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Yeah I know.. so sad. #9.1.1
... does anyone really believe this? #9
Leme put it to you like this... if I had known it would be available digitally one day, I could have saved a LOT of money.

... and I bought it USED, and still got a deal #2.1.2
It's about time. #14
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... I jusr bought a copy of this! NOW you tell me! #2
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... if they don;t blow us away with these "improvements," I'm gonna give you the stink-eye. #11.2.1
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(The main thing that’s really special about this body system is that the player can target specific areas of the opponent’s body and the opponent will react likewise. )

... you mean like WWE 2K14?

(The video also describes the features that were missing in WWE 2K15, and which of these features will be there in the new installment.)

.. taken out because obviously what was most important was the GRAPHICS.

(In WWE 2K16, Player w... #11
... yeah, this'll work.[/sarcasm] #38
Hideo... leave Konami... take them with you. Start a new studio and make a game. I won't be able to give you my money fast enough. I bought Boktai for f***'s sake!!! #20
If a game winds up being good, fun, or both, who cares when it comes out?

when it does , it'll be right on time. #10
Can't even use the "GTA is worse" defense... heh heh heh. #10
Mrs. Brant, fetch me a violin! #5
... but they STILL f****** up Liu Kang. #5
In this theory, I speculated that Ryan Payton, a producer on Metal Gear Solid 4 and David Hayter, the voice of Snake and Big Boss since 1998 and 2004 respectively, could have been in the same voiceover recording facility as the MGS5 team, at around the same time.

... uhh, theory? #9
... this is a joke, right? If the XBox One is a victim of anything, it's the residual effects of that colossal f*** up of a launch they had. #20
...whooptie s***. Did you fre Kojima or not, Konami #4
"With recent news of Splatoon not featuring voice chat for, not technical reasons, not deadline limitations, but because the director of Splatoon, Yusuke Amano, deeming it part of the toxicity of online gaming. "

I've HEARD voice chatter during online Call of Duty matches... The man's got a d*** good point. is there anyone out there that can play a FPS without swearing every 2 seconds? #16
.. but you should still buy the game to show support for him, right?

**** you, Konami. #33
Great. Yay for diversity. But is it wrong for me to be a little tired of people trying to make it some special event every time this is done? This should just be a common and decent thing to do.

To use one of my least favorite comic book writers as an example, Dan Slott. He introduced a character in his Spider man books, Max Modell. In one issue, he made a comment about a gift he received from his partner, allowing you to figure it out without making a big deal about it. And... #52
All they have to do is come forward, and prove it to be false. The fact that no one at Konami is even attempting to set the record straight is kinda telling. And until they or kojima do, this is what's gonna happen. #1.6
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