary then I'd say they have no imagination or played/watched under the wrong conditions.

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