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My PS3 has more to offer me than any of the next gen consoles. Why are you people so desperate to kill it off? You afraid of it? #17
Just when I think I can forgive Netherrealm.... #5
Do I tell you how to spend YOUR money? #8.1
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Wow. I suddenly don't care that much about MGS V. I'll just wait until Kojima starts his wwn thing, and throw my money at him then. That way Konami doesn't get a cut. #7
well, if there is any truth to this, he'll be going independent soon enough. #32
"We've also got confirmation that the staff at Kojima Productions Japan are dealing with restricted internet and e-mail access, because of the reorganization, so that they can provide a greater development environment, and that Hideo Kojima will become less available for interviews"

Don't worry. The snipers across the street are just for security reasons... yeah, that's it. #32
ou know what? I misunderstood the title of the article. I see what you're saying now. Disregard.. #17.1.1
... in the hell is in this game that justifies such a massive install that was necessary to make it? #17
Shovel Knight isn't exactly what I would call a beatemup. This is gonna feel wierd.

Hey, why not just let YCG make a new Battletoads game, since you apparently are too busy to do it yourselves? #10
This doesn't even come close to rivaling the s*** they pulled with Dante in DMC. #16
Say... how's that XBox One doing? #78
**** you, Gearbox. I'm not wasting money on an XBox One or PS4 for this. #24
This is true. However, there's nothing wrong with diversity. #7
The sad thing being... Trevor's torture scene is STILL more humane than Hatred's gameplay... I just use the water... and I let him live.

Play how you want, and do whatever. But don't sit there and try to tell me that somehow GTA is worse than Hatred. But I admit that watching all of you try is kinda humorous.


I'm wired differently than you. And I kill bad virtual people... who are trying to kill me. There's... #4.1.7
Yeah. I have,,, and the only people I try to kill are the ones trying to kill me. No one said that GTA was innocent. That the only way you can make a point... by making s*** up? I'm not pretending that accidents don't happen. I'm saying that I don't try to do this stuff. I can't help it if YOU do. Hell, do you know how many times I've just called a cab?

You kill hookers? You that stingy? #4.1.3
Exactly. In those other games like GTA, it's a choice of the player if they're that twisted, not the actual focus of the game. #4.1
If they could, a price cut wouldn't have been necessary. #21
I still think that when Mighty No. 9 is about to come out, a new Mega Man game will be announced. #5
... and yet you STILL do it. #15
Funny. I seem to recall that XBox Live got hacked too. Kinda makes you wonder why no one's questioning their attempts at reimbursing users... #52
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