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Movies that have certain types of content are rated acccordingly. So was this game. Take a hint. #19
Do they place review embargoes on games that have unanimously GOOD reviews? #7
... weren't these people not long ago making fun of Nintendo for coming out with a new 3DS in the first place? #12
You under the impression that death treats and harassment are only uncalled for in THIS situation? I assure you it's not. But this seems to be the only time that everyone wants to f*****' talk about it!!!

Death threats and harassment aren't justified... PERIOD. Now try and spin that. #1.14.3
I'm only gonna say this once so please listen.

That STILL doesn't justify the death threats and harassment. #1.14
US release date, please. #4

You deserve to keep every crap game you ever buy. As far as refunds for games, if a customer thinks a product is worth it, they don't ask for refunds. The fault here isn't with the consumer... #1.1.10
Gonna be kinda hard when the stuff they cut out was the stuff I enjoyed, pal. #2.3
Not even Sting can make up for no custom entrance/finishers... I'll be trading my copy in. #7
Know who's more damaging to Lindsay Lohan's career than Rockstar?

.. Lindsay Lohan. #21
Wait, hold up... 360 can't handle weather effects? I was listening until that right there. Seriously? The 360 can't handle weather effects? I don't even own one and I call BS on that one. We had weather effects on the f*****' PSONE, and you're saying it's a missing feature on the 360 because it can't handle it?

Your counter argument's losing steam, my friend. Can I get a source for this info? I don't want to call you a liar, but... #40.1.3
Next question... are these features absent on the 360 version because it can't be done... or because they want you to buy the X1 version? #40.1.1
... yeah, but does it PLAY any different? Does it do anything that the 360 version can't do, besides look better.

And are they trying to say that the 360 version is now butt ugly? Cause it looks fine to me. #40
Why do you patch a game that isn't an online competitive game? #21
... so we're just gonna pretend that colossal f*** up by Microsoft never happened? #43
Hell... it's about time. #5
Meh. I prefer to play games that are still playable, internet connection be damned. I gave up on online gaming when publishers started charging you for every god d*** thing. You got $60 of my money, let me play my f*****' game. That's why these types of games don't do it for me, no matter how much they try to brainwash you into thinking this is the FUTURE of gaming.

When they stop trying to charge you for every aspect of playing online, then maybe I'll give th... #15
Dracula X Chronicles for PSP. And I'm done. #6
Doesn't make it any less true. #9.1.1
Yeah, because Microsoft have NEVER gone back on their word before. #9
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