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Destiny was alright, it has a huge amount of people who still enjoy it. It's certainly understandable that it could beat Torment, at least.

Yes Fable 2 beating so many better games is a crime... Almost as much of a crime as giving Skyrim #1. Surely they did that just to get traffic.

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Darksiders 2 had about 2 years of development... They have until late 2018 to meet their proposed deadline for this one, so I'd say it's plenty of time. The combat will absolutely have a lot of work put into it from now to then.

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Indeed. I think there's a reason we don't hear a lot from Newell these days.

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As a huge fan of the first one... this one didn't work for me, the multiplayer's a bit of a jumbled mess. The difference between TF1 and TF2, is like going from COD4 to MW2. It added so much stuff, and lost the balance because of it. I feel more powerful as a pilot than when I'm in a Titan... and that's because the Titans are so pathetically weak.

The story was alright, but nothing special. It certainly doesn't change that the multiplayer is far less en...

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"World War II as a narrative, it’s always been presented as a white man’s war."

Enough... Some of these writers are so stupid, I'm wondering if their brains are capable of more than typing and complaining.

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For sure, and they're every bit as capable of telling good stories.

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"Film, television, and literature all tell stories better"


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Health is non-regenerating though, nothing like Battlefield.

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Did you not see the /S sign?

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They clearly don't, enough with these bullshit articles.

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Oh yeah, they added a bunch of slideshows that didn't add anything to what we already knew. How could I ever forget that

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Some people are fine when they get punched in the face... doesn't mean getting punched in the face is fine.

Though I'd gladly take a few punches to the face for a better ending

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Oh god it's actually called CoD: WWII

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They probably wouldn't be able to say that it's happening at this time, E3 is where they'd announce it. It would be incredibly disappointing if there isn't a Halo 3 Anniversary.

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Infamous 1&2 were some of the best games on PS3... Can't believe they messed it up so much with Second Son. Weaker in just about every department.

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I disagree. Yes it looked great, but just about every aspect of the first Uncharted was just as good.

It was the first time I had seen fun realistic platforming combine with cover based shooting so well... the gameplay was incredibly good back then. The combat alone was almost as good as Gears 1's, which was masterful back then. Uncharted's combination with platforming is what set it apart. I reckon it also had the best story in the series.
Yes, the graph...

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Why are you both thinking he meant it in a "Oh such bias ign" way? It's an interesting point. A remaster of an old, forgotten platformer out-does a brand new one (According to IGN.)

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They can suck you into the experience. But if they're the best part of the game... it probably isn't going to be that great of a game.

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With a new ending

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It's been dead for ages now. Which is a shame, the console was pretty good.

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