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Well I can tell you that it is different from any of the other ones. They totally revamped the swing and putting is a lot harder than any version I've played (going back to 2003).

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People still play this game? lol

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I assume all of you are searching the specific mode you want to play? You're NEVER going to find a 60p deathmatch or core control in ranked R2. These modes are not designed for 60 players. TDM and Skirmish, you will, eventually.

If you are not choosing the match type you want before you "start matchmaking" you're rolling the dice at all available game modes and you're never going to get a 60p deathmatch or core control. The maps don't even offer that many players for ...

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How can we give this reviewer any credibility...he doesn't even know the weapons.

The reviewer states...
"As for the new toys, I particularly like the FarEye (a Chimeran assault rifle that blurts out a three-bullet statement and also fires a weird lightning-ball thing)"

Newsflash, jackass...the Fareye is NOT new, is NOT a Chimeran weapon. What you meant to say was Marksman. If you're going to review a game of this magnitude, at least get the sh1t right...

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If you're getting owned by the Wraith, then, you aren't very good. It is a tight quarters weapon and unless you're stuck in an extremely small area, it is very easy to maneuver around.

I will agree that I don't like the changes that they made to the aiming system but my accuracy numbers have not fallen off more than a % point or 2, and, that's without the time to get acquainted with the weapons. If I compare my numbers from where I was in the beginning of Fall of Man, to R2, my...

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46% downloaded..woOt!

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I can't sleep. XD

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This guy should not have gotten his code yet. He has only downloaded the beta, he has not played it, nor can he. The servers are not up yet, they will not be up until sometime tomorrow when Sony sends out the rest of the codes.

There are 2 people who have been confirmed to have received there code, that is it.

Everyone relax, you will get your email later today (if you pre-ordered thru GameStop).

All of this has been confirmed by administrators an...

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They did not get rid of the Hedgehog. I haven't seen any confirmation of the Reapers returning. The "scout semi-automatic sniper rifle" is called the Marksman.

I haven't heard anything new about the spider grenade since the first Gamepro magazine reveal. The description from it is as follows.

"Based on stolen Chimeran technology,the new Spider grenade vomits up a great glob of black ooze, which grows in an ever-expanding radius. The spider web-li...

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This is bogus people, don't believe it. Insomniac developers have already said so on the Resistance forums.

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I recognize Kade's name from the first one, he was a beast and knows what he's talking about.

If you've played the beta you will notice a significant difference in gameplay from the first. At first I hated it, but, it grows on you after a while. They still have a ton of things to tweak before and I'm hopeful they will get the job done. Right now, it feels more like an alpha than a beta.

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It doesn't help it turn any faster by shooting. I'm in the private beta. You had to shoot the nodes in Fall of Man, but, these turn simply by standing close to it.

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There is no rule stating college players can't have there name on their jerseys (in real life). Hundreds of college put the players name on the back of the jersey.

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Dude, let's just say your numbers are right and it's 15.5 million PS3's sold. There is NO WAY in hell they sell 9.5 million units from August til November. There aren't too many bigger fans of Resistance than I am, but, 25 million consoles by then ain't happenin'.

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College players could not sue. They are amateur athletes and can not receive any financial compensation for their sport.

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College athletics are a completely different ballgame. They are amateur athletes and cannot (legally) receive any money for playing sports.

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It's already been CONFIRMED that pre-orders will get you into the beta. In fact, it's already been CONFIRMED that pre-ordering will be the first chance to get in. I don't know what the fuss is about...

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Yesterday was the first time it had been announcecd.

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Most of the stuff in the article is known, but, I hadn't read anything about upping the gore til seeing this. I hope they don't get too gorey, but, at the same time it needs to look realistic. I'm sure they'll get it right. Can't wait to pop someone's head off lol.

They are being tight lipped about a lot of stuff.

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