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This doesn't even come close to rivaling the s*** they pulled with Dante in DMC. #16
Say... how's that XBox One doing? #78
**** you, Gearbox. I'm not wasting money on an XBox One or PS4 for this. #24
This is true. However, there's nothing wrong with diversity. #7
The sad thing being... Trevor's torture scene is STILL more humane than Hatred's gameplay... I just use the water... and I let him live.

Play how you want, and do whatever. But don't sit there and try to tell me that somehow GTA is worse than Hatred. But I admit that watching all of you try is kinda humorous.


I'm wired differently than you. And I kill bad virtual people... who are trying to kill me. There's... #4.1.7
Yeah. I have,,, and the only people I try to kill are the ones trying to kill me. No one said that GTA was innocent. That the only way you can make a point... by making s*** up? I'm not pretending that accidents don't happen. I'm saying that I don't try to do this stuff. I can't help it if YOU do. Hell, do you know how many times I've just called a cab?

You kill hookers? You that stingy? #4.1.3
Exactly. In those other games like GTA, it's a choice of the player if they're that twisted, not the actual focus of the game. #4.1
If they could, a price cut wouldn't have been necessary. #21
I still think that when Mighty No. 9 is about to come out, a new Mega Man game will be announced. #5
... and yet you STILL do it. #15
Funny. I seem to recall that XBox Live got hacked too. Kinda makes you wonder why no one's questioning their attempts at reimbursing users... #52
While being hilarious, I... have to get him credit for something. I mean how many weak women are there in Mortal Kombat? All of them are pretty much capable of kickin anyone's @$$.

Representing them more than any other game out there... uhhh, I dunno. #12
Ditto. #2.1
The people paying for the service were reimbursed in one way or another. They're the only ones who should demand anything. Once again the unentitled are screaming foul because they didn't get free stuff. #13
Okay, what did they take out of the box? #13
More proof... that digital.. is the FUTURE! #17
Question.. was this discovered AFTER he got it home? #51
Is it backwards compatible? Cause that's a major selling point for me. #14.3
De-listed, but if you bought it, you can still download it again.

Digital media is AWESOME!!![/sarcasm] #4
They have the right to sell their game, same as anyone else. You show your distaste towards said game by not buying or supporting it. Like I'm doing. #12
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