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"I love playing games and await the arrival of the Ps4. :D "


I'd like to think the fallout that ensued shortly after wasn't a pretty one lol

You must have not been in a particularly smashing mood ha #10.2
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Excited :) one of the few games that has my heart on the PS vita. (No homo)

Can't wait till this drops ! #5
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I've had the most difficulty with online matchmaking when I'm with a friend unfortunately. It can get pretty frustrating at times, but I manage. Glad they got a patch out to shorten that time frame now, though.

It took me a minute, but I was able to finish the Hunter faction a couple days ago. I've decided to finally fire up the Campaign and get back to the MP once that stuff is sorted out though. I've been itching a bit to go through that entire experience a... #18
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How is that even possible... You state you're going to be playing COD, LBP3, and Halo - then ask if you should trade in your ps4 for an Xbox? o_O

I mean, unless you have two ps4's... then yeah. But how the F*** are you going to play LBP without a PS4? :| #13.2
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LMAO #14.1
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Wow. I share your same sentiments. Didn't think I would share the same company with others when it came to Watch Dogs.

I've just honestly felt like the storyline wasn't all that attention grabbing once I got significantly into it. I felt like the hacking into ctOS story missions were more like chores rather than being fun.

I've tried to convince myself to go back to it and finish the story(most of my friends have) but I've just been '... #2.3.3
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Idk guys, I'm not really taking him seriously tbh. Because anybody can make that declaration with a little tone of professionalism in their sentences. I'm just going along with it. Messing or not, I don't really care because he's a cool dude.

He told me once what he did but I forgot.. I'll have to ask again.

I hope the 32 player thing is true also, but I ain't holding my breath. If they do turn out to offer an upgrade option in the fut... #2.3.4
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I have a friend on PSN that believe it or not, works with R* according to him. He managed to tell me and my friends that R* was working on something and would be announcing something this year.

He was correct. The GTA V announcement came at E3.

When Sony made the announcement that very moment, he sent me and my friends a message announcing GTA V to us and that it was coming this Fall in September.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is t... #2.3
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Evan Wells: - "Well I mentioned earlier the number of products we have going. We definitely have another project on the scale of Uncharted in very early pre-production stages. We have the sizable team that it takes to get something like that off of the ground, but it's got a long runway in front of it."

That's gotta be The Last Of Us 2. I'd say on a realistic scale, Uncharted is set for release early-mid 2015, and by the time that comes around, the pre p... #14
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Same. I live about an hour away from Century City. Pondering if the drive is worth it just to see the event. I'm on the waitlist but not sure if I'll go if it opens up a spot lol.

Especially since I've never driven that far and I'm nervous I might get lost xD #27.1.1
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Took me some time to get used to the driving and mechanics of the game, but after some adjusting to the cities incredibly tight Police force(Yeah, it took me some number of attempts to escape the police when stealing a car LOL)

I managed to learn a couple things on how to evade the police and finally successfully complete the mission lol.

The game looks sharp though. I've probably put more time in profiling every single NPC I find than actually continu... #6
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I was talking about this a while back on another article some time ago. I remember the original reveal that came when the PS4 was officially announced in NYC if mind serves me right.

I had intrigue in this game and still do. Hope they can get it back on track some time in the future. #7
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Now we wait... Just Like Watch Dogs..... All while knowing the graphical controversy that came with Watch Dogs,(I know that's died down a bit now)

And hope nothing of that sort comes close to this game. :( #42
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BRAVO MS, Bravo. :) I'm primarily PS4 right now, but I won't rule out the Xbone in the coming future. Things seem to be looking up for them with Phil at the top.

Here's to a competitive generation between the PS4 and Xbox One. And us Gamers will be the true beneficiaries in the clash :)

Ball's in your court Sony ;) #87
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I see where you're coming from. It took me some time to get used to using them as my aiming and shooting triggers but I've got acclaimed with them already. When I play BF4 I love the ergonomics they have because rarely do my fingers slip anymore..

With that said, I still kinda would prefer the traditional controls from ps3 for TLOU. If they decide to change it, I'll still either way get accustomed eventually. #6.4
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That "Expect 1080p boobs" clinch is likely going to play a big role in how hot this gets. lol.

I know it played a role on me clicking on the article ;) #5
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Katy Perry or Victoria Justice?

Why not both? because, one is just as great looking as the other.. right?

Or would you just pick one... (I hope not);)

Driveclub is just as great looking as Project CARS is. No need to pin them against each other because you'd be idiotic to choose one over the other if Money wasn't an issue. #5.2.2
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Well put. I agree, technology as a whole is progressing so steadily and quickly now that we as humanity have the utilities to move it forward.

If someone were to mention this steep upturn in gaming when it was the PS3's time, We'd all laugh hysterically at the notion.

Shit, for all we know we could be stepping into gaming pods and virtual worlds at the start of next gen(PS5)... or call me crazy...END of this one. o_O

I know I sound... #9.1
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Now what Sony needs to do is implement this into the system... Can you guys imagine the possibilities? They had the same feature for PS3 but it was kinda limited to certain games...

If they could implement this feature into the console, We could have screen shots taken from the very start of this generation well into the end of it... Would do for some great comparisons of entry gen games compared to close out ones by like Year 7 or 8 in the PS4's life cycle..
... #10
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