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I responded to some of those points in my response above. The Kett are the weakest part of the story, everything else is pretty interesting. I don't think they really played it safe, to me a Mass Effect 4 using the indoctrination theory would have been playing it safe.

Long games like this tend to get repetitive. That usually isn't a fair complaint unless it's on the level of Mafia III, where they made no effort to counter repetitiveness.


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I've only played since patch 1.05, and there hasn't been any major issues bug-wise. Not perfectly polished, but there's nothing to detract from the game.

The main plot is generic, but the lore is interesting. That's not a bad approach due to the nature of the "colonize a new galaxy" story. Another game that's like that is Horizon, which had great lore to make up for a generic plot.

Script and dialogue are fine. Sure there a...

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If they don't want Andromeda 2, possibly make a Mass Effect 4. I think Andromeda's a great game, it's a shame the poor facial animations caused the internet to go absolutely ballistic on it, because it is the weakest aspect of the game. It's a great game overall.

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Crash is still awesome

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Andromeda is no slouch in the graphics department either, it looks gorgeous. I've been just as impressed by it visually as I have with ZD. I don't think that's as far fetched as you might think either, most frostbite engine games have excellent graphics. BF1 and SW:B are the best looking shooters this gen by a few miles. BF1 also rivals the best gams this gen visually.
Facial animations are where you'd give ZD the edge... even if they are rather poor at times too. Th...

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It quite probably wasn't his first play through. To beat the game this fast, he most likely took his time playing and learning about the game.

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As a guy who once had Mass Effect 2 as his favourite game ever, I think Andromeda is pretty good. People are calling Horizon: ZD a masterpiece that absolutely destroys this game... But I've been enjoying Andromeda a hell of a lot more.

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AC: Origins is such a boring title.

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Destiny was alright, it has a huge amount of people who still enjoy it. It's certainly understandable that it could beat Torment, at least.

Yes Fable 2 beating so many better games is a crime... Almost as much of a crime as giving Skyrim #1. Surely they did that just to get traffic.

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Darksiders 2 had about 2 years of development... They have until late 2018 to meet their proposed deadline for this one, so I'd say it's plenty of time. The combat will absolutely have a lot of work put into it from now to then.

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Indeed. I think there's a reason we don't hear a lot from Newell these days.

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As a huge fan of the first one... this one didn't work for me, the multiplayer's a bit of a jumbled mess. The difference between TF1 and TF2, is like going from COD4 to MW2. It added so much stuff, and lost the balance because of it. I feel more powerful as a pilot than when I'm in a Titan... and that's because the Titans are so pathetically weak.

The story was alright, but nothing special. It certainly doesn't change that the multiplayer is far less en...

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"World War II as a narrative, it’s always been presented as a white man’s war."

Enough... Some of these writers are so stupid, I'm wondering if their brains are capable of more than typing and complaining.

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For sure, and they're every bit as capable of telling good stories.

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"Film, television, and literature all tell stories better"


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Health is non-regenerating though, nothing like Battlefield.

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Did you not see the /S sign?

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They clearly don't, enough with these bullshit articles.

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Oh yeah, they added a bunch of slideshows that didn't add anything to what we already knew. How could I ever forget that

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Some people are fine when they get punched in the face... doesn't mean getting punched in the face is fine.

Though I'd gladly take a few punches to the face for a better ending

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