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Errol James

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Art makes up a small portion of what the gaming experience is. So true.

I was watching my friends play Saints Row 3 the other night. I was blown away by how the train tracks looked from under a bridge. They were so uneven, yet so perfect as my friend drove around Steelport. I was staring at a moving painting as I looked at the screen.

That moment accounts for less than 1% of what I actually do in Saints Row 3. There was no controller involved, no advice, no a...

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Would be nice if Youtube worked on the 3DS tho.

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It'll be even better if they lower the price to the Vita already. I've been wanting to buy one, but no way I'm paying $250+

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I dunno. I have trouble with First Person Shooters. I get bored too easily. I haven't played Infinte as a result. If I find this game for cheap, I'll probably check it out.

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What do you mean? Xbox One appealed to gamers. The EA Sports gamers that buy Madden every year and get Call of Duty for Christmas. They count you know.

P.S. Xbox Done. That's Hilarious

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I wonder if someone at Microsoft reads all these blogs and takes notes.

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For real. We have to deal with one delay already. #HoldYourHorses

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Didn't the 360 sell like 250 units in Japan last week?

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I still have no idea what this game is about, but people seem excited so I'm excited? I unno. I'll wait til I actually play this game that's supposed to be revolutionary.

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Wii U lol

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Think these will cost more than the already expensive 360 controller?

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honestly? I changed the channel during the Ghosts segment. Last I saw was scars on a dogs face and had enough. COD was never my cup of tea.

My favorite part of COD is the CO-Op Spec Ops missions. I'll play that all day with my friends.

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I'm thinking more about the EA Sports/Call of Duty gamers. The ones who will faithfully buy a videogame every year no matter how little it changed from the year before. Those are the casual gamers of tomorrow in my opinion.

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I used to watch mobile Youtube from my iPhone all the time until I lost it the other day. Tried to use my 3DS as backup. NOPE. It's been long enough Nintendo. If Netflix can be on the 3DS so should Youtube.

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Same could be asked about THQ, and they don't make consoles. Unless you count that uDraw thingy.

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I mean I could ask Wii U Owners if the Wii U is the best thing to happen to videogames, but I'm concerned that I'd only hear from Nintendo Fanboys at this point.

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*Spoiler Alert*

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lol. I couldn't help it. I was kinda excited to buy a Vita.

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Same to you. I can't put the Vita down. This might be a problem lol

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