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Maybe the Xbone Titanfall pre orders are way lower than expected, obviously more people will buy it on PC and XB360. it's not going to shift many bones.

Weak game, weak console.

In played the PC beta and it was fun but shallow and the titans just felt like a killstreak perk in COD. #3.2.1
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Sad eh, even they have no faith in Titanfall being a massive system seller. They can choke on humble pie for their arrogance. #1.8
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Microsoft are like a one legged man shooting himself in the foot.

Gimping a console that has to last at least 5 years, with all their wealth is inexcusable. As Angry Joe would say ' they dun f**ked up!' #39
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True and depentant on the type of game, generally fast paced fighters, shooters and racers benefit the most, but I would prefer 60fps on all games or the option to toggle locked 30/60 or unlocked framerate. #6.2
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Sounds like BS excuses to me 48fps movies and 60fps games are nothing alike. I love games at 60fps but hated the Hobbit running at 48fps. #13
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Goldeneye! This Rambo game is a disgrace to any gamer, looks like shovelware that should of been on the original Wii but got delayed. #8.2
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Like I said ages ago Uncharted 4 is coming this year, I feel it! #18
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£300 and you get a crappy game and a poxy Wiimote yeah bargain, the Wii U needs a proper price cut and some proper quality games.

They have the IP's and what have they released Pikmin, Marioworld and the Zelda HD they are good but it's not enough. #5
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Damn they are some blurry textures on the Xbone. #1.1.6
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Unreal Championship ? but the 4 ? or maybe Uncharted 4 MP and Sp will be seperate. #3.1.1
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You should of took a stance after they tried to screw ALL OF US GAMERS with the no used game always online BS.

The Xbox should of been made first and foremost as a gaming device for the people that actually supported the previous consoles.

But no they gimped the machine to cater to the non gamers proving that we are not that important to them.

Trying now to force us to Buy and use the Kinect and be stuck with an already out dated console that... #52.1
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Yeah no amount of dev tools can make up for the fact that the Xbone has a weaker gimped APU and RAM.

With the size of the bone and Microsofts bank balance it quite pathetic how they are failing to hit 1080p at a decent fps with old engines such as Unreal3, Source and the Cod engine.

And we have at least 5 more years to go, sad for the Boneboys. #1.3.12
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'great looking textures' wtf are you serious? even the PC version does not have GREAT looking textures.

I think a lot of the textures look like they were recycled from last gens COD games. #1.3.2
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Actually the Xbone is very powerful........compared to the Wii U. #1.8.1
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And probably 100+fps, damn the Xbone is a weak machine as it runs CODBOT at 792p and can't maintain a locked 60fps. #1.2.2
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I'd wait for the slim and a massive price cut, yeah and maybe some decent games that don't look like they are running on a 5 year old PC. #4.2
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Amen brother, lol yeah we just can't trust Microsoft, their focus on the casuals and Kinect has ruined them.
They had / have so much $ but they did not invest in what matters to us the most and that's origial IP's.

Losing Bizzare and Bungie and turning Rare into a kintect turd factory is unforgivable. #1.15
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CODBOT! Damn why does this game have to have those ugly COD looking textures and lighting. Looks so last gen. #15
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Just get a used PS3 as it's worth it for the Uncharted trilogy alone.

You are missing out big time if you dont play them along with TLoU and MGS4.

UC4 may be out this winter and you really should finish them by then, streaming maybe good but it will never beat owning the actual games and PS3.

I pity the fools that have never played Naughty dog's from last gen. #1.2.1
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Yeah I hope they give us another 4 epic games for the PS4, I can not get enough of UC or TLoU.

Why I bought a PS4:

TLoS sequel/ prequel or spinoff
The Last gaurdian. #2.1
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