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There never has been, total waste of money.

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Halo 4&5 were great games, deal with it.

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What? I said we needed more mediocre games like Quantum Break. That way it'll be more in line with the PlayStation line-up, and hopefully the Cult of Sony will shut the hell up already (Lol, like that'll ever happen.)

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Indeed. We need some more short, linear, boring single-player-only games on Xbox One.

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He mentioned he played the demo, so he was probably going off that too.

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It's hard to take that Nier character seriously, when so many articles use pictures like this one as clickbait.

You'd think the writer of this piece would use a better image. If this is truly the best image they could find to represent their argument/question... then no, it wasn't the year of the heroine.

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Destiny 2's story is full of so many plot holes that I can't take it seriously. 1/3rd of the game's campaign is a fetch quest.
Still miles better than Halo 5's... but lets not act like Destiny 2's is that great.
Multiplayer is absolutely not subjective. Halo 5 mops the floor with Destiny 2 in the multiplayer department.

I reckon that Destiny 1&2 and Halo 5 (MP) are the best first person shooters this gen, by a few miles... Though Wo...

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Forza 7 looked better in that video. Drivecub just has a bunch of lens flairs, motion blur and glare. I guess you could argue that the rain looks better... but Forza 7's rain is certainly more realistic.

Outside of the rain however, its not even debatable. Look at 1:50 - 2:10 for example.

It's a stupid video though, because it doesn't go up to 4K... so it doesn't really show the proper Xbox One X version of Forza 7. I guarantee you that F...

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Hey 2013 called, it wants its article back. Sony dropped support after a year, that's enough for me to consider it dead.

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Yeah as soon as Red Dead goes to PC

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Completely unrelated. Apart from the fact that fidget spinners look like the Destiny logo

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"people seem to be forgetting how bad the first game release was"

Yes. It was so bad that it only had the highest retained player base this gen... Come on. It only got two small expansions in its first year, so the original launch couldn't have been that bad, as tons of people continued to play it.

A bad launch is something like Evolve, where even if they somehow made free updates to make it the best game ever, no one would still b...

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Yep, we'll all have over 100 upgraded games to choose from on day 1.

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I thought it was only HDR upgraded, not 4K?

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That's all? 60,000k 800fps for me.

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The controls better be silky smooth, then.

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Yeah. Lets bring in another "Destiny 2 has different guns than destiny 1" or "5 reasons why the Xbox One X will fail."

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When your top 5 games are all modern... it shows how long the editors have been playing.

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"X1 is a terrible product in comparison to PS4"

According to who? The majority opinion will obviously favor PS4, because it sold twice as much. Most people couldn't give a proper opinion on both, as most people didn't have a go with both.

Coming from a PS3 player, the Xbox One made me feel more at home. It looked more professional than the PS4, much like the original PS3 did. The menu, even though it was a bit cluttered, was more organiz...

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"I'm not talking about Pro" - This is an article about the Pro... so perhaps you could have made that more clear.

But anyway that's something that PC players just have to deal with, which they have done for every multiplayer game in the past. People who can only run destiny 2 at 30fps on PC probably aren't all that bothered about being competitive, whereas competitive players will want more powerful rigs to handle 60fps and above.


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