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"4 > One"


@ Yetter: Yeah, "tight budget" perfectly explains how they continue to put out the best, highest quality exclusives every year. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. #1.1.3
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Driveclub AND Project Cars on PS4. Really hope Project Cars is good. I would like to support these guys for putting out an amazing PS4 version of their game. #1.1.10
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Good to know they aren't even thinking about other versions. Better to focus completely on the most powerful console. Could end up completely exclusive to PS4 too. #1.1.11
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Like PvZ: Garden Warfare? Lol.

It's only confirmed "exclusive" for the holidays, so probably until the end of winter. Don't be surprised if it pops up on PS4 in the spring.

Must be tough to be given so much hope only to have your hopes shattered by the same culprit that raised them to begin with. Deception is a funny thing. #1.2
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Give it back to Mikami. #11.1
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He can save anything. He's never made a game that wasn't great. #4
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Exclusive content isn't the same as buying a timed exclusive game. The amount Microsoft paid for Tomb Raider is probably just as laughably high as the GTA4 episodes that ended up on PS3. #5.1
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And yet they continue to put out the best 1st party games in the industry year after year. Microsoft keeps buying games that end up on PS4. Their money isn't getting them anywhere, especially when they've lost billions upon billions on Xbox 360 + Xbox One. #4.1
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Amazing character design. Much, much better than the designs from Enslaved and DmC. #1
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There's just one thing I don't understand. As great as it was, or is, why did Sony publish the teaser? If Sony gave it a reveal at their conference, there's got to be some kind of deal going on for Silent Hills.

Seems that if it is going to be exclusive, they're waiting for TGS to confirm the announcement (Famitsu did hint a big 3rd party exclusive).

I can't see a game this huge, which came out of nowhere, being exclusive to PS4 unless Son... #1
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Spencer, the "Xbox savior" who's supposed to be a "really great guy" lied through his teeth. So did Harrison who waited until AFTER the show was over to clarify. Then Greenberg lied again for them on Twitter. Anything for attention huh? No one's being unfair here except Microsoft with their blatant deception. Spencer should apologize for his garbage lies. #2
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Unless it's going to be announced as a megaton PS4 exclusive at TGS, I don't see why Sony even bothered developing such an amazing teaser for it.

We'll find out soon enough. #1.1.9
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Lmao. I asked myself the same question.

It's funny how these exclusive announcements work. You could have a subpar game like the Tomb Raider reboot, a game everyone had forgotten, but when a sequel is announced and it's exclusive, the fanboys are all, "holy crap MEGATONZZZZ!!!!!"

Are you guys still hyped now that it's been confirmed as a timed exclusive? #2
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Sony definitely would have bragged if it was going to be exclusive. #1.1.5
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"You just go through trying to group one series as if it accounts for every single AAA game in the industry."

Where did I group COD with every AAA game in the industry? If that were the case I would have given up on AAA gaming a long time ago. My case in point still stands-- COD development teams are huge for nothing seeing how assets are constantly being reused and gameplay is exactly the same every year. So many minds, for what? Annual spoiled milk.
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Hellblade has been described by Ninja Theory themselves as "indie AAA." It's a big budget independent game. Your garbage response to mine ignores the developers themselves. Good job on the ignorance.

Your terrible logic and mentality attempts to group simplistic games like Flow to a game like Rime or The Tomorrow Children. Want to elaborate on how they're even remotely similar?

I'm beginning to think no one even understands what the hell... #1.3.2
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This is old news now. I wonder how many of the websites keeping it going are aware that it's only a timed exclusive. Pretty much done approving these submissions now. #2
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I had no idea Q Games could ever make a game that looks this damn good. Don't get me wrong, I've played every PixelJunk game and they're all gorgeous. But they're also 2D. This is completely 3D and is one of the better looking games of the new generation.

Destructoid wrote an amazing preview on it. http://www.destructoid.com/...

So... #1.1
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This game looks incredible. Some parts honestly look like CGI. #9
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I like how indie haters like to pretend that there's no such thing as "indie AAA".

Rime = Indie AAA
The Tomorrow Children = Indie AAA
Hellblade = Indie AAA
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter = Indie AAA

Just to name a couple.

Wild is one of the biggest games ever made. The open world is probably going to be bigger than every GTA.

Oh no, it doesn't have 500 people working on it! It's go... #1.3
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