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I need torchlight Its awesome, and I'm awesome...It's a Perfect match! N4G4L1F3

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Yeah obvisioly this guy hasnt played through the game at all. only in the first 2 or so missions can i remeber ai being stupid but later if an alien goes up to you they'll hit you. and hey did any one else notice how crappy the very first sentence is written. that first sentence decscribes his review not the game lol.

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almost a full year after the japanese release huh. I didnt know it was close to being november 2009. If these guys actually knew what they were talking about they could do simple math and know the dsi hit japan closer to near half a year not a full year

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ahh the ps3 scored under the original xbox for play tiem if i remember correctly and the wii ranked nmber 4 overall behind the 360,ps2 and oneof the handhelds. the ps3's play time/console usage did not beat either the 360 or wii

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i thought it was halarious and you gotta love the ign nintendo guys. yes this will definantly be on their next podcast by the way whens that coming out its already tuesday.hopefully by tommoro

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this game should sell some wii harware and bring over some of those 360 and ps3 people. i think we'll start seeing some more hardcore titles as a benefit from madworld

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hands down to platinum games and sega for bringing something good to the wii. See what happens when dev's actually work on titles instaed of creating cruddy ports. Also good job to Matt c on this review.

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