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He does at 1:16.

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I've always wondered how they did this!

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For those accessing the PSN Store on a computer, what browser is everyone using? I'm on a Mac. I've tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. I've experienced the same issues as Eidolon with all of those browsers.

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So, basically like every David Cage game.

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One factor that nobody's pointed out is that optical drives burn out eventually. That happened on my PS3. I bought a new blu-ray drive and replaced it myself so it works fine now. But it's a hard realization that even though I have a working blu-ray drive again in PS3 now, that it will eventually burn out again. I'm sure the blu-ray drives for our PS4s are more solid than its predecessor, but physical hardware will slow down and die. It's a sad truth.


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Oh right. Video games and food are the same thing.

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Nobody's going to say it because of its omnipotent mainstream status, but I find the original 360 to be butt ugly. It looks like it was put out in the sun and get bleached and warped.

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People that like SF3 appreciated the bold step in staying out of the shadows the omnipotent SF2 by doing things differently. Gone were the whimsical anime design ala Alpha series. It was more mature and intense style of anime. And it didn't play safe by bringing back all the familiar characters we all know from SF2. These were all the reasons why I felt the creativity of SF4 was very disappointing.

I loved the originality of most of the characters: Makoto, Remy, Alex, Dud...

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Morgan Freeman can play all of them. 'cuz he's such a great actor.

But seriously, Tekken wasn't necessarily a great movie but it was a step up compared to all the other video game movie adaptations out there. And this article doesn't go into why it "blowed" or even suggest a better plot. Obviously, it's just fancasting, but who can't do that?

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Well, that kinda spoils the fact that Ezio doesn't die at the end of Revelation.

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Too bad it's not real widescreen. The characters are all stretched.

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you mean you wish altair had a badass voice and had a professional voice actor... like ezio.

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The guy that wrote this article Desz is friggin' genius!

Sony needs to throw out their whole financial consultant team and hire this guy that blogs from his grandmother's basement. It's a wonder why nobody has ever thought of this.

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Nero called. He wants his douchebag image back.

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that's pretty far out, man.

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Who Are the Idiots That Keep Disagreeing to Fact??

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I just happened to re-play Mirror's Edge last weekend. I haven't touched it in a year probably. I played it all the way through on hard one night. It's a refreshing feeling. Half of what you play is familiar and the other half isn't. But you end up going at a faster pace this time around. So it feels like a naturally fast-paced game that you control while re-experiencing the story again.

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...if you don't like the endings. Some franchises whether they succeed or fail(The Matrix, LOST, etc.) aim to challenge minds. Yeah, the ends are a mindf**k, but they're suppose to lead to a bigger agenda among the whole conflict. If you don't like it, don't play it. Simple as that.

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There was game play footage?! Omg, you f*ckin' gamer, that's amazing!

Because I love reading confirmation that there was game play footage.

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yeah, it'd be nice if Rockstar fixed all their glitches. Mo Van Barr doesn't come up on my game. I'm 99.7%

On another note, how many times has everybody's game freeze on them?

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