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If you're arguing that Destiny 2 should be 60fps on all consoles, then that's fine. Destiny fans just don't want Pro and XBX players to have an unfair frame-rate advantage over everyone else

Dice make the best graphics in gaming, and Activision doesn't have any developers that can compete. But still, I agree it should be 60fps considering the ordinary graphics. It was rather choppy in the beta.

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That's much higher than I would have expected.

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Just make Mass Effect 4 and we'll forget it ever happened

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There's nothing else like Horizon?
The praise for Horizon convinced me to get my own PS4 (as opposed to using a friend's)... and I was reminded why I stopped listening to the die hard PlayStation fans. It plays just like every other open world stealth action game, only with robot dinosaurs. Oh but it looks nice, I guess.

"No amazing game"
Xbox One has had quite a few good games this gen, a few outstanding ones too. Forza Horizon 3 and H...

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In before the no games comments... oops, too late. Gotta be quick to beat the Cult of Sony on an Xbox article.

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Reach is backwards compatible, if that counts.

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It doesn't. Most people here seem to misunderstand - The market is online only, the whole game isn't.

I don't support it, but so long as it doesn't affect the game, it doesn't really make a difference. It's only seriously bad when they go a route like Deus Ex: MD where they made praxis kits (skill points) less frequent in the game, with the option to buy them. Hopefully this won't be like that.

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The first was way better, it felt like playing Call of Duty 4 back in the day (which is still the best multiplayer in the CoD series.) Titanfall 2 multiplayer was more of a mess than MW2. I'd make a list of stuff they screwed up, but I'd be here for at least an hour.
A run of the mill, honestly mediocre campaign didn't add much to the game in my opinion.

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Compared to PS4 Pro. There wasn't much of a reason to get that at launch.

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We still have scientists confirming that regular exercise helps prevent diabetes and heart disease... because I guess all the other studies might have been wrong.

So yeah, expect this one to be studied again in the future

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Statistics don't really back that up at all.

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As a white guy, Lee from TWD was one of the best gaming characters in recent years. No need to be of the same colour to feel connected.

There have never been any black characters in Middle Earth before, so I guess the argument could be made that a video game shouldn't be allowed to do that for the first time. But I don't recall many, if any, people complaining. It doesn't change who the character is, or anything in the story/game at all.

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Good! How dare they! Anyone that supports this practice is a sheep.

Anyone know what the player count is like on Xbox One? Just wondering for no reason. I don't plan to get it... obviously. I'm not a sheep, sheep can't type

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It probably hasn't improved much then, it's still very basic.

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Everything's good, other than the combat/dungeons for me. If not for that I would be playing it a hell of a lot more.

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It's a masterpiece... there's no need for your political garbage.

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I think that particular moment was overrated. To question whether we should have a sequel, because you don't think it will have as good of a moment, is nonsense.

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"LOL you guys just suck"
No... the controls genuinely make it much harder than the original. I don't mind a hard game (Platinumed Dark Souls), but not when it's because of bad controls.

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So I guess there won't be a Wolf Among Us 2 then?

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