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Most impressive lighting technology I've seen this gen.

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@ Docknoss: Wake me up when they start holding tournaments for Tomb Raider.

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@ TheBrit: That's cool. I'll be playing both on PS4 if Rise of the Tomb Raider doesn't suck this time.

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This looks seriously incredible. The "delay" or whatever that was will only result in a better game in the end. Blow's trying a lot with this game and his team being as small as they are, I'm sure they needed the time. Realistically, I didn't expect this in 2014. Here's hoping for a release date soon though.

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They broke the god rays in the PS4 version and will probably break something else in the upcoming patch. You guys should really wait before you give your money to new Ubisoft games. Chances are it'll ship with issues. I'll wait for the GOTY edition.

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Well, it is definitely funny to see what Microsoft has forced Sony to do.

Street Fighter is a much, much bigger IP than Tomb Raider ever was. Street Fighter is a legendary IP that will make millions of Street Fighter diehards around the world buy a PS4.

Tomb Raider hasn't been good in a long time and whatever Microsoft paid for Rise of the Tomb Raider wasn't worth it as it's already confirmed as a timed exclusive. It's definitely not a SF5 typ...

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After yesterday's conference and Sony's dominance all year long, securing Street Fighter 5 as the only console version that will ever exist, and having the most games in 2014 AND 2015, yeah, it's a great time to be a PS4 owner.

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Lol so you returned this game to get money for a broken Ubisoft game, and now Driveclub is going to be patched and you're missing out. Ok.

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Holy crap @ vid.

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And they're opening with Uncharted 4, in addition to the rumors of funding Street Fighter 5.

This is going to be great.

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Yeah, Microsoft did this to themselves. Even if Windows is required to play SF on PC, all the sales will go to Capcom. It's lose lose for Microsoft.

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Bugs are in Ubisoft's blood. Expect a patch for this (which will then break another feature in the game).

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It's Naughty Dog, and I don't need to mention who's directing this, do I? Additionally, Uncharted 4 is basically a celebration of ND's 30th anniversary. This game couldn't fail if it tried.

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If you're living in 2007, sure.

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@ BillmadeAGate: First of all, Watch_Dogs was cross gen. Second, your comment is proof that you have no idea why people are pissed. Unity, as has now been confirmed by Ubicrap, is being held back on PS4 to match the inferior Xbox One port.

Microsoft: Our system is inferior, we know that. But we'll pay you to make the PS4 version, which is supposed to look better by default to due its superior specs, to look worse.

Ubisoft: Ok, show us the money first.

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They said they decided to keep both at 900p to avoid debates. No publisher deserves money for parity. Ubisoft can shove it, this is just pathetic. Thanks for once again ruining gaming, Microsoft. You have no business in the industry, you're garbage.

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Indeed, the damage is done. Microsoft can't bounce back from this. Guess they're gonna have to release the Xbox Two soon, they already lost this fight.

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Looks incredible especially for a cross gen game. Wow. Loved Far Cry 3 and this one looks better in every day. Day one PS4, of course.

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Apparently the game sucks and bombed on Xbox terribly. No one's gonna miss it. Hell, I don't even think Xbox-only players know it exists. It's already forgotten.

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One of the best looking indie games I've seen. I mean wow look at that art and atmosphere.

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