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The back of the RE4 box said: "forget survival horror, and get ready for survival action!" Or something like that. #6
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At least you knew it didn't end at Halo 2... And MGS4's ending was great.

And Borderlands 2 isn't even out yet. #3
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...But ME3 is higher on PS3 and X360. Even if it is by 1%. #3.1
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New Vegas over 3... No. Just no. Dark Souls beats the living crap out of NV too. #10
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Did he say that? Or different gamers? Because I don't even think 99% of gamers care. #2.2.1
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The story sucked... it lead no-where. The characters were rushed. Who was Cutter? Elena knew him too, yet we never found out where. Him and Chloe just disappeared. Salem was probably supposed to be in the game longer, but they ran out of time, so he was cut short.

And as omi25P said, Marlowe knew who Drake really was, that his real name isn't Drake... but that never got explained. And personally I think it's stupid that after three games, the only protagonist to die w... #9.1.11
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Anything with "the video game" in the title will probably be bad. #3
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This game is the definition of repetitive. #6
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Omega DLC is inevitable. I also hope it brings Aria as a squad member, and I would buy it instantly if it has an explorable Omega. It felt ripped out of the game. #3.1.1
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At most, there will be rescue DLC... and that's a long shot. #3
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I wouldn't call unlimited ammo a plot hole. a weird design choice... I don't know. Resistance 3 had infinite pistol ammo at the last part too. #6.1
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So the main villian will tell you that he's killing you so a different army doesn't kill you. Then he gives you a choice, Destroy, Control, or Merge with his army. And in all endings, you die, and all the water in the world will evaporate.

In other words... #7
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I'm getting tired of these "games are art" articles. I don't care if it's art or not, a game could be about gameplay, story, graphics, or all three. It doesn't matter. It doesn't NEED to be defined as art.

"Artistic integrity" was Casey Hudson's poor excuse for the ME3 ending... Would you rather they keep the ending for the sake of art? Or would you prefer it if they scrape the ending, and made a new one that did the series justice,... #2
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Some of them are... Sly 1, Trine 2 (you don't even have to beat the game!) and movie games like Up, or Terminator: Salvation for example.

And some of them are difficult, like Dark Souls or RDR. #18.2
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So, without a price cut I guess Sony is expecting all those AAA must have games to help shift the Vita.

Honestly, say what they like consumers will pay what they believe a product to be worth. They simply don't believe the Vita to be worth the price yet. #14
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Sorry... but this is easily the worst game I played last year. And I got it for free on PS+ #4
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Kratos killed the entire human population. Survived the flood? You get killed get killed by the plague. SOMEHOW survive that? No plantlife or sunlight = starvation. And there's no afterlife. The world is screwed. And it's all because of Kratos. Some blue light that apparently gives hope will not change that. I still liked Kratos in 3, but preferred him in 2 where he seemed like a hero.

And how the heck does hope turn Kratos into a giant to kill Zeus? Seriously, this i... #2.2.3
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So, where are these killer apps you claim the Vita has? You know what a killer app is don't you. You know, a game that everyone wants and is the reason why millions of people will buy the hardware to play. So, again where are these killer apps? Has a Vita game even reached a top 10 game sales list?

Half a year since its launch the Vita has struggled to move 3 millions. If the Vita had these killer apps your talking of I dare say it would have sold twice as many units... #1.1.2
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butthurt ME3 fan haters are *still* crying?

get the **** over it, already. many of them played played the series for 5 years, so i'd be surprised if they finished now. #10.1
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They said it wouldn't be A,B or C... Look how that turned out. The problem is that you don't even see the result of any of the decisions, so what's the point? Great story? Look at the many plot holes created in the last 15 minutes of the game.

Did, and how Shepard survive the best destroy ending? How did Joker manage the crew to run away... Javik wanted nothing other than the reaper's destruction, so it makes no sense for him to run away mid-battle. The logi... #9.1
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