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I'll keep that in mind. Thanks

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I think so. I can't say exactly when, but it's clear that gaming journalism is evolving. The industry would evolve as a whole if the people who covered it got more shine, but it takes time. I see gaming journalism going through an awkward phase now, but it'll get better. It gets better everyday if you ask me.

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Zelda was a good first choice if you ask me. I wonder what they'll put in the Hall of Fame next year.

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well maybe if Miyamoto didn't cut the audience off to begin his speech he would've had more stage time.

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lol that's probably why he didn't host this years show

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really? I thought he did a better job than Neil Patrick Harris. He was funny and he had a pretty cool entrance as opposed to that dance number they did last year.

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oh crap. I should probably make more of an effort to let Santa know that I need this edition. I'm getting nervous now. Oh Boy. Gamestop it is

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wow thanks for the comments. I didn't even think this got approved.

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That's too close to the BFG. The Big Friendly Giant

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Something to read when you're talking I mean taking a dump

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Under-rated. Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap. Under-Rated

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Would it be better if I gave it to Super Monkey Ball 2?

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I felt like the Nintendo Executives talked too much. The thing I liked about Tretton was he kept the show moving by showing new products and trailers. Nintendo just stood up there and talked themselves the whole time.

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I thought it was funny how Reggie came out saying "We Get It." After what I saw from Nintendo's Press Conference I'm not sure they do.

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It's on my Christmas List

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Problem is I wouldn't spend a dime on WiiU. I wouldn't even ask for it as a gift. I'll take Mass Effect 3, Saints Row the Third, and Elder Scrolls way before the Wii U.

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What was with that video of the bird flying around? Was that a screen saver or something?

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I liked the golf game they presented, but I'm not willing to spend whatever ridiculous price Wii U is going to be for it.

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Of all the news I've heard about Project Cafe, I haven't heard much speculation about games coming for that or the 3DS. Sony was all about the games, which matters to me the most.

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