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Oh I agree that 4 had a fantastic story. I think 343 could make the best Halo game yet, if they combine the campaign from 4, and the multiplayer from 5. But 5's story was rather awful.

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5 put that in jeopardy, though.

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Where did you think that I disapprove of the new setting? chris235 suggested Andromeda isn't taking enough risks, but I disagree as they could have made a Mass Effect 4 if they wanted. My whole comment was explaining why it's a worthy sequel, and it's a good risk they're taking.

By the way, have you ever heard of commas?

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A lot of N4G users obviously approve of this article... Probably the same people who have Naughty Dog shrines in their living rooms.

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Game mechanics? Is that the only reason you liked the other games? That's like buying Mass Effect 3 for multiplayer.

This one looks like it has notably different combat, along with a bigger emphasis on exploration and new platforming elements (Jet packs are involved.)

It's also a completely new cast of characters in a new galaxy... So story wise, I think it's a bit of a risk to move away from the story all the fans like. They still could have ...

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Everyone has their favourite. But even your least favourite Mass Effect is still better than most games out there

I felt 3 was the weakest, due to some of the story decisions, quest log, limited dialogue options, and of course that god damn ending. But the game still managed to feel like a more real, heavy war story than any other game I've played. It's still fantastic, overall.

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"The notification list is a disorganized list of all random crap now"

Well at least it's in line with the rest of the PS4 UI now

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"I can look beyond the fact that remaster never got a standalone released"

I can't, that was the worst thing they could have done for the game. Player numbers would have been hugely affected.

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The couch co-op in Overcooked is awesome. If AAA games stop caring about it, I hope more download only games continue it.

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That's incredible. I haven't been this impressed with a gameplay video in a long time.

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Dark Souls 3 (By a few miles)
The Last Guardian

People often confuse good storytelling, with the story itself. Sure it plays a part, but games like Dark Souls 3 and Inside choose to let the player figure out the story for themselves. They're the sort of stories that once you finish the game, you immediately go on the internet to read what other people think or have found out.

While Uncharte...

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When's the remaster going to be standalone? I'm still not buying Infinite Warfare.

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Uncharted 4 for best story of the year? That is absolute proof of how overrated it is.

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Good open world games are good... It's just the standard has been lifted. I played the first Watch Dogs a few days ago... and it's complete garbage. Being open world doesn't help it's cause at all.

Then there's games like Far Cry 4 which actually has decent world, and the content is entertaining enough. But in order to be a truly great open world game, you need to either remove filler quests, or have context for each and every one (Like The Witcher 3.) ...

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Some people bring up games like Tearaway and Ratchet & Clank, but they aren't quite the same. You only need to play something like Jak 1 (Which is still fantastic) to know what we mean. Nintendo still does it with Mario, but I don't recall many, if any good 3D platformers on PS3 or 360.

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Well it depends on the size of the worlds, and how big they get once expanded. It might be enough variety. But I guess it isn't being sold at full price, so maybe not.

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Ratchet & Clank isn't what you'd entirely call a 3D platformer, it's equally combat based. When we say 3D platformers, we mean in the vein of Jak 1, Banjo, Mario 64 (Maybe Spyro?) So we mean open collectable based platformers.

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Tell me why it earns game of the year by such a big margin, then? Just about every aspect of Uncharted 4 was outdone, but go on.

Dark Souls 3 was superior in every way, other than graphics. How about we make it a PS4 exclusive then? What if Bloodborne released last year? I most certainly hope Bloodborne would be higher regarded. It's just pure Naughty Dog hype where UC4 gets such high praise from.

Here you are pouncing on people who disagree, with yo...

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After playing bugger all actual good games on it... I'd day it was just about dead on arrival.

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