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Too light feeling for me, felt like an arcade game. And because of it's arcade nature it got repetitive very quickly. If you take out all the fancy sliding and slow motion, it'd be somewhat bland. Those tricks didn't impress me for long.

I can certainly see why some would prefer the overall combat of Vanquish, it's much faster. But Gears still has better pure cover based shooting. I wasn't saying it's the best third person shooting action game... I&#...

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Uncharted's cover system is pretty ordinary. The gameplay of Uncharted is good for the COMBINATION of cover based shooting, platforming and puzzles. If you look at any of those aspects individually, they don't look so great on their own. Take out the platforming, and suddenly Uncharted's combat looks very plain. But obviously it goes very well with the platforming.

I love Mass Effect, but even Mass Effect 3's cover system was a tad clunky at times. It was th...

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I've played a lot of third person shooters... and even Gears 1 has a better cover system than many released today. What do you mean they offer you little to go by? Do you want someone to explain every tiny piece of detail about the cover system to you or something? A comparison with another TPS?

Gears 4 easily has the best pure third person shooter combat around. No contest.

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Yes, because user reviews are a great way to measure a game's quality.

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Good. It deserves more awards this year, it's certainly up there with the likes of Uncharted 4 and Overwatch.

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If it isn't worse than RE4... it's going to be legendary.

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Yes, so that was done for story purposes. AKA the reason any character should be how they are.

I doubt it was done for equality.

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I liked 1943 the most.

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What? The Witcher 3's free DLC fits that description perfectly. Tiny missions, armor, outfits... The first of which released literally the day after launch, the rest on a weekly basis. Most of them would have been cut from the game, the later ones would have taken next to no time to make. Clearly just looking to gain blind respect on the prospect of free DLC.

Not that I'm complaining... I'd much rather that, than having to pay for them. But still.

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Lol you think Lords of the Fallen was great? Transformers = rubbish, Journey is a 4 and a half year old downloadable game, and RE is okay... but a pretty bland remaster overall. I guess that's an okay month... but certainly nothing compared to before the PS4 was released.

They gave things like Tomb Raider and Borderlands 2 1-2 years after their original release... it's gone waaaaay downhill.

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I remember when Plus was actually good.

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They probably weren't going for pure horror games after 3, have to score it on an action game scale. RE4 was a 10, RE5 was a 7-8, RE6 was a 3.

Your scale looks like it'll be good for RE7.

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That was because of the Mass Effect 3 ending

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I agree with those benefits, a combined games library plus backwards compatibility is great.

In Hoffman's case, it didn't sound like he's interested that stuff. If you can play all the X1 games on PC, there's no NEED to get an X1 also. If you buy a console and want games that you can't play already, might as well get a PS4.
If I had a PC with a bunch of cross play games, and had a choice between X1 or PS4, I would choose PS4 for games I couldn&...

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@DashArrivals Give me some examples of other actual GOOD PS4 exclusives then. I've looked, and I can't find any. I don't have any prejudice against PS4 games either, I personally thought Bloodborne and UC4 were disappointing. However I can tell they are quality games, so I consider them to be good reasons to have the PS4. So if anything I'm being generous.

I'm not saying the X1's lineup has been any better either, I haven't really compared them l...

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Oh no not directed towards you at all, I'd be surprised if the Pro had an official price drop this soon. I'm just saying the new X1 is doing great, nothing like the original at all. I bet blackblades wishes that was the case though.

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You wish.

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Yeah most of the PS4 exclusives have been disappointing anyway. Second Son being the worst offender. UC4, Bloodborne, and perhaps TLG are the only exceptions. Literally every other PS4 exclusive has been average.

And yes Persona 5 looks great.

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If you have a PC, no need to get an Xbox One. You aren't their target audience for the console.

However, most people who don't have a good PC will still get an X1 if they want to play X1 games. The fact that the games are also on PC won't change their mind. They might decide to get a PS4 instead... either way, the PC won't sway many new adopters.

The Xbox One/PC "exclusives" will still be a selling point to new adopters for an X1...

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