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That "Privileged gamers" nonsense was debunked ages ago multiple times. It was a bad ending. And even if you personally didn't mind it, you cannot objectively look at it as anything other than bad. Especially considering the endings of 1&2 were so good..

I do agree though that all that should be left behind, they learned from their mistakes. Many of the Bioware employees had to see psychologists due to the negative reaction, which shows they took it badly....

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As someone who was Homeschooled, playing things like Minecraft could be alright as a method of learning for younger kids. However, 7 hours a day is way overboard. It needs to be something they do on top of other subjects like English and Math, as Minecraft can't be the only thing they ever do.

I'm not sure how the Homeschool community is over there, but the mother really needs to look into getting her kids involved with other homeschoolers. Online interaction won...

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Forza Horizon 3 was good enough that people who don't like racing games can get into it. It's one of the first games I would show people if they're thinking about getting a new console.

Uncharted 4 was good. But lets face it; if it wasn't called Uncharted, and if Naughty Dog didn't make it, it wouldn't have won any where near as many game of the year awards. The amount of "Best Story of the Year" awards it won is proof of that, it had a rat...

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I'm looking forward to playing Nioh, especially after this review. But come on... it's that sort of comment (Along with the agrees) that makes it hard to like the PlayStation community. Halo Wars 2 looks pretty good so far, and there's no need to bring it up here.

Do you really need to trash Xbox to be excited for a PS4 game?

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It's good, but the benchmark for FPS? Not even close, Wolfenstein was better for starters.

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These ones do, hopefully there'll be some customizability in the final game.

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The quality has faded. I played through Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the first time a few months ago... And I've got to say it's better than pretty much everything I've played from this gen. A 5 year old game. From what I've played, this gen hasn't had a game with mind-blowing story, great gameplay and an interesting world/setting all in one. That's why I have high hopes for games like Persona 5, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Red Dead Redemption 2... because no game has ...

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Backwards compatibility is a great extra feature, but it isn't the only thing Xbox users have to look forward to by any stretch. Only most hardcore PlayStation fanboys call it overrated, and it's pretty clear you're part of that group.

It would have been awesome if PS3 kept BC after the first models.

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There aren't THAT many actual noteworthy PS4 exclusives coming up this year, despite what the fanboys say.

They once sent me a link with 36 PS4 exclusives coming out this year... It started off with Hatsune Miku: Project Diva. Some rhythm based game. Sure Xbox only users miss out on a lot of games... but only only 6-7 of those games look any good. (Gravity Rush 2 being one of them... which is great from what I've played.)

There's 4-5 good loo...

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When you click disagree, you usually have a problem with that comment. This is because there are so many comments to scroll through, you don't have time to click disagree on everything you simply disagree with. So you click it when you either strongly disagree, or are just a hater.

"Maybe people just disagreed because they are not interested in Halo Wars 2 story, but the strategy aspect."

People in that boat are st...

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Sea of Thieves is easily the game I'm most looking forward to, not just for exclusives.

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Agreed, it's part of why I don't get many games on the PS4. Every time I back out of a game I'm reminded that it's just a games console... so when I get tried of playing, I might as well turn it off since off it feels so limited. It tries too hard to be compact, and it just ends up looking cluttered and boring. All the games and apps are just listed in a row, with no way to sort them. It's lazy, plain and simple. Just because it has a soundtrack and some colour doesn't...

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@Trez What the hell do you mean that my mentality keeps it from going? I want a Recore sequel. Microsoft have brought other styles of games like Recore, Ori, Sunset Overdrive, and Quantum Break (Story driven.)

Sea of Thieves looks like another attempt at a different style of game, Crackdown 3 should hopefully be unique with its massive destructible environments in the multiplayer. And Halo Wars 2 is an RTS, which isn't so common on consoles. So while they're lacking...

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That's just fanboy nonsense, fanboys support all their exclusives even if they don't personally like them. Not many people were actually excited for Dead Rising 4.

Anyone looking at it objectively will be glad TLG sold more (Which it looked like it did?)

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What's your point? "LOL your games don't sell much! LOSERS!!!"

What/who are you having a go at? The Xbox fans, the games, or Microsoft? I mean you singled out Recore, laughing at its bad sales. But why? Recore was pretty solid, and it certainly deserved more than that. It's a shame it didn't sell more, yet you seem to enjoy laughing at it.

Install base does affect it. Gears 4 would have sold a million by if X1 had PS4 numbers, an...

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Maybe TLG sold more because it's a better game? Sure install base contributed, but DR4 would've sold more if it was actually any good.

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Did many people even care about DR4? After it was shown at E3 my thoughts were "Whatever next game please", and that seems to reflect what most people thought. It's clear Capcom didn't care much about it either, it's such poor quality compared to the other ones.

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What? Do Halo 3 Anniversary.

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Wait they're trying to charge full price for those games? What a joke.

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Yeah why the hell does EA think anyone cares about Fifa on the Switch?

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