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Lack Ops 4 Full price.

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Cool that's another "AAA" game that I don't have to buy at launch for full price.

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CF and SLI are not worth hassle , I'd rather overclock a 1070 or wait for the RX490.

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The person was real but Sam lied about the escape.

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Looks like an uprezzed GT5/6 to me.

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SJW= Stupid jerk wad ? He used to claim to be anti censorship, seems now he craves some attention to try and stay relevent since his games are not.

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I thought we knew by now that its BF1944.

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Yeah by the time NX releases the PS4 with be almost 3.5 years old. If it's not a handheld then it better be way more powerful than the PS4 neo. But Nintendo being Nintendo who knows, I have zero faith in them anymore.

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Yeah I remember that being the moment I knew I had to get rid of my PS4 version and stick with the PC, it was horrid I thought my console was about to die of heatstroke. I like a solid 60fps but the COD engine is well past it's use by date.

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Yeah but what are we going to do wait to play the UC4 remaster on PS5? I don't think so, just like playing old games with simpler graphics you can quickly get used to it. I too love framrate and wished ND went for SP at 900p/60 but oh well, would of been cool the have an option to switch like TloU remaster.

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I've just played through the remastered trilogy, they are all great games in their own right. Can't wait for number 4!

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Looks like UT and COD had a baby.....Zzz

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It's the money:

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Ah that blood screen splatter looks tacky and silly, I hope they remove it or give the option to toggle it on or off.

Yeah UC4 beta was decent and looked good, this gears Alpha does look last gen at this point but it's not complete.

I will be playing both gears 4 and UC4 on and offline for sure, lets hope they are as fun as gears 2 and UC2 were back in the day............can't wait!

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It is basically an Alpha but they are calling it a beta and it really is they want our feedback to improve etc.

You can tell that textures/lighting are not present or incomplete, do people really think that this is going to look worse than gears 3 or gears Ue ? gears Ue runs at 1080/60 and looks very good on the multiplay side, so expect the same deatail or better with gears 4.

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They are great unless you are also a PC gamer and have gotten used to the fluidity of a locked 60fps.

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Not going to happen, no dev would dedicate resources on a game to add features that only a small minority of the console base can play.

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Yeah it will be just a refresh adding a 4k scaler etc, just like when the newer 360's got the HDMI output they were not more powerful but just had added functions.

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Quantum Break Let's Play, lets not.

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Yeah Naughty Dog are in a league of their own, sad to see Remedy fall so far but I can't respect a dev that tries to sell broken products like the PC version is.

Shame on them and Microsoft, I will NEVER support the cancer that is the Windows PC store.

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