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"4 > One"


They lost this generation. There's no coming back from their BS. #7
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Can IGN's videos look any worse? This is just sad. #1.2
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It would be interesting to see the reactions of parents seeing their kids play this. #1.1
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"Games these days don't have 30fps because it's cinematic. It's not a creative choice; it's an excuse. They couldn't make 60fps, so gamers have to settle for 30fps."

They very well could made a 60fps game, hence creative choice. They have the choice of either making a highly detailed AAA game, which will go down as one of the best looking games of the generation. Or they could make a 60fps game, which won't look anywhere near as good. The que... #1.1
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Not necessarily. If Sony sees potential and talent from the studio, which at this point they'd be crazy not to given how long they've been working together on PSP and PS4, their decision to acquire won't solely depend on sales.

Honestly, The Order: 1886 is the best looking game this generation has seen so far. The art direction is perfection. Sony has definitely taken notice. #1.1.1
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Can't freaking wait. #1
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This is massive news holy hell. My Spotify playlists + Driveclub = HNNNNNNNNG #1.2
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I would prefer a new IP. If they do continue with a new Killzone or Resistance, I'd be happy with either one, just make them third person this time. #1.2
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Driveclub makes Forza Horizon 2 look last gen, honestly. "Open world" isn't an excuse. If it looks better, it looks better, end of story. Driveclub is the most detailed racing game in years.

I wonder if Turn 10 will actually put some graphical effort in their next Forza. Everyone knows they pre-bake everything on static backdrops to achieve 60fps. #1.1
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@ HeMan: You're delusional if you think DX12 is some magical thing that will close the power gap between PS4 and Xbone. It won't. It'll increase performance slightly. You're looking too much into Spencer's claims about "50%". You're gonna see soon enough. #1.1.7
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Miyazaki games reward skill. If you want your hand held, you should probably try a different RPG. Constant checkpoints would ruin the whole experience and defeat the purpose of a good challenge. #2.2
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Except all previews have hinted at it being a GOTY contender already. I've never seen so much hype for a RPG that's supposed to make us cry. The only people I could imagine having problems with it are casuals. Miyazaki has said this is his most ambitious, darkest game yet.

GOTY 2015. #3.1
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Looks like Race the Sun, only a thousand times better. PS4 please. #2
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Well, I guess he prefers this setting. A bunch of my friends feel the same way. Think the clothing in Bloodborne looks way better than Demon's/Dark's stuff.

And there is the fact that Bloodborne is faster with transformable characters/weapons. #1.1.1
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The Last of Us wasn't locked at 60fps though. It seems that Journey will be. Either way, I'm sure they're busy with their new project too. ThatGameCompany is a small team. #2.1.2
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1080p/60fps isn't easy. #2.1
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It will.

All of you guys that didn't get to play this amazing game last gen, get ready to experience one of the most beautiful games ever made.

60fps videos.

http://www.gamersyde.com/hq... #1.1
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Funny post considering how flawed both TitanFall and The Master Chief Collection were. On one hand, you have a game that gets boring and repetitive in a day. On the other, you have a collection of old games, remastered by the developers known for making the worst Halo ever, AKA 343. They ruined Halo 4, ruined TMCC, and are already ruining Halo 5.

Halo will never be the same without Bungie, and Halo isn't the king of FPS anymore. In fact, it never was.

B... #1.2
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"The game doesn’t doesn’t even look appealing."

In your opinion, sure. The gameplay looks fun for what it is. Sure, it's a dark game, but let's not pretend like there aren't other games on Steam that are comparable.

All this hate for Hatred is pretty funny. It's just a game. If the context bothers you you're just too sensitive. #2
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Killing Floor is one of the best games ever. Easily my most played game on Steam. Killing Floor 2 on PS4 makes me wet. #4.1.1
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