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Agreed. Still, f*** Konami. #1.1.1
... and you tried to start a Red Ash Kickstarter at the same time?!?!? #13
I wish I could get this on a handheld. #3
I'll stick with Bloodstained, but good luck all the same. #2
Kojima can't talk about Konami due to a NDA... so how does this person know anything? #2
My opinion of censorship will be two-faced. Sometimes you just need to be decent and not put something in a game. The whole"shock value" angle is just dumb.

On the other hand, it's your game... put what you want in it. Just be a man and take the heat when people call you on your content.

One last thing. If people are gonna cry censorship so loud, why the hell does the ESRB even exist? #14
Patient my @**. They have to make an effort to redeem themselves first.

And do you people think that Konami's dirty pool started with MGS 5? They've been screwing the pooch for YEARS! Look what they did to Silent Hill... to IGA!!! #32
I'll give you that, but you know what? Being expensive is still a problem. #13

... VR PERIOD is a gimmick! An expensive one. #16
Well, you screwed over consumers with your exclusive rights bull****... so karma, b******.

If people on YouTube can get punished for using game images from publisher's games, guess what?

... I haven't played a sports game in years. #1

Don't burn yourself holding that candle. #1.2
Depends... you gonna b**** about it not making as much money as you hoped? #20
... the kids too?!?!? Damn! #7
Pretty woman is pretty. #8
... how about NO? I paid that much for my PS3, and I'm STILL pissed about that!

If that's what you call affordable, good luck. Cause you're gonna need it. Me, I got a car and bills to pay for. #69
**** Konami. #8
... hallelujah. #9

X-Men arcade for PSN. If I ever delete it or reformat, I'm screwed. And I paid for it.

Plus I believe there's a limit to how many times you can re-download software. #1.4
yup! Digital downloads are the way to go![/sarcasm] #1
Great... ANOTHER one of these. #69
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