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Is it backwards compatible? Cause that's a major selling point for me. #14.3
De-listed, but if you bought it, you can still download it again.

Digital media is AWESOME!!![/sarcasm] #4
They have the right to sell their game, same as anyone else. You show your distaste towards said game by not buying or supporting it. Like I'm doing. #12
... because it wasn't that good. #16
Maybe she's just a joke character? She definitely looks a lot more original than Decapre #32
Even if I cared, I would just whip out my PS copy. So should I my ***. #32
No... when you only have 2 or 3 companies still making fighting games, THAT'S killing fighting games. #34
... and this is integral to the game... HOW?!!? #44
@Lightning Mr Bubbles

Koji Igarashi is no longer with Konami. The Castlevania series is officially dead to me. #1.1.2
You know, people would probably stop being so hard on the graphics if they stopped using the graphics to sell you on the game. #35
I want this to happen.I want them to do it. Know why?

This is Microsoft... MICROSOFT. They have money... LOTS of money. That can be used to do things. Like pay for legal action, which includes tracking you little s**** down. And I will support them in whatever they do in retaliation against you. Because there is no rhyme or reasoning behind your doing this other than to piss people off because you didn't get enough attention as a child. #108
... the hell have you been? You think this is the first time this has happened? #40
Uhhh, I don't think you read my coment that well. #57.1.2
No it's not OK when Sony does it. It's just funny when once again, Microsoft gets a taste of their own medicine. #57
Wow... people will believe anything these days.

Just how hard would it be to make a dev tool game simple for kids to use? This was ALL about getting exclusive rights to a high selling multiplatform game. #5
Movies that have certain types of content are rated acccordingly. So was this game. Take a hint. #19
Do they place review embargoes on games that have unanimously GOOD reviews? #7
... weren't these people not long ago making fun of Nintendo for coming out with a new 3DS in the first place? #12
You under the impression that death treats and harassment are only uncalled for in THIS situation? I assure you it's not. But this seems to be the only time that everyone wants to f*****' talk about it!!!

Death threats and harassment aren't justified... PERIOD. Now try and spin that. #1.14.3
I'm only gonna say this once so please listen.

That STILL doesn't justify the death threats and harassment. #1.14
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