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I like how GAF starts a fight and then gets offended when a dev has a reply they don't like, just like how they got called out by Druckmann for their ridiculous "Nathan Drake is a mass murderer" BS.

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Insane detail, my god.

Download the Gamersyde vid with the fixed black levels, guys.


Huge file but it's worth it.

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204 PS4 games have been released
136 Xbox One games have been released


If anyone has a shortage of games, it's Microsoft. Don't even get me started on how bad Microsoft's 2015 lineup is looking. It's actually shocking.

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Pretty disappointing reviews.

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Everyone should buy this game and show Sony that we want a new Suikoden for PS4.

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Should be interesting to see where they take Hellblade. They said so themselves, they're only working on a PS4 version and have given no thought to other platforms.

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No platform exclusive characters as far as actual MK characters go, sure. But it looks like he may have dropped a hint regarding Sweet Tooth in a tweet. http://www.junkiemonkeys.co...

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Too early to say. We don't know what they intend to do with Resident Evil and DMC, plus there's still nothing on Megaman, Onimusha, Dino Crisis, Breath of Fire, etc.

Seems they're mostly sticking to milking Resident Evil.

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No one's saying they're gonna stop making games themselves. Just that they are struggling, thus SF5 is only happening this early because of Sony. You might wanna go read Ono's tweets about that. He's the one that confirmed they didn't have the funds to back him with.

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I could tell they were heavily inspired by Heavy Rain's style of decision making. They look very similar, which is a good thing.

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Surpassed my expectations. The new animations and improvements to gameplay look incredible. Really liking what they're handling climbing this time around. Easily one of the best presentations I've ever seen.

Everyone should download the video with the fixed black levels.


The stealth and enemy AI looks ama...

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I guess Sony doesn't really see the potential.

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One of the best JRPGs most people have never played. I'd kill for a new Suikoden.

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Not really, but good thing I get to play both on my PS4.

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Can't wait to play as Sweet Tooth.

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I'll go with Option C. They're hiding something AND trolling super hard

There are rumors that Sony secretly bought back the IP, and NDAs were signed to conceal it.

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What do you mean "well there you go"? This has been known since August, which was the same month the game was confirmed to be timed exclusive. The damage control over Street Fighter 5 has been hilarious.

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It's a timed exclusive. They're still dodging questions about it coming to PS4.

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Was pretty satisfying to hear Adam Boyes say, "PS4 is the only console this game will ever appear on." He made sure to say it loud and boldly.

Besides, SF5 probably wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Capcom seems to be in a deep struggle right now financially. That's why Sony stepped in, and it was a genius move.

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Sony Japan are co-developing Deep Down. Why would that game ever show up on Xbox? It's simply not possible when Sony has a hand in it.

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