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I want to win!

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Can i haz giftcard?

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Its COD, everyone cares realistically.

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plus, they're using the world at war engine, not mw2's

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A. I could care less about what "draws your attention"
B. We are not sheep, you are the same narcissistic prick who elevates himself so high he can't see his own bullshit.
C. Who care's about a game's visuals if it plays better than everything out there?

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The reason i have watched almost every black ops multiplayer video is because, i needed to be convinced.
Mw2 was such a dissapointment, and [email protected] was a hit and miss experience, i needed to make sure that treyarch was doing what was needed.

And bloody hell they have. I am now completely convinced black ops will kick ass, and probably surpass cod4.
Anyways, I've made sure to watch as little about singleplayer and zombies as i could, because i want to be supris...

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A. Cold war, not ww2
B. At the very least 4 zombie maps because of [email protected] maps coming in hardened/prestige editions
C. Recoil is A GOOD THING. If all guns were fucking ACRs and had no recoil across the map, then all challenge is gone.
D. Graphics are improved upon Mw2. Not sure? Go check some of the non-shitty quality footage on youtube, and you'll see at the very least on par quality with mw2, but it surpasses it in most ways.
E. What the fuck is wrong with ...

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why are u judging a game before it come\s out

this game looks fantastic, and miles better than cod 4

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(if what i saw in the vids is correct) can be turned off

in several leaked vids i;ve seen under the option menu to disable aim assist.
so, all of y'all wanting that.......merry christmas

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The modern warfare 2 version of quickscoping is now gone. No longer can a person, lift his scope halfway, nail a shot in the arm with a intervention, and get a insta-kill.

This is some of the best news I have heard in a long time.

The percent of quick scopers that actually had any skill was less than 1% of the community, however, 90% of people who did quickscope believe they had skill.

Sleight of hand pro, steady aim pro, and the overall bala...

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way to comment before you click the link

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by people calling black ops mw2 dlc.

The fundamentals are still there because, hey retards, its a fucking cod game.
Black Ops is the single largest step forward for cod since cod4.

Like game01 stated, this game is bringing more new things to the table than mw2, [email protected], ever did.

Right trigger is fire, left trigger is aim, and the sticks move ya.
These things are always going to be the same.

but black ops is uniq...

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there is a motion sensor, but its a equipment, similar to bad company 2

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