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The PS Vita needs MORE exclusive games and IPs. This is the PSP all over again. #3.1.1
1d 12h ago by Enigma_2099 | View comment
... Great. Cause what the PS Vita really needs is more ports. #3
... the hell kind of PS3 game collection did YOU have? #3.1.2
I don't need this game to see titties. And as far as the game itself, I'm just not interested.

I've seen PLENTY of pics of the Dead or Alive characters, as well as R Mika. I'm good.

...WHAT?!?!? #3
F*** 'em. #5
Dear Tecmo Koei,

... I don't care. #4
... who? #12
You sure it's not because they remember what happened with Warner Bros. and Arkham Knight? #4
Funny, I thought that was what people were doing when they paid $60 for your f***in' game!!!!

Yet another publisher that I somewhat respected putting their foot in their mouth. #39
This will probably be the first Street Fighter game where I wait for the GOTY edition. Maybe then I can get a complete game. #4
"He tweeted that “To me, what I may considered as “World’s Famous Game” is whether or not some ladies from Sugamo knew or maybe heard about that game.”With this Kamiya is simply outlining that if someone not familiar with games knows about a game, it is “world famous”. Sadly not many games really fit into this category."

.. Okay, I'll give you that one. #15
Wait 'til Kojima's off "vacation.." Heh heh heh. #12
Really folks... REALLY?!?!?

Look, I like big buts and I cannot lie, but COME ON!!! #14
I'd be outraged if I really cared. I know where to find tits if I want to see them that bad. #29
News flash... until someone learns how to get GOOD rigs into consumers' hands at AFFORDABLE prices, NO ONE'S gonna sell VR.

And then there's the games.... #28
... this series was dead to me ever since they gave up on the Hot Pursuit games. #4
It's gonna take a lot more than that, but this is awfully nice.

... oh yeah, PR stunt. #1.3
... she and Laura still induce boners. This changes nothing. #17
Got it on PS3 for $17. Money well spent. #7
I'll donate to charity if she promises never to voice that annoying little b**** ever again.

F*** Hope and Fang, too. You know what, f*** 'em all. Sazh Katzroy 4 life. #5
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