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He looks like The Illusive man...

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Uncharted 2. I used to think it was good, but overrated. I played it again, and... it's boring. Some of the worst platforming i've ever seen, play the ice cave chapter for proof. Generic combat. Meh story, it's well told, but the story itself was forgettable. How did it get a 96?

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This article reminds me how bad GOW3 was.

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How much would have been good sales numbers in your opinion and what are you basing that on?

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So selling less this time round is more acceptable? You come across as being a Vita owner who will clutch at any straw possible that convinces you that it will be a success. Success will come from sales and they are simply not there at present.

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When my family signed up for satellite TV it was promoted as being ad free because it was subscription based. Now it features ads and higher subscriptions. The analogy was fine in my opinion.

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LBP, COD and Uncharted...that was the list Vita supporters were touting over a year ago as the reason things looked so positive for the Vita. Yet none of those titles have done much to inspire sales.

If its not the quality of the software then it must be the price.

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Yeah... Apart from the death animation. I don't wan't to say "bye" to whoever killed me.

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This happens to me all the time when the PS3 crashes. Just press cancel and spare yourself 5 minutes of waiting.

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Of course the Vita can do a good FPS...but the majority will never care.

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So? Battlefield 3's maps sucked, with or without destructible environments. Which were weaker than Bad Company 2's BTW.

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I fully agree with you, someone buying a game is the most horrible thing ever. God have mercy on us all.

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Some of the games available for the more recent tablets and smartphones look incredible.

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Sony was giving away PS3s with Bravia TVs as well over the past couple of years.

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And your point is?

Honestly, comparing scores of two completely different games in two completely different genres is just plain futile. How does LBPK compare to other Karting games?

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Its fun, easy to get in to, graphics suit the game. Why shouldn't it get an 8.8?

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You may not care but it now means the vita's graphical might has already been surpassed. I recall comments this time last year stating the Vita's power will be eclipsed by tablets and smartphones within 2 years and those that made the comments were rubbished.

In another 2 years the Vita will look old indeed and the games available for tablets and smartphones will make the Vita redundant.

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Rather than a personal attack, which by the way shows a real lack of maturity, why not provide some useful insight as to why selling less than 5k is anything but terrible.

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And who claimed digital distribution would never work for games.

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You must have been unhappy with most games this gen then as most only offered same as last gen gameplay wrapped in improved visuals.

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