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So would you say this is article is nitpicking? I really hope that's the case.

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Mass effect 3 would have been up there, if not for the ending. Sure there were other problems with game, but they were magnified after that outrage.

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1396 games? That's a lot of rubbish on it then. Because barely any of those games are actually good. They all played like heavily downgraded PS3 games. Not just in the graphics, but gameplay too. Killzone Mercenary was supposedly great to Vita fans... but it's rubbish compared to Killzone 2. Hell, I'd take the first Killzone over it. Uncharted was goddamn awful, Drake's Fortune was far better five years earlier.

Persona 4 and Tearaway were great, and they sh...

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They've kept the most popular ones to remaster. Not many would care much about a remaster for World at War, BO1, or 3 (Have they done any others?) Whereas Call of Duty 4 probably convinced a lot of people to buy the premium edition of Infinite Warfare. Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are the only others I can see having the same effect.

There was a rumor that MW3 will be backwards compatible, so I imagine that will be available soon enough.

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Not having multiplayer wouldn't make the single player better. ME3's was rather good, so I'm glad they're continuing with it.

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I found that rather tedious to play, with the clunky controls and try-hard story/setting.

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Oh I agree that 4 had a fantastic story. I think 343 could make the best Halo game yet, if they combine the campaign from 4, and the multiplayer from 5. But 5's story was rather awful.

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5 put that in jeopardy, though.

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Where did you think that I disapprove of the new setting? chris235 suggested Andromeda isn't taking enough risks, but I disagree as they could have made a Mass Effect 4 if they wanted. My whole comment was explaining why it's a worthy sequel, and it's a good risk they're taking.

By the way, have you ever heard of commas?

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A lot of N4G users obviously approve of this article... Probably the same people who have Naughty Dog shrines in their living rooms.

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Game mechanics? Is that the only reason you liked the other games? That's like buying Mass Effect 3 for multiplayer.

This one looks like it has notably different combat, along with a bigger emphasis on exploration and new platforming elements (Jet packs are involved.)

It's also a completely new cast of characters in a new galaxy... So story wise, I think it's a bit of a risk to move away from the story all the fans like. They still could have ...

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Everyone has their favourite. But even your least favourite Mass Effect is still better than most games out there

I felt 3 was the weakest, due to some of the story decisions, quest log, limited dialogue options, and of course that god damn ending. But the game still managed to feel like a more real, heavy war story than any other game I've played. It's still fantastic, overall.

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"The notification list is a disorganized list of all random crap now"

Well at least it's in line with the rest of the PS4 UI now

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"I can look beyond the fact that remaster never got a standalone released"

I can't, that was the worst thing they could have done for the game. Player numbers would have been hugely affected.

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The couch co-op in Overcooked is awesome. If AAA games stop caring about it, I hope more download only games continue it.

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That's incredible. I haven't been this impressed with a gameplay video in a long time.

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Dark Souls 3 (By a few miles)
The Last Guardian

People often confuse good storytelling, with the story itself. Sure it plays a part, but games like Dark Souls 3 and Inside choose to let the player figure out the story for themselves. They're the sort of stories that once you finish the game, you immediately go on the internet to read what other people think or have found out.

While Uncharte...

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When's the remaster going to be standalone? I'm still not buying Infinite Warfare.

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Uncharted 4 for best story of the year? That is absolute proof of how overrated it is.

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