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You're looking at their value in US dollars, not yen. And either way, note the enormous drop-off. By the US charts, their stock was worth over $13 per share before their quarterly report and it's worth $12 right now.

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No, they didn't. Their stock value dropped from 12,300 yen a share to 11,165 per share. Since then, it has recovered slightly to 11,430 per share.

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9% is more than a fluctuation. That's over a billion dollars in market value dissipating overnight.

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Looks like it could be pretty good!

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I'm a fan of 3DS Deluxe myself.

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I'm eagerly awaiting New New Super Mario Bros. and Yoshi's New New Island.

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What "price" do you think there will be?

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There is a section suggesting Nintendo do exactly that in the article. The idea that Nintendo can "do mobile" is not just about them releasing games on smart phones. A lot of different ideas are explored here.

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I like satire, but this wasn't that great. Meh.

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The video is labeled by the person who uploaded it as "LAST STAGE" in all caps. Pretty good indicator.

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Great franchise, but they've confined themselves too much with the story. Would love to see start fresh with a darker tone.

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The above post has since been edited, so this post is no longer relevant.

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Well, that's not what this article says.

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It's a bit disappointing, but I'm still happy about free games. I guess I'd be more upset if I was a longtime member who was used to non-game rewards.

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More than two gaming companies were talked about in the article.

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The article specifically say a Pokemon MMO won't likely happen, and doesn't ask for one.

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Well the new one is planned to be completely open world with less tutorials and a more flexible story, so hopefully you're in for a treat.

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Agreed. And not just the art style - the atmosphere in general. You can't help but smile when playing Paper Mario.

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Their top-grossing game last year was Monster Hunter 4, a 3DS exclusive.

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That would be a huge investment for Namco. Definitely possible, but it's a pretty big risk.

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