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"4 > One"


Even if it was featured in Smash, I'm pretty sure that's Capcom's own design, not Nintendo's. #1
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I hope you guys realize that since The Division is their most hyped game right now, it will be THE game that they think they could get away with applying micro-transactions to. #2.1.2
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That's a massive worldwide lead then. #2.1.1
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Ubiscum at it again. Expecting the same to happen with The Division. #2
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Eh, they did it to themselves. The haters are there because of their actions. People still think you can't share games on Xbox One and that Kinect collects your data. People wouldn't think this if Microsoft hadn't reported it. Not even I forgive them for it.

CBOAT has ruined his rep once again. #2.1.1
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So why didn't Microsoft do PR for this? They seem disappointed.

Edit: Those aren't the numbers, by the way. I'm seeing reports that say PS4 sold 895,000.

Pretty weird NPD day today. Nothing but rumors, apparently? #2
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What's disturbing about this news is that Xbox is seriously in trouble. Microsoft went to lengths to outsell the PS4 and all they could manage was to outsell it by 10k? This pretty much confirms they're done competing this gen. No way they're gonna catch up at this rate.

No wonder they're not bragging about it. #1.1.15
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A less than 10k difference even after the price cut? Yeah, safe to say Xbox is done this gen. Their 2015 lineup isn't going to help them either. Pretty much nothing until Halo 5 comes out, which will be at the end of the year? Who's seriously gonna buy Scream Ride? #1.1.2
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Well, I'm guessing the logic these "other developers" are attempting to follow is that since most movies are shot at 24 frames per second, it is therefore perfectly acceptable to apply that same method to video games, which doesn't make sense, because: 1. Games aren't movies, and 2. Games are completely 3D.

It's simply not the same tech.

If anything, since films technically can't don't drop frames based on whatever's happ... #1.1.3
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"We Don't Think a Lower FPS Looks More Cinematic"

I'm liking how these guys think already. #1
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DmC would make sense since Capcom are also getting ready to announce something new. #1.2
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You're gonna be really disappointed, crashbash. You already are, but even more disappointed when it's announced. You'll see.

Unless Capcom is willing to develop a completely redesigned version of it (which will take a lot of effort) to sell as Ultra or Super or whatever name they decide on, and they completely scrap everything Sony put into the original work, you'll never see it.

Street Fighter 5, as it stands, is being funded by Sony. #2.4.2
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I don't care who has the most to gain from it. I want it on the most powerful console, which happens to be my console of choice. I have no interest in purchasing a Wii U or Xbox just to play this. Nothing else on those platforms interests me. #1.1.3
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Word going around is that Sony's helping with assets in the game as well. You'll never see Street Fighter 5 on Xbox. #2.4
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Easily the best looking game of this generation. Nothing even comes close unless we're talking about Uncharted 4.

Screw this YouTube footage, by the way.

Download the full quality video here. https://mega.co.nz/#!CMRjmS... #1.1
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We should all bomb Shuhei Yoshida and Adam Boyes twitters for this. #1.1
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One of the worst misinformed posts I've ever seen. Yakuza 3 and 4 came out here awhile ago.

Also, if Shenmue 3 ever does get made, it's safer to assume it'll happen on PlayStation 4 due to 1. Sony's willingness to take chances with an IP that probably won't sell more than 100k copies these days, and 2. Much higher sales on PS4 than Xbox One. #2.3
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It's only the biggest fighting franchise in the world. #3
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I like how GAF starts a fight and then gets offended when a dev has a reply they don't like, just like how they got called out by Druckmann for their ridiculous "Nathan Drake is a mass murderer" BS. #3
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Insane detail, my god.

Download the Gamersyde vid with the fixed black levels, guys.


Huge file but it's worth it. #4
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