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F*** pushing agendas. What's wrong with girls wanting to enjoy games too?

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All I'm gonna say is, don't act so ignorant when you wonder why there aren't more female gamers.

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... that sounds like a threat.

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... Sony is helping with Shenmue 3... I repeat, SONY is helping with Shenmue 3. Why the hell did it even need to be Kickstarted?!?!??! They're funding their own VR !!!!

And THAT'S the Kickstarter you trust the most?!?!? They only did that to ensure it stays exclusive to their system!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

.. if the "Japanese Cowboy " ever betrays my trust, I will lose all faith in Kickstarter.

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Yeah... good luck getting another Kickstarter greenlit after this.

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Someone commented that this game was a victim of its own hype. I believe that to be true... BUT, all that other shady s*** that went down didn't help things either!

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... that sounds a little skeezy.

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Go do some research. Then rethink that comment.

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Wow... I hope they do better than that with the final release. Gets points for 2D art and adjustable difficulty. So many games forget they can have that.

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... just a little bit, I confess. I mean they drag that guy through hell... CONSTANTLY.

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... I wasn't expecting YOU to have the explanation I asked about... I was just telling YOU where to shove your MLP comic. Remember to shine it up and turn it sideways...

The question still stands to everyone else. I'm genuinely curious. I'm not all rainbows and fuzzy warm feelings, but where's the appeal of a story that never shows any signs of positivity? Or is it just the fact that Guts is a bada** that makes it worth reading to you?


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Oh noes... the emos are attackins...

Lemme ask you something. The story of Guts basically goes from bad... to worse... to s***. I'm being honest here. What's the appeal? I mean I like the character, but the story is just f***** up. Especially what happens to Casca.

Oh, and bend over, and I'll show you what you can do with your MLP comic...

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A game based on an eternally depressing anime/manga... Yay.

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...*Raises hand*

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The delays weren't the worst part of this mess...

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He included Claptrap. I endorse this list.

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Don't act like this is a new thing... they ALL do it.

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What online game is? Money starts to dry up, time to move on. But don't worry. Our new, FULL PRICE release we come out with will totes be worth it. Like for realsies.

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If it makes you feel any better, I think the "single player" in Overwatch is just as worthless. If you're not gonna try, just don't put it in there. Just admit you're only about multi-player, and market your game as such.

I'm gonna go play Borderlands 2 while I wait for Borderlands 3.

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Which makes the whole Mighty #9 situation seem even more skeezy in my eyes.

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