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Yes, the stand is a nice addition. I don't have it because I don't have room for it (and my wife wouldn't let me to keep it on top of TV stand). I play VR pretty rarely. But when I do then nothing is as irritating than having no charge left in my move controllers. :P

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List only contains one must-have accessory (camera) and another essential one (move controllers). Who is going to have a dedicated carry case AND a storage case for this beast? "This is a totally different case from the Deluxe carry case." Sure okay. Camera, move controllers and decent headphones (even the standards in-ear buds will do) and you are good to game! I don't want to have additional stuff lying around my apartment.

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Soundbars? Really? Maybe this satisfies someone who has never owned a proper hifi setup. For $400 you would be much better off with decent headphones. Invest $200 more and get an entry level 2.0 hifi system. For $1000 you might be able to get a decent 5.1.

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And even still it would imo.

"Do Scorpio and PS4 Pro Signify A Future In Which Consoles Start To Rival PC Gaming?"
WHAT? It's not all about latest tech and graphical fidelity. Consoles have rivaled and even trumped PC gaming forever for MANY PEOPLE. Personally I switched my main focus to console gaming already during NES era and only played PC occasionally after that. If someone thinks consoles are not competing with PCs in gaming then they are delus...

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Well I do. I feel that Tekken 3 was groundbreaking, easily the best fighter of that time. Still today the Tekken formula is widely based on Tekken 3 with only slight refinements. That being said I don't think this Tekken 7 looks bad at all. It looks fluid, responsive and very Tekken-like. But my all time favourite fighter is still Tekken 3 (followed by tag tournament, Battle Arena Toshinden and Mortal kombats).

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Well these things are surely a matter of personal taste, but:
1. Characters. 7 comes close imo but I feel 9 had the most diverse and interesting characters that each had great side stories that didn't feel meaningless nor out of place.
2. Music. 7 comes again close and while 7 had better individual tracks 9 had overall better and more fitting soundtrack.
3. General feel of the world. Humorous, fun, fantasy-like, engaging... More so than the other entries in the ...

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Lolled at "hipster syndrome" :D

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I actually agree with most of this list. Glad to see IX on top - my personal favourite! Also I would rank VI as 2nd best.

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It's not quite that simple actually. It's all about the bitrate.

4k should be possible with HDMI 1.4. But then you would be stuck with standard colors and 30 fps.
If you want 4k + 60 fps you gotta have 2.0.
If you want 4k + 60fps and real HDR then you gotta have 2.0a.

All these different HDMI types have a maximum possible bitrate (Gbits / second) and this bitrate determines what kind of picture (resolution, fps, colors, 3D) a...

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That Crystal Complete edition is just crazy! My whole 2017 gaming time wouldn't be enough to complete all those titles and to watch all content.

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Only major gripe I have with that list is no mention of FF6.

My top 3 in no particular order:
- FF6
- FF7
- FF9

Second tier soundtracks:
- FF8
- FF10

Followed by 5, 12 and 13. Havent played FF15 yet....

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True. Thanks for reminding me. I fixed my comment.
Titanfall 2 sales are lackluster on all platforms. Even on PS4 (although that's were the biggest numbers are). But the game itself is exceptional! Oh man, I've lost so much of my real-life health-bar for not sleeping enough because of this game. :D (clean office job and 2 years old son don't really leave much free time for games...other than nights of course).

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Multiple obvious reasons for this:
- Battlefield 1: Amazing game with healthy sales
- Titanfall 2: Equally amazing game although not that good sales numbers. However this game certainly lured many COD players that were disappointed to IW (similar movement mechanics etc.)
- MW remastered is splitting the fan base for sure - especially on PC.
- Black ops 3: many people are still playing this game and BO3 is generally considered superior multiplayer game compa...

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Diablo 2 was really addicting indeed. Here's my list:
- Civilization 2
- Diablo 2
- Heroes of Might and Magic 3
- Timesplitters 2
- Rocket league
- Black ops 1,2,3 + MW1 and 2.
- Mass Effect 2

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Great score! Too many amazing games to play but TLG is truly something unique and stands out from the pack.

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U remember when Crash first came out? Back in the days it was graphically one of the most impressive games out there. Not the same case with this one. I would have loved a bit more details personally. But i love the fact they didn't mess the gameplay. If this sells fine then there surely will be a new Crash came but I'm not too hyped about that one because of Activision...

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Me too! But...

I'm an old school crash fan. I've owned every game in the series. Here's my take on this: This remake seems to be respecting the originals which is amazing news. The gameplay looks identical which is good. But the visual presentation, and don't get me wrong, while being an enormous step up from PS one era, the visuals still dont't really match today's standards in my opinion. ND would't have settled with those visuals. I mean cmon ...

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Got em all. 4k TV is no way useless without pro. Netflix in 4k and HDR/dolby vision is amazing. Between PSVR and Pro I would have to choose VR. Although i've spent more time on Pro already. VR sessions are rare for me but those are amazing experiences. I'm just a bit lazy with plugging the cables. Especially now that I cannot run Pro hdmi through vr breakout box when gaming on pro. Expensive time to be a gamer: 2500€ on tv, 500€ on psvr+camera, 200€ on pro (ps4 trade-in).

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Kara's back! YESSS!!!!! That game looks so promising that I'm out of words!

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@aquaticDonut: lol what are you talking about, didn't you get the memo?
Greatest movie: Empire strikes Shawshank
Greatest song ever: Bohemian Thriller
Greatest painting: Mona Scream
Greatest video game: Last of Fantasy IX

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