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Zach DOES mention that there this two ways you can play this game. He also says that there is a Classic, Hardcore mode, just for you, where it is all about Stealth and it's not an option whether you want to Assault or Stealth mode a part keeping the Splinter Cell roots/foundation there.

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Best of all, it's $40, Vita version is free and you can Cross-Play! Yeah, hurry get this game because it's awesome =]

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There has been some rumors saying it's only $5.00? How about then? =]

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We here hope Jimmy is in College as well. Hoepfully, the college turns into an University and has a much bigger campus and yes, M rated events would be nice, but it was still a very well polished game without it so don't expect TOO many M-rated scenarios. =]

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Yeah, that's the only downfall, but there's always a way to stop spam gamers. =]

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It was a very capturing IP. The whole idea of everything being connected, but using technology to hack phones, figure out the identity of people is a really amazing idea. From what we saw so far, Watchdogs should be a very very good game.

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I like this idea. Giving tips on which weapons are best to use is definitely beneficial.

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