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I thought Infinite was good, and that video didn't really prove anything.

You can pick apart almost every game in existence, and make them look worse than they are. I could do the same with the first Bioshock. Sometimes you have to take games for what they are, even if they aren't as good as other games in their series.

Since you're clearly trying to ruin the game for others, how about you tell us some of your favourite games for us to ruin? ...

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They don't really feel that similar to me. Uncharted is full on linear, which makes good action and flow. Tomb Raider has open hubs and RPG elements. Too similar? I think there's room for both.

I haven't played much ROTR, but the 2013 reboot was rubbish to me. Clunky controls, underdeveloped RPG stuff, boring hubs. But it certainly felt different enough to Uncharted.

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I'd take an H3 Anniversary over just about any game released these days.

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That certainly showed it off better.

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I don't see much of a difference honestly... I didn't see the HQ and LQ signs at first, and I was debating which was which.

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Martial arts? More like the worst boxing ever. That was so disappointing.

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But for it to be the difference between that one being considered a rip-off, and this one to be good value? Doesn't seem right to me.

I get that the campaign's supposed to be good, but 4 hours doesn't add much to the replay value.

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I don't get it, people bashed the hell out of the first Titanfall for being online only. But now that the new one has a 4 hour story... it's suddenly all good?

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You could tell the game was broken beyond repair just by playing the beta. Trash

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Ratchet was good, but I want more pure platformers. The first Jak is a good example, and it still holds up well to this day.

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Because they are charging for map packs, this is wrong. They could have had them as cool unlockables... But nope, they charge for them. Not to mention they're practically pay to win, which is unacceptable no matter the game.

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Guys, I'm not saying it's exclusive to Xbox One. It isn't. The whole point is that it doesn't matter if you call it an exclusive, it's still only on one console, so it has the same purpose of one.

Who's gonna buy a PC for Gears 4? No one. They'll buy an X1. All this cross play means is PC owners can now buy these games. And perhaps some people would want both systems, and enjoy that a few games work on both.

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I would reconsider that if the game has free content updates and stuff for a year... Does Gears 4 have them? If so, yeah mark it down since it has paid map packs. But I would take micro transactions and free maps, as opposed to no micro transactions and paid maps. Anyone that's played Halo 5 recently will agree.

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Everyone considers it an Xbox game, it's exclusive to the windows 10/Xbox ecosystem. If Uncharted 4 was cross buy on PC and PS4, people would still consider it a PS4 game. I would too, as it would still be a reason to get a PS4 over the other consoles.

The whole point of exclusives is to convince someone to buy the console that plays those exclusives. Most people don't consider buying a gaming PC, so it's just between consoles. Gears 4 is a reason to get an X1 i...

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Agreed, this whole "games can be art" rubbish needs to die. Games are better than art.

Just look at the word "art". It's a three letter word that can mean so many different things. It's such a stupid looking word too. Say it to yourself a dozen times and it sounds ridiculous.

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@PlayableGamez Okay sure, but you can't seriously say that you played TWD and Heavy rain primarily for the gameplay. They have solid gameplay, but the stories were the reason to play them. If they didn't have good stories, the gameplay wouldn't have held the games up, and they would have been received poorly.

In the case of Mass Effect and Metal Gear: Yes as I said, they have excellent gameplay. but they will be remembered for years and years because of their st...

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I thought it was ruined by the fact that it sucked

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There'll be an open beta the week after, from my understanding.

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@PlayableGamez- Doesn't have to be the case with all games. Games like Mass Effect, God of War 1, Metal Gear etc. will be remembered for their stories, even if the gameplay in all of them were excellent. Other games like Heavy Rain and TWD had gameplay to service the story, and they were well received.

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Couldn't get over how old Rainbow Six Siege felt, I felt it should have been an arcade title on X360 and PS3.

Halo 5 multiplayer can have plenty of clutch moments. The best example of this is breakout; I've had so many situations where I had to win a 1v1 battle. One time I even won a 1v4 moment. You can also be 4 all in the wins, meaning winner takes all, meaning a huge clutch moment. It requires quite a bit of teamwork to do well also.

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