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two of my favorite things... Jim Sterling and the Japanese Cowboy! #4
Diversity in games isn't bad. Bad games, however... are. And I don't care if the main character is a man, woman, or three-legged dog... if the game sucks, I don't want to play it. #21
Don't you usually have to have permission to do these sort of things anyway? #10
Not interested, but I wish them luck. #5
.. and maybe he'll finally be able to stop making Metal Gear Solid games... you know, like he wanted to do a few times before but people b****** about it. #1.1.1
... can I still roll my eyes when it's blatantly obvious? #15
.. funny how they won't do this in the US, isn't it? #14
It all comes back around to "this game needs voice chat..." doesn't it?

Nintendo doesn't want to have people hurling profanities over voice chat on their console. Simple as that. And until people can keep that from happening, it's a no-go. And don't say it doesn't happen a lot, cause I just heard some today. Guy even threw in some homophobic slurs for good measure. #8
... as soon as they come up with a good enough lie.

Seriously, how hard is it to just say 'it's not true" if it isn't? #15
Wait, wait wait...

YouTube... did the right thing?!?!?!?! #8

... how much easier do you want it to be for people to abuse this service? That's exactly what they should NOT do. It's already a big leap of faith as it is, giving money for a product that doesn't even exist. Plus, you don't even know if the person is will make good on their kickstarter. #3.1.2
... do the people who pledged get their money back, or just that @$$hat? Cause if not, I call foul. #3
It's just a testament to how much I think of the game... I wanted it to be 100% in house. Voice cast and all. #4.2.1
Meh. I was hoping they'd stick with the game voice cast. #4
So it's not because the PS3/360 can't handle your games, you just stop supporting them. Makes sense.[/sarcasm] #18
... and if graphics were the most important thing to me in a game, this would mean something. #6
I want to support this guy, I LOVE his Castlevania games.. I even bought Judgment. I am NOT buying a PS4/X Box One to play this. #19
Whooptie s***. I have a RAH Chun Li figure with removable clothing...

... uhh, forget you heard that. #67
^^^ This. #2.1
As long as people can't refrain from hurling profanities, it's not gonna happen. #3
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