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Even without the story mode, the gameplay is perfect. The game feels so much better than SF4. Wait for the whole story mode to be put into the game, and it'll probably be the best SF ever.

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It's a shame that the reviews for this will suffer a little for lack of story content, but I approve of Capcom's decision. When it comes to Street Fighter especially, all that matters is perfect gameplay first, story later.

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100% no evidence to support this.

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Same. The recent demos I've seen were running on PS4.

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That's pretty much my reaction. People still care about this guy?

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Why does the protagonist look like Eminem tried to join DMC and failed?

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"Look ma, I could play old games" isn't going to sell consoles. People buy new consoles to play new games. BC didn't affect a thing. It would be a waste of Sony's time.

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@ Straya: Your cousin doesn't equate to the masses. PS4 is STILL outselling it in NPD month after month. It will never catch up. You're right, though, the console war is over. PS4's lead ended it.

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Xbox's backward compatibility isn't selling any consoles, and it's barely impressive considering not all games are backward compatible. There's nothing to compete with.

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Best-looking new IP of the generation.

It's still a bit shocking to see how intriguing this game is, and the fact that it's open world, and the fact that Fallout: New Vegas lead writer and Witcher 3's best quest designer were hired for it, and that Joris de Man is doing the soundtrack, and that it's a Action RPG.

Can this game possibly be more perfect?

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The review doesn't really make sense. They seem to criticize the story and still give it a 10. Hype creates yet another weird review, I guess.

@ Below: Yeah, the same happened with MGS4, though that game was actually a 10 for me. Maybe this will be too. I'll buy it used, since I'm not giving Konami any money. They already paid Kojima, thankfully. They won't get a penny from me ever again.

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Definitely. Quantic Dream and Sony Bend's new IPs incoming as well. >:)

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Tidux is an idiot and he's been wrong before. Whatever he's guessing has been known for awhile and is hardly newsworthy. Was bound to show up at E3 either way.

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It is absolutely necessary considering:

1. Not everyone who has a PS4 has a PS3
2. This is the first time we're getting these games in 1080p/60fps? Why else?

Most of the people that complain about remaster assume everyone has already played these games, which is always a mistake, and these people really need to stfu.

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They lost this generation. There's no coming back from their BS.

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Can IGN's videos look any worse? This is just sad.

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It would be interesting to see the reactions of parents seeing their kids play this.

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"Games these days don't have 30fps because it's cinematic. It's not a creative choice; it's an excuse. They couldn't make 60fps, so gamers have to settle for 30fps."

They very well could made a 60fps game, hence creative choice. They have the choice of either making a highly detailed AAA game, which will go down as one of the best looking games of the generation. Or they could make a 60fps game, which won't look anywhere near as good. The que...

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Not necessarily. If Sony sees potential and talent from the studio, which at this point they'd be crazy not to given how long they've been working together on PSP and PS4, their decision to acquire won't solely depend on sales.

Honestly, The Order: 1886 is the best looking game this generation has seen so far. The art direction is perfection. Sony has definitely taken notice.

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Can't freaking wait.

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