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Like the ME3 one. So much truth to it.

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The PS3 version was widely hated, in case you don't remember... then it was fixed. End of story.

Dawnguard isn't that great. A Shivering Isles quality expansion not going to PS3 would be widely hated though.

The ME3 ending sucked. And if you still hate it after the EC, tough luck. Not going to be fixed, unlike Skyrim. Dante hate was stupid though.

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Sony make the same noises now as they did with the thier Move controller. PS3 with Move is better than the, who cares. Move was a waste of money and the Wii trumped the PS3 in sales from day 1.

Wii-U will outsell PS3/Vita combos from day 1 also.

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This is just the campaign... so he can't judge it because it was awful.

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Not really... The SP is terrible.

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In terms of a gaming experience yes but a "complete" experience no.

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Lets not forget the cost. Imagine if Sony packaged the Vita and PS3 as a combo to take on the Wii-U. Would be great but twice the price and would fail.

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Because that would make the Vita look bad.

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As long as they dont look and feel cheaper in quality as well.

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Sony have to consider how expensive the Vita might look if they lowered the price of the PS3 too much.

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Uncharted 2 is plain boring to play. average combat, automatic platforming, and a bland story. best game of the generation? I laugh at all of you.

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How do you make it easier? You either have to completely change the AI, since that's the main reason it's difficult, or make the enemies use pillows as their weapons.

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Well.... We did say we don't wan't XIII-3... So they heard us and made this.

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Meh. Naughty Dog has yet to prove they can make a good enough story.

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That's nothing in comparison to Uncharted and you know it.

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Time to IP ban Russia.

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"If you liked the engaging story from Skyrim"


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They said 15 hours for GoW3, then one of the devs said "NO! it's 8", which was correct.

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So because it cant play Uncharted it is no good? Wow, Sony fanboys start off saying if it doesn't have physical controls then it cant do real gaming. Now tablets are coming with physical controls its no good cause it doesn't do uncharted. When an uncharted style game comes out what will you use as an excuse then?

You do know uncharted style games are already available on tablets and smartphones. Anyone who just falls back on the Angry Birds...

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