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"4 > One"


Last gen, they were describing Ryse as Microsoft's God of War killer. Now look at it. As shallow and pointless as Crytek's games have become known to be.

They should have taken the hint when all the bad press for the game just wouldn't stop. #1.5.1
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They wanna make jokes about Knack and Killzone, yet this was the most hyped game they boasted about. Crytek fails once again. #2.2
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$100 mil for what? It's basically the same exact controller with more rumble. #6
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I'll go with the one with the most power and most 1st parties that won GOTY over and over this previous gen. #4
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Most powerful console ever made and Sony's 1st parties that shaped this gen for $400? Who wouldn't bite. Early buyers already got an early surprise with the Uncharted PS4 announcement. Stay tuned for the VGAs. #2
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Less than .04% failure rate, most powerful console ever made, Sony's main 1st parties about to show their stuff soon, DualShock 4 is incredible, and all at $399.

All they need to do is update the minor blue screen error that morons are desperately trying to spin into something bigger than a connection issue. #3
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Sales wise? It's the fastest selling console of all time. Your opinion doesn't change that. Bugs wise? Sure, it could have been smoother, but that's normal with every console launch. At least they didn't release a console with nearly 60% failure rate. It's less than .04% for comparison's sake. Some HDMI issues causing blue screens are nothing to be concerned about. But idiots will try to spin it into something bigger due to PS4's success. #1.1
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"It is the Xbox One that I have played and so will be talking about, I hope that the PS4 is better than this or I will be sticking to my PC."

Jesus. #1
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Asymmetrical sticks are way too weird. There's no lighter way of putting it, sorry guys. #1.1
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And they're still getting money from Microsoft. That 750k was just to get the site going. This isn't the first time Microsoft gets their own slaves caught, paying random no-name websites to fabricate utter bullsh*t about PS4. #1.1.27
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It's open but it doesn't work. #2
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Because Xbox is losing them billions and they care more about MAKING money than anything else?

Edit: Disagrees? http://www.destructoid.com/... #1
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Just because some reviews are more negative than others doesn't mean they're not being honest. Even this 91/100 is stupid. It's still way too early to review any of the next gen consoles.

How could you deduce a final verdict based on a product that isn't really finished showing its guns? There will always be more games and more updates. Obviously there's going to be those people, begging hits on their websites, thinking they're cool for having one of t... #1.3
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^ Superior multiplatform versions of the biggest multiplatform AAA are another reason to pick up PS4 before Xbox One.

So what are you getting for $100 less on PS4?

- Vastly superior 1st party support as proven by this gen and every other gen
- 50% power advantage
- Endless indie games to keep you waiting while you wait for that next GOTY to drop
- Superior multiplatform games running at higher resolutions

And it goes... #1.2.6
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That's your take. My take is wait until you see what's coming at the VGAs, which I'm sure you will. Nothing but exclusives.

With InFamous: Second Son coming in March, and DriveClub probably coming before that, it already makes sense to buy a PS4, as proven by launch sales. People saw what happened this gen when they decided to skip PS3 for Xbox 360. Biggest mistake of their lives. PS4 is now the fastest selling home console of all time.

50% more p... #1.2.3
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It still makes no sense to review a console now when they'll be completely different a year from now. More games, more UI features, more content. All these websites throwing around reviews after 10 minutes with a game or console are simply begging us to keep their dying websites alive. Don't review a console until it's completely done offering firmware updates and games. With the VGAs almost here, where confirmed new exclusives will be announced, how useless are these review sites... #7
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By the website's own logic.

Less powerful? Check
Gamepad is worse than DualShock 4? Check
It's not prettier than PS4? Check
Site admits it's a very gimmicky console? Check

But it's better. Makes sense. #1
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Not nearly as good as Deceit has been. #1.1
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Last gen tech, even less cars than before, it deserves less than 6.5. #1.1.5
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