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I fear you maybe pissing in the wind there mate

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I agree. As a long standing Legacy fan this doesn't look or feel like it would have been very good.

Bring back the surviving cast and writing team. Remake them all with modern game design and graphics.

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His last name is Chester and that sounds like molester

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5 years for me, I'm recovering.

Agoraphobia is a very hard mental illness any light an article like this can cast on an issue that most suffer in silence from is a good thing.

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Right so my plan is dump my girlfriend, use my holiday time and live in my underpants for all of November.

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Because you played a different game?

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Any one remember Mafia 2 and how incredible it looked at E3 and how bad the PS3 demo was or Aliens colonial marines, well that's what this reminds me of so colour me sceptical. I'm going to wait and see how the game looks when it comes out before dropping £50 on a good looking PS3 game.

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"Oh I'm sorry i thought this was america"

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the last thing you want is to be trapped in a "safe" house with this guy.

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I'm 25 I've played every Resident Evil game and finished zero through to six and most but not all the side games and must have started at about 12 going back to play them now and then and six was just awful.

I mean even from a game design stand point anyone can tell you watching the same damn cut scene with each character set was a bad idea. The games need a reboot and I know this will be unpopular but a Resident Evil set in an open city with limited items and loads o...

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and me.

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I'd say it was a solid 7/10 ( with Arkham Asylum and Arkham City being 8 and 9 )the story is better than Arkham City but it has massive frame rate problems on the PS3 and other small problems that you can't over look. One of them being it's a re-skin of Arkham City and the developers don't fully get the prequel idea with weapons and upgrades being better than Arkham Asylums
alterations to the combat with new counters change the fighting dynamic and make more advanced ...

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you had to sit through the same cut scenes over and over as each set of characters ran across each other it strayed so far from what made 0/4 enjoyable in the first place honestly you could re-skin the game and call it a new IP all be it a poorly done cover shooter about some massive armed mutant with a small head killing spider monsters

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hows this work Raziel had his clan purged after he got his wings if they can't be arsed to remember the other games then I'm not going to play this

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61% of brits are dumb

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i saw a female character in the online trailer she was walking towards a shop so i think it dose that or it was a very small guy with long hair

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the guys not super powered... in the second video he slashes a guy and he goes flying backwards what's that about?


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so two teams of thugs fight and a player as Batman hunts both sides down?

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yeah the staff are nice but they over charge on games and Games web page is a joke.

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they should salt it up before hand, I'll pick up the good games they release months later if they start putting out games i want to play

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