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My precious.

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Damn that does look like her.

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Collector's Edition already paid in full.

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@ PCBOX: "No doupt XO version will look much better as always"

You mean much worse as always?

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Hell yeah. PS4 day one.

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@ annoyedgamer: You seem annoyed every time there's positive PS4 news, which is everyday. You don't think people should know where to put their $60, or would you prefer they go in blind and purchase the inferior port?

Your defense force tactics are too over the top. If it's flawed it's flawed, end of story.

"I don't always make posts but when I do, I'm annoyed. Stay miserable, my friends."

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No confirmation yet, but they completely ignored the question when they were asked if the Xbox One port was up to par with the PS4 version.

Watch this video.

@ 45 minutes, 40 seconds.

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He got banned I think. He also said the PS4 version is running at a smooth 60fps.

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Most of the scores are 8's and 9's. This is the only 6 so far, you can ignore it.

Buy what looks good to you. Set your own opinion.

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Just read it's 1080p/60fps on PS4, oh my.

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Holy crap.

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I'm sure he already has. It's not a bubble he's in, it's that he knows what he wants and Sony lets him do it.

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@ Xander: Lighting changes aren't downgrades. It happens in most games. Get your facts straight. You also said it was the case for every Uncharted game, which couldn't be more false.

Again, changes in lighting aren't the same as downgrading a game.

Your comment is almost as bad the sad, misinformed idiots that tried to claim The Order: 1886 got downgraded for UPGRADING the game with different lighting and having the characters wear different, stea...

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Would have been easy if Bloodborne wasn't also coming out in 2015. Hell, Demon's Souls won GOTY from GameSpot in 2009, the same year Uncharted 2 came out.

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@ Xander: Naughty Dog doesn't downgrade their games, and actually, there are no games that will look as good next year, just like Uncharted 2 and 3 went completely unbeaten the entire previous generation.

For you to say "a lot of games that will look as good" is delusional and proof that you're new to gaming, thus have no idea who Naughty Dog are.

The chances of there being a game that looks "as good" as Uncharted 4 next year are ...

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They said their goal is to make it look better.

Thing is, are we really ready for a game that looks better than this?

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I still can't believe there's a new Uncharted coming out. Just the thought is giving me cardiac arrest.

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As long as Mileena's in I'm good.

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Yeah this sounds really unique. No surprise there, given this is Miyazaki's baby.

Only a taste of what's to come.

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