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All three motorstorms that came out for ps3 at 1080p 60fps

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Out of all PS3 exclusives God of War 3 to me is the least impressive. I don't like the fixed camera. I would throw Infamous 2 as # 5. Open world game at times with a lot of chaos is more impressive then what GOW is doing.

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Sony has provided in spades when it comes to satisfying the old school "hardcore gamer". What's disappointing is after five years we still don't have the seamless integration between psn and the hardware the way Live does. I'm not sure why they have not implemented auto syncing of trophies, the ability to queue download from the web browser, and the ability to do a full install of games to the hd.

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I Pledge to Go Commando On September 20th

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You're mistaking naughty dog for Epic and Bungie. And don't use sales as a argument. It has nothing to do with quality.

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With all do respect to the companies you just named. No other game this gen has as much chaos going on during some of the missions as does Infamous 2. Lets give some props to Evolution Studios also.

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That's what I be thinking. Can you imagine what Sucker Punch, Naughty dog, Guerrilla, Evolution, and the Santa Monica team are going to do next gen! Scary

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Are you serious? It's because the competition has done this seamlessly for years and that feature is free.

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I think it's because a lot of the big games that have come out the past year were built on in house engines. These seemed to take advantage of the ps3's strengths. The unreal and COD engine games are the ones that usually have issues.

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Another exclusive!

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No console's exclusives does atmosphere like the PS3. None.

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I don't get the problems that people have/had with Killzone's controls. I've played almost all the great FPS's franchises from Goldeneye(N64),Half Life, Halo, COD, Killzone. I've never had a problem with the controls of any of them. I guess I've always been able to adjust.

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The ability to install all games to the hd.
The ability to queue downloads from the website.
Downloads that install automatically.
Auto syncing of trophies

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Stop listening to these current and future 40 year old virgins on this site. I'm up to Ch.11 and the graphics are fine.

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The playstation brand has been giving us wow moments since its inception. I expect the ps3 to be the center of my media hub for years to come.

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You forgot Heavy Rain

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A halo fan calling another franchise overrated

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Ho many FPS have a cover system and the frantic sequences and atmosphere of killzone 2. If you don't know what your talking about just be quiet. You've obviously never played killzone 2.

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Isn't the point of a demo to determine if you would want to buy a game or not?

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This website sure does have a lot of pointless and dumb articles.

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