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"Screw you guys, I'm going home."


PS3 is only 3 millions behind 360 despite the US sales gap. Is it marketing or different preferences between Americans and Europeans?

It'd be interesting to look at the sales figures this time next year. Microsoft's pouring a huge amount of money to promote its camera peripheral. In theory, it should have a huge impact. #1
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No disagreement here
What he says cannot be refuted by factual evidence. This is something we have seen over the years and it's not only limited to SCE, but SCE showcases that philosophy the best.

Looking at the quality of the hardware and software, you can bet your neck that some of the people that run the company are indeed passionate about gaming to varying degrees.

My only grip is that great characters like Phil and especially Ken left the company. #16
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I'm curious as what are you doing on a game news website since there are hardly games like Double Dragon out there.

There are great 2D flash games on sites like Newgrounds that might appeal to you.

Also, I'd like to point out that for many of us, story adds to the fun factor. I'd certainly not spend 60 bucks for a flat, one-dimensional experience. Saying games are mindless because you no longer enjoy them isn't the smartest thing. You coul... #7.2
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"Do you think videogames are mindless and a waste of time?"
Of course no gamer answers that question with a yes. But then again, no person with some functional neurons agrees with that statement either.

Mindless or not, videogames are a superior form of entertainment that can cater to an extraordinary large variety of tastes which, to me at least, no other entertainment medium can boast.

Engaging in a discussion with someone who claims that videogames are mindless, dangerous or anything like that is fruitless and... #4
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PSM's review seems to be fair. I downloaded the demo but haven't played it yet.

I still find myself slightly leaning towards PES despite Fifa's positive reception in the past few years.

It's good to see that Konami has made changes with future improvements in mind.

Messi looks too angry in the picture. When was the last time you saw Messi with such an angry look on his face? #1
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You can tell that the guys at Sony aren't very good at reading the market as many of the games that are being released for the PSP now could have been PSP2 launch titles with mega buzz and hype going for them.

PSP has a ridiculous amount of quality titles but most of them never did that well commercially.

I fear Sony will make the same mistakes they did with the PSP, PS3 and Go again.

I think there are only a few ways for a new Son... #7.2
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I don't remember Bungie being that brain-damaged. #2.1.2
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18 hours? O_O?

We usually play PES with my friends and sometimes it works for 10-12 hours. Never had problems with it.

I once played Dragon Age Origins from 8pm to 8am and that's my record. 18 hours is too long. That's just cruel. #3.1.1
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The highly subjective nature of music prevents us from unanimously agreeing upon which soundtrack is better than which.

I think the writer's selection of soundtracks is influenced by nostalgia and the games he's played himself.

To me, music in games is extremely important and I spend as much on soundtracks as I do on games.

There are many great soundtracks that go unnoticed because the games themselves weren't very popular.... #1
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Thanks UP. Bubble UP. :)


Of course, sometimes we are allowed to break the rules and say nice things about more than one person/company/thing. ;) #2.1.2
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He could have picked better "delusions" or at least offer better arguments.

There's no question that Aaron Greenberg is an official troll. But the whole argument about PC being more powerful than consoles misses the point. It's a well-known fact that a PC with newer components can out power a console, but it's hardly about power.
It's the content that drives the consoles and that is not about to change anytime soon. PCs are can be very pow... #2
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Modding aside, console versions severely limit using magic and skills with only 6 quick slots. I finished the game on PS3 though. I have all the trophies in Origins except the the "kill 1000 darkspawn" one. :(

I'm really hyped for the second game. #2.2
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I think what people should realize about BDs is that we, as gamers, pay no more for them than for DVD games. So even if I don't care about BD, it still would be really idiotic of me to bash it. #1.1.13
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Good video, brings back many sweet memories. What's with N4G today? First there is pending news peice about King's Quest which automatically brought back memories of all the awesome Sierra games and now this?

10. Super Contra - It wasn't difficult at all. Average difficulty by NES standards.

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Probably easier than Super C.

8. Battle Kid?

7. Ninja Gaiden - Frustrating for a begin... #1
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Crash Bandicoot 3 is probably the best 3D platforming game ever made, or at least one of the best, along with the Jak & Daxter games. Super awesomeness! #4.2.1
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I tend to agree with pretty much everything you said. Good comment. #1.1.2
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Edit: How about fun without looking silly? #2.1
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A professional interview without any troll questions and out of context quotes. Interviews like this are rare these days.

Hirai is the perfect man for SCE for the time-being, but I fear he lacks the vision of his predecessor technology-wise. He's spot on about the Japan vs. rest of the world comparison.

Having PSN and online services on a wide range of devices is the key to success for Sony and I believe they are going in the right direction. The plan... #9
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Don't talk about my mom! Don't make Cartman angry. #6.1
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You may well be right, but the difference here is that PS3 and 360 are already established core consoles with the backing of major core developers and publishers as well as an enthusiastic fanbase. Nintendo targets casuals from day 1 and its hardcore base consists almost solely of the loyalists.

Judging by what we see from both companies now, Sony will be a more attractive choice for hardcore gamers seeing that most of their first party and second party studios work on the... #6.1.1
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