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It's not that obvious, and they're not that different. The Xbox One S isn't an entirely different console, it's just a new model of Xbox One. In a year's time everyone will have forgotten about the "S" and be back to calling it plain Xbox One. So there is still a need to distinguish between the two if you're talking about one of them specifically, and leaving out the "S" isn't enough here.

Saying "The Xbox One may stop be...

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There's two parts to the title; "Is this the end for original Xbox One?" Well that's going to get some people thinking the original X1 is getting dropped entirely, not just a stop of production. Then - "Reasons why Microsoft may stop manufacturing Xbox One" Well that suggests Xbox One in general. Both are going to get people clicking out of confusion

So it's still a clickbait title to me, if the two parts of the title were merged and it said ...

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What's so hard to get about the two consoles? One cheaper option to play all the games, and a more expensive one that's more powerful and can run the same games better. One cheap option, one premium option. Both have their audience.

You'd have to be stupid to think it's confusing.

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I wish Brutal Legend would happen

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The amount of strength you need to climb stuff like that? He is buff, it's just his personality that makes him different from say the Gears of War cast.

Diversity is only a problem when devs like Bioware shoe-horn it into their games, it can end up feeling forced.

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Because you can't shoot people to death, which means you can't do 360 noscopes. All the best games have 360 noscopes. Pokemon doesn't which is why it's for casual gaming noobs

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There's plenty of good games that go under the radar, I'd say it's best to be safe and make sure popular people promote it.

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@Paytaa Don't like his videos? That's all good. He has his fanbase, not everyone likes him. But what IS stupid is assuming that all his fans are morons because they watch his videos. My above comment has better detail.

I just watched it. And as soon as he realised she was dead, he didn't make jokes about it. He went back to joking after, because there's no point in him making a video if he says nothing. He kept a somewhat lighthearted tone, and there's n...

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@yeahright2 And how in the hell did I suggest that?

Watching some stupid videos doesn't make a person stupid. You could get straight A's across the board, present yourself well, get a good job and so on. You might watch videos with stupid humor in your free time, but that doesn't mean the rest of your life is taken out of the equation and you're just a stupid person in general.

Someone might eat mcdonalds once a day. That person must be un...

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Another pointless three word response, great job. That'll teach me for sure. Well done.

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Except that he didn't review it, as he doesn't review any game. That tells me you don't know a lot about this, as there's a big difference between ignoring a bunch of flaws and giving the game a 10 anyway, and making a positive gameplay video.

They paid him to make a video of him playing their game... what's wrong with that? What would be the point of him criticizing the game? He doesn't criticize games much anyway.

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He promotes charity among other things. He once showed a game that will help people with dementia, just to promote it. I highly doubt he was paid for that.

Say what you want about his videos, but calling him "scum" speaks greatly about your ignorance.

LightofDarkness made a good point, all major publications do it because they need to get paid somehow. Your response was pathetic."Oh well you're just defending a criminal" Again, ab...

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He plays tons of games without being payed by the developers, that's a completely ignorant thing to say.

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Yes I'm a pewdiepie fan, sue me.

Your whole point is "Oh he's stupid, and all his fans are stupid too because they watch his videos." I'm just saying that's generalizing a huge amount of people, it's like saying everyone that eats Mcdonalds is unhealthy. There's absolutely no grounds to prove it, and you'd have to be pretty stupid to think it's the truth.

Your response was "Well you're obviously one too t...

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Well now that's just generalizing. He himself and his fanbase both know that it's stupid humor, but why is that a bad thing? Millions of people like his videos, it's a stupid assumption to say all of them are kids or idiots because they like some stupid humour.

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So? He doesn't review games, he just plays them. He got payed to make a video for this one. He rarely ever says anything negative about a game, so it's not like they bribed him thinking they would get a highly credible reviewer to ignore a bunch of flaws then give it a 10.

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It happens with most games. Sure the novelty will wear off, but it's still a cool thing for the moment. There's plenty of AAA games that don't get played much after the first three months.

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Kinda like most games right?

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Screw that, games can focus on whatever they want. Story based, gameplay based, spectacle based, exploration based, everything based, they've all got their audiences.The new quantic dream game looks superb, and so was Heavy Rain. Not much actual gameplay but the story and pick a path style made it legendary in my books.

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Uncharted 4 single player was 30 frames, it was completely fine. Same with many other games.

I don't care if a game is 30, 60, 144, or 20000 fps. If the gameplay is good, it's good regardless. If it stutters then it's a problem, but solid 30 is fine.

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