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"4 > One"


I guess Sony doesn't really see the potential. #1.1
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One of the best JRPGs most people have never played. I'd kill for a new Suikoden. #2
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Not really, but good thing I get to play both on my PS4. #2.1
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Can't wait to play as Sweet Tooth. #1
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I'll go with Option C. They're hiding something AND trolling super hard

There are rumors that Sony secretly bought back the IP, and NDAs were signed to conceal it. #1.1.1
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What do you mean "well there you go"? This has been known since August, which was the same month the game was confirmed to be timed exclusive. The damage control over Street Fighter 5 has been hilarious. #1.1
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It's a timed exclusive. They're still dodging questions about it coming to PS4. #1.3
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Was pretty satisfying to hear Adam Boyes say, "PS4 is the only console this game will ever appear on." He made sure to say it loud and boldly.

Besides, SF5 probably wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Capcom seems to be in a deep struggle right now financially. That's why Sony stepped in, and it was a genius move. #1.2
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Sony Japan are co-developing Deep Down. Why would that game ever show up on Xbox? It's simply not possible when Sony has a hand in it. #1.2.3
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Those temporary price drops weren't around long enough to save them. It's not like the PS4 suddenly decided to stop selling on Black Friday. PS4 easily had the best bundle out there and it sold out immediately.

Sales are gonna slow down again when Xbox One returns to regular price.

Capcom isn't neglecting Xbox, by the way. They had their deal with Dead Rising. Now it's Sony's turn. Both are games that wouldn't have happened unless the... #1.2.1
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I've seen the threads on GAF where they complain about Drake being a murderous psychopath or whatever and it makes no sense at all. What is he supposed to do in those situations, just stand around and allow himself to be killed? This isn't a stealth series where you could simply choose to avoid every dangerous situation. It's an action game. Don't like killing? Too bad, that's the genre.

GAF hates pretty much everything though so it's hard to take them... #1.1
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Actually a lot of publishers censor Angry Joe. This isn't the first time it happens. #1.2
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The news will be that the game is no longer a timed exclusive, which isn't what they said. It's still a timed exclusive until proven otherwise. This is old, sorry. Phil stated it in August.

Ask yourself: Don't you think they would have finally made a public announcement about this by now? They should, just so people stfu about it. #1.1.3
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This is old. http://i.minus.com/ipjKHPIv...

And it's still coming to PS4, just like every single one of those games Microsoft published last gen that ended up on PS3.

This isn't news. Not sure where you guys are coming from with this. Damage control over Street Fighter 5, I guess?

What's changed? We've known they were publishing since the announcement. #1.1
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One of the biggest surprises at the show for me. Definitely gonna be a fun game to play in the dark with your friends and at parties. The crowd reactions were great. #1
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Sleeping? They did pretty recently try to wow people with their Rise of the Tomb Raider deal, except no one cares due to: 1. The recent Tomb Raider was forgotten quick. 2. It's a timed exclusive.

They also tried to wow with Sunset Overdrive, which they don't own and Insomniac can easily bring a sequel to PS4, Dead Rising 3, which they funded similarly to Sony with Street Fighter 5, and Ryse, which bombed so hard Crytek is nearly bankrupt.

Their check... #2.1
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Killer Instinct wasn't really supposed to save them from anything, was it?

The main reason this is bad for Microsoft is that Street Fighter fans are absolutely insane about Street Fighter, and WILL buy a PS4 for it. #1.1
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Street Fighter will always sell better on PlayStation. It's funny to see so many people blaming Capcom. Sony's funding the game, otherwise it wouldn't have been made. Sony funding the game secures all future versions of the game as well, since it looks like they're helping out with the assetts of the game as well.

Sorry guys. Want the game? Buy a PS4, it's that simple. Blogging about it won't change anything. #1.1.13
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@ Docknoss: That's funny considering Killer Instinct is nowhere near as good as SF4 and is already forgotten. It also bombed in reviews.

The fact that you're even attempting to compare an amateur fighting game like Killer Instinct to the legendary status of Street Fighter though is lol. #1.1.6
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You're gonna be really disappointed when you find out the truth soon enough. Super or Ultra, doesn't matter, it's the same IP. And it's gonna be Sony's. #5.1.2
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