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Honestly, more western-styled RPGs produced by Japanese companies on Vita certainly wouldn't hurt!

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Thx for the updates - Injustice is looking good!

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I could see this coming to PC as well! The more platforms the better IMO

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Amazing, right?!

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Hanso, no need to play the old SMT games to understand SMT IV - they are set in separate universes and are generally only related by some elements of the battle systems, magic, and demons.

re: SMT IV, I believe the first person view is standard and can't be changed. If you don't enjoy that perspective, I'd recommend you play Persona 3 or 4, or try Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne on PS2.

Hope you enjoy it when you do play it!

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Totally agree with Eazy-Eman, P3 and P4 are a great place to start, and SMT IV looks very promising!
Also, SMT: Nocturne is a great game on PS2 if you want to try the main series of games.

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Couldn't agree more - Those are titles I would definitely pay money for on PSN, especially if Atlus was to give them the HD remaster treatment

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Good point about the partnership...I wonder what that will mean for Persona 5?

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Funny you mention that - when SMT IV was first announced, it was mistakenly reported on many sites that the game was going to be released for Vita as well (see:

Oh well, who knows, maybe Atlus will decide to release an enhanced version later on for Vita (similar to Persona 4)?

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Yeah, I'm honestly kind of shocked by the amount of classics that are available on the platform...would be nice if it continues to grow, especially if devs other than Square-Enix release more games. Would like to see more from companies like Sega (Phantasy Star IV) and Konami (Suikoden).

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@caleb4779 - not sure what your preference is, but I can't recommend The World End with You enough...Square-Enix did a great job porting it over to iOS IMO

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@Arcee - Shining Force is definitely one of my all time favourites! I wasted far too much time playing that game.
Now I only wish that they'd release the sequels to both Shining Force and Lunar on iOS.

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Yep, Gamevil is pretty great, as long as you don't mind the F2P model - Zenonia 4 and 5 were pretty fun IMO

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