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Doesn't make it any less true. #9.1.1
Yeah, because Microsoft have NEVER gone back on their word before. #9
Rrrriiiiiiight. So instead of banning games flat out, they're gonna do MS a solid and ban resale of games.

Yeah, I don't see Microsoft having anything to do with this. [/sarcasm] #1.1.31
The other part of the strategy being abolishing the resale of games.

They're not fooling anyone. THAT'S the real reason they want it. But they can't even get it sought up to consistently work right. #18.1
... so you're saying this will also benefit anyone who doesn't own an Microsoft console?

You CAN'T be THAT stupid!!! #21
Dear games industry,

You want to push for an all digital, online exclusive future... THIS S*** CANNOT HAPPEN. Hell, you can't even improve the state of internet connectivity!!! #17
Lemme guess. It's not really a bad game... they just hyped it all to hell and convinced everyone that it was the second coming.

You'd think that after Halo they would know better. #74
... because Microsoft paid us. #12
Bundle that feedback with loss of console sales, and it ain't hard to figure out why. #10
What, they didn't take all the JRPGs hostage this time? #32
How do trolls play games from under a bridge? Oh yeah... backlight.

I want to say I'm enjoying it, but those f***ing puzzles. I think I'm beginning to get tired of those things. #1.3
... I find Sleeping Dogs more fun. #33
I tend to keep that in mind nowadays with these kind of games. Or any game in general. #2.1.1
... I'd like to point out that it's also about $6.00

Yeah, were you really expecting a AAA game here? #2
They're saving the BIG MegaMan announcements for April 2015... either that or a pending lawsuit. #13
Ahh... the sweet sweet smell.. of desperation. #47
The only thing that remotely sparks my interest is the fact that Square Enix whined about how the previous Tomb Raider underperformed, so naturally their response was to take a payout to make it an exclusive, limiting it's consumer base even more.

Anyone seeing the irony here? #70
I don't gove a d*** if your a child or a senior citizen. Put good games on a console and gamers are gonna play them. No one's stopping Ubisoft from making games for the system except Ubisoft.

.. oh, and edit to Pisque:

I bet your idea of a mature game is any game that features a gun and a first person view. How about you AND Ubisoft know you role, shut your mouths, and let the consumer decide? #1.8
... and how can they, when you won't release it on the d*** console? Stop trying to shift the blame to Nintendo and the customers, you hack publisher. #23
Remember, while it would be a very nice thing to do, they're not obligated to do it.

Waitaminute, they DID a commercial for Nintendo already. Yeah, this should happen. #6
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