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Yeah flippen hell, Cutter was awesome. I was incredibly disappointed to find out Nadine has a major part, instead of him.

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I've had it tested multiple times with my two consoles, the PS4 struggles with download speeds in places where the X1 handles them well. Hell, the X1 is faster even with the PS4 directly connected.

Just looked into it, and the PS4 doesn't support 5ghz wifi... So it absolutely does have weaker download speed capabilities.

Again, perhaps they fixed that with the Slim and Pro.

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Does that mean TWAU season 2's going to be a longer wait?

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Indeed. In the same location where my X1 handles my Wifi pretty well, my PS4 struggles. It got to the point where, like you, I bought a cable to connect it directly to the internet.

Anyone that denies it have no idea what they're talking about. Unless they have a Slim or Pro, where Sony may have improved it (?)

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Yeah yeah great, now when can I buy the actual game?

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Alright then... It's not something I would have considered to be the best aspect of a game, but alright. It's just a bit surprising considering the great open world, beautifully animated machine Dinosaurs, and solid story.

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"but the thing I'm enjoying most about it is how the game is handling diversity."

Is that really what you've been enjoying most?

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I just beat the first one again... I actually enjoyed it more this time around. Even the combat was enjoyable. The game as a whole holds up extremely well.

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Wasn't that announced like 4-5 years ago? And we STILL haven't seen anything about it? Until they announce details, I don't know why anyone would be calling it "The new king of RPGs."

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Sooooo... Is it too late to confirm the indoctrination theory and make Mass Effect 4?

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"While there is no confirmation of this rumor..."

Then how can you call this a report?

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Hopefully they patch the animations... surely it can be done. Like the extended cut for ME3, the animations in Andromeda need to be fixed before any story DLC releases.

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I had no idea about ship upgrades or anything, and I lost 5 characters in the process. It was a bit of a shock for me when Tali was disintegrated. That, combined with the setting and soundtrack, made it the best moment in video games for me.

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That's good to hear, thanks.

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So would you say this is article is nitpicking? I really hope that's the case.

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Mass effect 3 would have been up there, if not for the ending. Sure there were other problems with game, but they were magnified after that outrage.

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1396 games? That's a lot of rubbish on it then. Because barely any of those games are actually good. They all played like heavily downgraded PS3 games. Not just in the graphics, but gameplay too. Killzone Mercenary was supposedly great to Vita fans... but it's rubbish compared to Killzone 2. Hell, I'd take the first Killzone over it. Uncharted was goddamn awful, Drake's Fortune was far better five years earlier.

Persona 4 and Tearaway were great, and they sh...

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They've kept the most popular ones to remaster. Not many would care much about a remaster for World at War, BO1, or 3 (Have they done any others?) Whereas Call of Duty 4 probably convinced a lot of people to buy the premium edition of Infinite Warfare. Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are the only others I can see having the same effect.

There was a rumor that MW3 will be backwards compatible, so I imagine that will be available soon enough.

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Not having multiplayer wouldn't make the single player better. ME3's was rather good, so I'm glad they're continuing with it.

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I found that rather tedious to play, with the clunky controls and try-hard story/setting.

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