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It's a scheduled update. We were pre warned about the down time. Several users reporting is silly because bungie told everybody days ago that the servers would be down for a while..

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Nope... I got my first legendary and exotic at level 18.. One in the crucible when I pulled 2nd and I had a blue engram turn in to a legendary helmet. I had like 5 or 6 legendary engrams before that..

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@ Illusive_Man.. If you consider the quality of the competition it's a easy choice.. Everybody wants 1080p.

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@ Funantic1.
My opinion: I thought the responsiveness was about the same..

I prefer the stiffness of the PS4 analog sticks over the Xones. They reminded me of the PS3 sticks and I think it's strange that they switched positions this gen. Why change one of the best features of your previous controller?

The face buttons are in almost in the exact same position on both controllers. The only difference to me was the way the plastic on both had a diffe...

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The only glitches I found was the infinite gold due to poker chips in New Vegas and the fallout 3 glitch that drops you FPS to about ten..

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So pastapadres opinion is fact?. He's a follower and he deserves it...

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lol really??

-X1, More precise controller and feel? Except for those RB LB shoulder buttons. Reminds me of the mode button on the six button Sega genesis controller. What about those loose analog sticks.. im callin BS on this one

-X1, Trigger Rumble.. Ya got one ;)

-Simulation process faster on X1 HDD? Thats a game changer? lol..

-X1 looks more "dynamic", vibrant? compare to the 360 and ps3... yes ..Against the ps4....

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I wouldn't call swatting a prank..

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Playstation wins again... lol

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The real question: is Destiny ready for PSN and the Playstation nation?

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I like the idea of local multiplayer but split screen multiplayer sucks...

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I give It a W... Everybody else, hold this L... =)

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Lol... nobody cares about your opinion anyways ...why even try?

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I've been hearing that statement at the beginning and end of every Gen for the last 25 years.. lol

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Thanks.... what did I win?

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Say it. Say it!.... SEGA!!!!!!!

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Can't blame Sony for trying... You will want one some day because that's the only way you will ever get to play with a super fresh gamer like me... see ya soon. ;)

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Yes, it will help.. had the same issue and used this trick a few months ago... no squeaks since and the motion is nice and smooth now. I highly recommend doing the pencil trick on squeaky triggers. I hate the smell of wd40 so using it wasn't a option

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Wasn't the GOW series remastered last gen?..

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Nobody really cared about 6 vs 6 but everybody cared about hating on Titanfall.

I thought the beta was awesome and I am very excited for Sept 9.. Good bye diabolo 3, hello Destiny..

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