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Damage control disguised as not caring. How clever. I guess accepting reality is easier for some.

If this had been a post about the Xbox getting the upper hand by 1%, Xbox kids would have claimed superiority. But the PS4 is 44% superior not just in specs, but in 99% of multiplat games.

Quick, act like you don't care! Hurr- oh wait..

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44% less pixels isn't nothing. Funnily enough, the PS4 is 44% more powerful than Xbox One. Talk about dead accurate.

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Cross gen games don't count.

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One of the biggest surprises for me at Gamescom. Brace for another perfect game from Housemarque.

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Stir the pot? It's the topic you clicked on. If you're not here to discuss it then leave.

Posting facts = stirring the pot

Edit: @ below: That's a fact too, as clearly confirmed by this news.

The more powerful console gets the better looking version, which I'm sure was the lead version as well. Shocking.

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So much for "the gap is closing."

Shadow of Mordor is also 1080p on PS4 and shooting for 60fps, but when asked about the resolution on Xbone, they dodged the question.

Most of the demos for Lords of the Fallen have been running on PS4, and it looks really fun. The more RPGs the better. Looks like Sony finally heard our cries.

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How about no.

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Seriously. It bombed on Xbox. Least they could do is at least try and make up for their loss, which resulted in Crytek layoffs and bankruptcy rumors.

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We saw what Sony's 1st parties pulled off last gen on PS3. Imagine what they're going to do this gen. There won't be any issues.

Hell, just look at Uncharted 4, and they're STILL shooting for 60fps.

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Yeah PlanetSide 2 is one of the best multiplayer games ever made.

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Poor Val Kilmer. Failed career, failed posts.

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They've only shown PS4 footage so yeah.

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Miyazaki said having shields in this game would result in everyone thinking it'd be a good idea to hide behind it. Unlike previous Souls games, Bloodborne requires the player to be aggressive at all times. A shield goes against that.

There's also the fact that enemies will heal if they land perfect shots on you. This is why the player needs to instantly concentrate on recognizing enemy patterns. You need to be more aggressive than your enemy, whi...

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Because Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were perfect, and it's the same team making Bloodborne. There's also the fact that it's a new Victorian setting which looks even more interesting, and Miyazaki wants to recreate the vibes of The Tower of Latria in Bloodborne.

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Lmao everyone died except for the last two guys?

This is gonna be too fun.

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Yeah, September is going to be massacre with that white Destiny bundle.

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Fake. Where did they confirm this?

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Not sure why you got disagrees, LightDiego. The game is literally being co-developed by Sony Japan Studio. Sony owns the IP. All future sequels will be on PS4 and PS5.

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Quantum Break looks like a last gen game in comparison, actually. I was surprised to see how much of a downgrade it received. Gameplay looks underwhelming too, as well as the voice acting, just like Alan Wake.

This is The Order: 1886
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