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Pretty sure they meant other titles on Xbox. Forza Horizon 2 wasn't aiming for realism though, apparently. The colors are unnatural and over-saturated, which I guess is the art style they were going for.

This is Driveclub:


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Is that Atlantis? Oh my god.

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Usually it's a sign that your game is going to be garbage if you have to rely on wobbling chests to sell your game.

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One of Housemarque's finest gems.

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Agreed. I've been enjoying nothing but good games this year.

The Last of Us: Remastered
InFamous: Second Son
Velocity 2X
Metro: Redux

Still to come:

LittleBigPlanet 3
Guilty Gear Xrd
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
The Evil Within
Shadow Warrior
Alien: Isolation
Far Cry 4
AC: Unity

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If you truly believe that, then you've never played a game by Monolith. Every review has been in depth enough to confirm it as a good game. If you're still not convinced then watch the videos.

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Deep Down seriously has some of the most impressive tech in a game that I've seen.

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Dat hit seeking title. Xbone is nowhere near outselling PS4 in the UK either.

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@ GeraltofRivia: Except they confirmed you're gonna need 6GB of VRAM to run this on your PC with PS4's settings.

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Good for you, sobotz. Good for anyone that enjoys the game. Again, opinions.

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Opinions. This one's theirs.

My friend has the game and thinks it's utter garbage too. The game is also bombing so terribly that Swery is complaining on Twitter.

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It wasn't the first but it's definitely the one most people know.

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Already preloaded on my PS4. Unlocks in 30 hours. Bring on the 1080p/60fps.

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Except that if it is, then there is something seriously wrong with the Xbox One. 720p/30fps is just laughable this gen.

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Already preloaded on PS4.

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Already the best looking game of the new generation.

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So Xbox One is on par with PS3.

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Man, these great reviews for a game with little to no hype is refreshing.

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It's a lesson we all need to be taught. Don't fall for manufactured publisher hype.

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Aw, happy birthday, Cat.

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