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Kara's back! YESSS!!!!! That game looks so promising that I'm out of words!

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@aquaticDonut: lol what are you talking about, didn't you get the memo?
Greatest movie: Empire strikes Shawshank
Greatest song ever: Bohemian Thriller
Greatest painting: Mona Scream
Greatest video game: Last of Fantasy IX

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Normally I don't mind other people's list and opinions but this EDGE guy.....the list has pure WRONG all over it.

No Grim Fandago
No Deus Ex
No Diablo
No Time Splitters 2
No Heavy Rain
No Alan Wake

Driveclub but no Gran Turismos
Final Fantasy XII over VI, VII or IX
MGS5 over 1,3 or 4

Tetris? That really stands out even by today's standards?

Too many Souls ga...

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Are YOU drunk? ;)

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Score = original music composed for the film/game (e.g. Final fantasys, skyrim, etc).
Soundtrack = collection of songs that appear in a film/game. Some songs might be original and others migh not (e.g. GTA franchise, Nhl, etc.)

Just wanted to point that out.

My favourite score has got to be in FFIX or FFVI. I also love metal gear solid and last of us scores (fits perfectly). Skyrim score is the most epic one. GTA Vice City soundtrack is pure gold. <...

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Funny how opinions can differ. IMO Final Fantasy scores are the best ones but the quality has been declining from FFX onwards. FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX are amazing. FFX is also pretty good.

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MGS is such a money-making-machine that they'll surely try to continue where Kojima-san left off. However they'll have a hard time maintaining the old Kojima quality.

They could also try to remake the classics (e.g. Metal Gear Solid) - I guess Konami owns the rights to do this?

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Some might argue that if it's an "essential game", it's pretty much a masterpiece.

I hear your gripe about women being objectified. It's totally valid. But this matter alone doesn't hinder the game's greatness (purely subjective - obviously).

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Simple answer: WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!

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Nice read. Completly agree with the author about every point he made (that's probably why it was a nice read).

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Mgs1: Psycho Mantis
Mgs2: Opening scene
Mgs3: The End and The Boss fights
Mgs4: Ending scene

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Yep, Bethesda is the last team in the world that should even think about this. Their games are buggy as hell even with the current development cycles.

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Dedicated servers!!??? Only for the beta or for the full game as well? Thumbs up Treyarch!

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You got one still available? Can I have, pretty please?

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Dear all, I'm also desperately carving for the beta access. I will most likely buy the game but I don't do pre-orders. If any of you is nice enough, please PM me the beta code. Your name will be praised for years to come!

Sincerely yours,
Epicor, a gamer from far north

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For some the "complex" contoller is an issue. E.g, my wife loves to play the original super mario on NES but refuses to even try the dualshock 4 as the learning curve is way too high for her.

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Skyrim did not run "fine" at launch at leat on PS3. And it still doesn't. Bethesda never fixed the game code and as the save file becomes too big the game turns unplayable. Nevertheless I still consider Skyrim to be one of the greatest games last gen (right up there after Last of us, Mass Effect 1 & 2, MGS4, Gta5 and Uncharted 2).

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That's a big jump. Anything to do with taxation in Ireland? In Finland new games have been around 60€ for a long time. Last gen was the same. Maybe even the PS2 gen as well... At least there hasn't been a notable jump in prices during this millenium.

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Hello. I'm 29 and half (why are we doing this?).

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Yes Yes Yes !

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