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Bad game, badly implemented microtransactions. I'll pass.

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I think it's a good video. It's clearly not meant to be the launch trailer for the X - in fact It doesn't even mention the X specifically. Just says Xbox One. Is this trailer even going to be used much?

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This is the lineup it's going to have at launch. Seems perfectly reasonable to call it a launch lineup.

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"So the UHD player in my opinion is a waste of time. I'm personally glad Sony did not bother with one in the Pro."

This is proof that PS4 fanboys are absolute dickheads. Because only a small percentage of people will use something, they are GLAD that Sony doesn't include it.

Backwards compatibility - "Only takes up 4% of Xbox One player time? LOL! USELESS! I'm glad Sony doesn't want it"

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I don't know what improvements you're seeing, because the beta somehow manages to be worse than the first game for me. The controls and shooting feel clunky (X1), which is surprising since SWBF1 nailed that. Nothing has substantially improved enough to warrant buying it.

I hope it isn't automatically praised just because it has a campaign. I felt Titanfall 2 MP was weaker than in the first game, but 2 was considered better as it had a decent campaign. And I say ...

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I'm pretty sure he was joking.

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Replay mode always looks better in racing games, actual the gameplay doesn't look quite that good. The in-car pictures look artificial.

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It's terrible. Such basic and boring gameplay, that doesn't even feel as polished as the first game (at least on XB1.) The beta map is bland, which isn't a good sign, as betas usually use some of their best maps for their betas. Battlefield was better than this nearly a decade ago with Bad Company in terms of map structure and gameplay.

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The game looks TERRIBLE on Xbox One. Not even as good as the first game. Hell, it even seems less fun than the first game... which is saying a lot.

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I thought 1 had a better story than SS too, with a more believable world as a result. I could write an essay on why I think it was a better overall game... If I could be bothered lol

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I wouldn't consider games as "accessories". That would be like calling Facebook an accessory for a phone.

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Wolfenstein for sure. I personally hated Titanfall 2 though.

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The first Infamous was far better than Second Son.

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Really? I'd say it's been the best this gen.

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The ultimate edition had 5 days early access, I believe.

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There never has been, total waste of money.

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Halo 4&5 were great games, deal with it.

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What? I said we needed more mediocre games like Quantum Break. That way it'll be more in line with the PlayStation line-up, and hopefully the Cult of Sony will shut the hell up already (Lol, like that'll ever happen.)

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Indeed. We need some more short, linear, boring single-player-only games on Xbox One.

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He mentioned he played the demo, so he was probably going off that too.

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