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I've taken about a year break from this site and I just got back to see that all the same people are saying the same things they said a year ago. Shortages this or wait for that but at the end of the day, I sleep well knowing that the PS3 will never catch the 360 or Wii in sales! lol! Too funny but I called it from the beginning! Please click disagree....the more I get, the more I know that I've won! LOL!

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Britney Spears - your name alone make you lose credibility! From this day on, your post mean nothing! Sorry dude.

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Good exclusives are what will drive console sales this generation - especially since so many developers are going multi-platform. So, in a way, I see where they are coming from. Even now, a lot of people own multiple consoles and with Sony's price drop in the near future, owning multiple consoles will be more of a common thing. I think it's a good thing for the entire industry...higher user base means increase profit margins for developers which in turn means more and better games! Metal Gea...

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Still no one is able to name the "developer" that said PSN was better. This site used to be a good forum for gamers, now it's over run with flame wars, fanboyism, and phantom disagrees. To disagree with a simple statement of facts is nonsensical and a sign of obvious denial.

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After you read this crap, I want you to tell me what Devs said PSN was better and guess what - you can't. It doesn't mention a single developer, it does however mention some Executive's just more flame bait to get fanboys all hot and bothered...grow up and stop falling for this simple minded nonsense.

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You're right on the money! Even if they were slightly different - we're talking a little more than a 1% difference in a group of "opinions"...I mean really, does it matter! Another attempt to increase website hits and continue this pointless fanboy war.

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This article was definitely written by a guy who's very insecure about himself and the world around him! He may actually have trouble calling himself a man...LOL!

It's just one person's opinion - I'm still buying it today!!!

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Who wants to play on a console thats 10 years old. As fast as technology improves, 10 years is a long time. Just think - if I was playing games on a 7 year old cool would that be? Not very. I honestly think that a 5 to 6 year life span is reasonable...but 10, not so much. I don't mind enjoying my PS3 for 5 years and buying a backwards compatible PS4 4 years from now;)

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That was a good catch.

That was simply a typo on my part! YES, MS can compete and will probably beat out Sony again in 2009;)

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If you Sony boys don't like the service Xbox Live is providing, why don't you just watch the free "B" movies on PSN or just play with your avatars in that broken and bugged beta called Home. I'll stick to Live - thank you!!

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You're an absolute fanboy if you don't think MS can't compete. I'm just not sure what fanboys are basing the 2009 PS3 victory on, I mean wasn't 2008 supposed to be the year of the PS3. It's a good thing fanboys don't work for the companies they support because the competition would be underestimated and they'd be caught with there paints down with their over confidence. Especially when Sony Execs can be quoted saying stuff like "We simply have to suffer a little" and "go down ...

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You can't compare the PS3 against the Sega Saturn. This is flamebait and I'm not falling for it! The SONY Brand IMO is far stronger!

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Lair will turn the tide
Heavenly Sword will turn the tide
Haze will turn the tide
Home will turn the tide
MGS4 will turn the tide
LBP will turn the tide
Resistance will turn the tide
Uncharted will turn the tide
Ratchet and Clank will turn the tide
GT Prologe

We can play this game all day and you will still lose both in hardware and software sells. Sorry, it's the harsh, harsh truth.

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I would definately say MGS4! I was strung out on that game like crack!!
SOCOM Online game of the year...I think not. I'd have to go with Left 4 Dead...that crack!!

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You took the words right out of my mouth. The funny thing is - even when fanboys on each side played the demos before the games released, they were still saying both games were awesome....fanboy delusions and fanboy denial (FD/FD). But then...all the reviews started coming in and they could no longer hide from the truth;) It's a sad, sad thing...LOL!

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I normally disagree with you but this time I've got to agree with you. Killzone 2 and God of War should have definitely been on that list. This has to be one of the worst lists I've seen in a long time =)

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Okay - got it! Thanks for the explanation...I was just giving you a hard time =) It's all good!!

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In your LONG WINDED attempt justify mine or anyone else's purchase of a particular console - it shows, that you my friend have no idea what you're talking about;) Now I understand why you only have two bubbles! Get your head right, be succinct and to the point, avoid fanboy comments like "RROD", realize that the one who writes the most words doesn't necessarily win the argument, and I'm sure more people will listen to you...but then again, I won't;)

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PS3 Fanboys will say, yeah, the 360 outsold PS3 because it's cheaper, and there's this global recession in the States, and it was released earlier but they are missing the big picture. The 360 wasn't supposed to be where it is today in comparison to the PS3. The PS3 was supposed to be released and the competition was SUPPOSED to be destroyed but it wasn't! That's the point! No matter what happens this generation...the 360 has proven it's self to be a great contender this time goo...

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Why are people comparing a FPS to a RTS game? I'm lost.
What's next - comparing RPGs with Racing simulators. People always find the stupidest things to argue about.

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