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2 high rated PS4 games from Finland (this and Resogun). Shame that quantum break (also a Finnish game) won't be available on my PS4. :( #13
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Another amazing developer from Finland. Not sure if anyone remembers that Housemarque has done even "bigger" games. Remember Supreme Snowbording? Back in the days (1999) it was one of the more beautiful games out there.

http://www.housemarque.com/... #7
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It's "an hour". No exception there. And "h" is actually silent in this case.

A role playing game

The bottom line: PS4!!! :) #6.1.5
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President Evil #1.1.6
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My money's on some of these options:

It's either an new ip from GG or Santa Monica (new ip from these two studios is only a matter of time)


New Time Splitters by Crytek (they have hired some programmers that worked on old Time Splitters games)


A multiplatform game by Bungie. Say COD game? Call of Duty: Future Warfare anyone? #49
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Agreed! Most interesting characters and athmospheric settings. That's what it's all about imo. #2.1
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I recon NukaCola got disagrees for including Assasin's Creed on that list. Not sure if that game is quite on the level required to be GOTY but we'll be wiser on mid November.

Damn I'm excited for Batman! I preordered the game but am yet to receive it. It should arrive tomorrow...FINALLY! This one online retailer has been busy with BF3 shipments, that's why the delay. I really hope the game lives up to the hype. #1.1.3
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You recon the other company will announce their console AFTER the other one is released? Nope. I'm pretty sure in a case of Sony announcing PS4 at E3 2012 MS would counter by announcing next Xbox asap. Pre-release hype wuold start to be generated at the moment of announcement.

I disagree. I think that Microsoft being the first mover made all the difference this console generation. If MS and Sony would have released their consoles si... #1.2.2
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Not the size but the quality. I found even GTA3 map big enough because it was so well thought out. I rather take a vivid city with lots of indoors than empty city with some points of interest. #1.2
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Don't worry "old juice", I did that when I was 15.

About this game: The trailer is cool and cinematic and all but it only shows basically one sequence and very little gameplay. I don't get my hopes up on this one. It's hard to imagine that this one could compete with all the big boys on the market. I hope Ubi proves me wrong. #1.1
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Agreed. I mean - c'mon, what else is there?

I agree partly with this article but imo "Giant logo" and "Don’t look at the camera" can be very stylish. I don't hate those. Like the one starcb26 linked above is gazing off into the distance but is still very nice. #2.1
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FF VI isn't really a PS1 game. Well sure they made a remake of the game for PS1 with cutscenes and everything but it's originally SNES game. Imo THE BEST Snes game there ever was followed closely by Chrono Trigger. #7.1
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What's wrong with people calling the developer "Bandi"??? It's Bondi like stated above. Like Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia. Not that hard to remember. #1.3.2
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N4G is more a game news portal than forum. But still, I see nothing wrong posting here mind one might be 30, 40, 50 or whatever. I'm 25 and actually I've been more and more active in gaming communities every year. Imo it's getting better for gamers every year. The industry blossoms and people finally give games the recognition they deserve. #15.1.3
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This. Is. Pathetic. #1.1.31
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from minecraft website:

3230 players online, in 917 servers.
6143787 registered users, of which 1787694 (29.09%) have bought[*] the game.

In the last 24 hours, 52580 people registered, and 13625 people bought the game. #1.1.1
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It is too soon. That's just disrespectful. Why do this? Are some players really enjoying playing in Fukushima? The most dangerous place on earth right now? The place that is threating the lives of japanese people at the very moment? And someone thinks its nice to experience that in a videogame? Instead of ripping "fun" out of the situation people should donate money and symphatize. #1.1.1
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I agree that cod is fun. I also agree that it's noob friendly. But still good players always have better K/D -ratio... Sure there are some aspects of COD that can be made drastically better but it's still a fun game imo - it's pure arcade fun with desecent weapons and amazing longevity. (i'm talking about IW games. I refuse to buy that treyarch garbage).

If there ever is a "cod killer" it will be the next Time Splitters (if there ever is one). Time... #1.1.7
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I think that both crysis games have better water textures than KZ3 but I do think that KZ3 has better water physics (scripted or not). You can really feel the weight and the massiveness of the waves - the ocean feels alive and threatening. #1.1.16
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Holy crap! That youtube video looked yummy. I wanna go back travelling after watching that - dunno why ;).

Kiitos. #1.2.4
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