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One and a half years is a really good amount of support if you ask me. And what do you want? A carbon copy of all other fighting games? NRS have made the best fighting games of the past few years, even if MKX wasn't up to standard.

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Well I'm pretty excited for Goat Simulator

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Multiplayer is the focus, it's not like adding some 6 hour campaign will make it any better. Battlefield 3 and 4 had friggen terrible campaigns, why did they even bother? If the multiplayer is a 10 then it's still a 10 with or without some tacked on garbage you won't look at twice.

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It's an unbalanced mess, I can't believe people would trash Uncharted 3's and praise this.
I remember the first beta for UC3, it was absolutely perfect. Then the full game was an unbalanced mess, but nothing compared to UC4.

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Screw Valve, the greedy bastards lost my respect years ago.

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Apart from graphics and the side quest stories the game was incredibly disappointing for me. Main story sucked, combat sucked, Soundtrack was especially weak by series standards. Both TW1&2 were better.

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What's wrong with an 8.8? Plenty of epic games get that sort of score. Besides, her criticisms were pretty reasonable.

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That doesn't mean they're outright saying they think BO3 is better, it's just 2 different reviews for 2 different games. It's not like the reviewer was thinking "hmmm it's 0.4/10 weaker than cod... I'll see what that got and review uncharted accordingly."

Another example is they gave Alienation an 8.7, that doesn't mean they compared UC4 to that and thought that it's .1 better.

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What? MW3's multiplayer was way better than MW2's. It took all the chaoticness of 2 and made it balanced. Maps were a bit bland but the balance made it more fun.

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Lol was it that hard to get? Its a pretty stupid decision to call it ultimate edition.

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Wow that's a bit quick for a remaster

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It released at a bad time, and at a time when Xbox One sales were low..

It's a shame, it's one of the best games of the generation.

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If Microsoft did this they would be crucified.

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Visually they do look like crap. I remember at the playstation experience they looked like ps2 games

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Sure if you call it little bitch mode. No trophies or online, and you don't get to see the ending. And every enemy has to be screaming NOOB

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Don't worry DLC will save the day

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That's a good life lesson: don't trust anyone

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Since when? 2007? 2008 to 2009 and beyond have been mostly playstation dominated. People were saying that the PS3 was far better than the 360 since it had a slightly better version of GTA4. Tons of agrees on that sort of stuff.

Every game that comes out goes through the same resolution garbage, the only people that care enough for that to still be happening are the holier-than-thou- PS4 morons. Guess what? Because of this, the games have been sucking more and more.

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I find whiny kids pretty often in destiny and black ops 3 on ps4, no different from Xbox. And honestly PlayStation fanboys have been the bane of the gaming community for the past 6-7 years. No way in hell I'd want to deal with the arguing in the middle of the actual games.

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The updates have been impressive, but still compared to something like GT5 it's lacking.

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