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I honestly think that people DO call out the other companies disproportionally more than Microsoft. Fans tend to forget that Microsoft has done this with Halo when they get on their high horses to criticize other companies. And the way Microsoft has gone about it is unlike other companies.

With Ubisoft or Activision, you expect that there's going to be an Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty each year; they've already st...

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Except they don't. Unless the Wii U is priced at $200, it's going to crash and burn. Does anyone know what the actual console itself looks like?

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Versus XIII will never happen.

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and the millions upon millions who buy Pokemon

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I think it's more to do with the feel of Die Hard. The brutality that an action hero can face. I think Uncharted gets close to that feeling, but it's third person.

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Yeah, but there's investment in the story that you have to take into consideration. People spend dozens of hours with a game, meaning they have a bigger stake in what's going on in the story. You can't really get that with YouTube. Looking up the cutscenes to FFVII isn't going to mean as much to someone who hasn't spent 50 hours with those characters.

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I think the character interaction in Enslaved is better than any other game so far. If you consider that as part of the story, then I think it easily saves the game from some of its faults.

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Do you have a fond memory in particular?

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I enjoy the phrase, "Stealth Entertainment."

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An exceptionally great read!

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Yeah, but competition between the two makes for more innovations and better consoles. It also forces the companies to price their consoles aggressively. Otherwise, the PS3 could still be $600, and there would be no other option for you.

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Maybe if Mario Galaxy could be played with a controller that doesn't have 8 angular corners around the joystick.

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I'd contend that Forza 4 defines racing better than GT5. In the PODcast though, I think we mention that Gran Turismo 3 is the most definitive (we kinda cheat and leak a little into the last generation).

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A glowing endorsement.

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Your rational statement has no place within these comments, good sir!

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One of the funniest reviews I've read in a while.

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Love this.

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As it turns out, having the same control scheme as a PSP doesn't equal success.

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Yeah, I realized that too. Here's a kicker:

They also have the Power Rangers license.

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