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I'm trying real hard to care. Really, I am! [/saecasm] #68
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.. since when did you have to ask their permission?!?!? #27
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... in the hell is going on?!?!?! #2
I'm still waiting for Kojima to tell us...

... and f*** Konami. #3
It's already pissing ME off. Makers of Castlevania my @$$.

F*** MercurySteam AND Konami. #1.4
Trouble with Star Citizen? really?!?!?[/sarcasm] #3
God, that was painful to watch. #1.1.6
F*** Konami. #9
heh... they're gonna announce a Project CARS 2 kickstarter. Yeah. Good luck with that. #9
I swear, Pitchford... if you "Aliens: Colonial Marines" this one... #13
.. WHAT future? #6
This is starting to feel less like a conversation, and more like a personal attack. #1.4.8
There IS PVP in this game. okay, this actually has a degree of justification. #9.1
Wow.. hard enough to get these things, right? And now they can just go in and futz them up. Was it worth it?

Is this an online competitive game? Is that why they did it? #9
You sold the rights to Microsoft. It ain't gonna happen. #4
No, no no, I'm not talking about HIS post, I meant Suzuki, Sony, and their Kickstarter. #1.4.6
You know what wold have kept us from making all these so called allegations and assumptions that ou assume us of? Transparency. If you don't tell us anything, why act surprised when you claim we have the wrong idea? #1.4.4
Publishers love people like you. If more people acted like you, they could get away with more s***. #6.1
Immature? Guess you folks weren't around when that happened. It's also true. #14
... and they want us to support their hard work by buying the game? When they can't even be bothered to give them full credit for their hard work?

I'm saving my $60 for Kojima's eventual non-Konami future project. I don't want Konami o get a f****** dime of my money. Start the Kickstarter, Hideo. #5
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