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"The Far Cry series isn’t controversial because its settings and villains are foreign to North American players. It’s controversial because of what those exotic settings, villains and narratives are used to achieve. Every gameplay and narrative element of the Far Cry series works to make sure we understand that each game’s villain doesn’t resemble anyone who Ubisoft imagines is playing the game."

What are you even talking about? I swear I lost brain cells trying t...

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"I mean, the story is "kill Nazis"; it's not high art"

Spoken like someone who didn't play the first game. The New Order had a fantastic story.

Would you rather the game was consistently the same difficulty throughout? As in, no epic set piece/arena moments? Those need to be harder than the quiet moments.
I get what you mean about the run and gun stuff being fun, it is. And that's why you should play it on an easie...

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Are you on the X? They should just download automatically as a normal patch. What games have you got installed? just asking as some games haven't been updated yet.

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What a bad review. I don't care about the score, but the gameplay complaints were off, and it's evident you didn't play the first game.

"but then your health melts away like butter when you’re hit, and now running and gunning doesn’t seem like such a good idea."

If you want to play that run and gun style you see in the trailers... play it on easy mode. Problem solved. It would be too easy if that sort of playstyle was viable in the h...

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Damn you, got me all excited for a bit. Most definitely won't happen since EA hates easy money I guess.

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I actually used my Watch Dogs disc as a Frisbee, and that's the most fun I had with the game. So no, not really dramatizing it at all.

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I'd rather get punched in the face

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"Somehow we did not see these articles when the Playstation had the power advantage"

Uh... were you sleeping for three years since the PS4 launch? They jumped on every opportunity to trash Xbox when it had a game in slightly lower resolution. So if PS fanboys find it annoying... well too bad, they brought it on themselves.

I'm not surprised WWII is similar on both, though. If a game can reach 4K with max/near max settings on the Pro, then it...

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F*** you and f*** off. Ban everyone who approved this, and ban JAMIERELEASES for posting it.

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Right, so then could you explain how games "lose a little in atmosphere" for being better looking? It's absolute rubbish and you know it.

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"I expected something that would indicate the Xbox One X is a cut above the Xbox One and the PS4 Pro but the interface, many of the games and overall experience are identical to the Xbox One"

- So you want them to have two interfaces for Xbox One? That's a bit of a rubbish complaint, no one expected that. They've made it clear that X1X is simply a significantly more powerful Xbox One.

"games like Assassin's Creed Origins and For...

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It's a MASSIVE shame they aren't adding any new colossi. Such a waste of an opportunity.

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Microsoft will put everything into making Halo 6 and Gears 5 the best looking games this gen. Gears 4 is already one of the best looking, so it'll be interesting to see in 4K.

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"But look at those shiny cut scenes! Destiny 2 was way better, because it had a barely okay story!" - Reviewers who didn't like the first game, and stopped playing Destiny 2 after a week.

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I hope Wolfenstein II sells well, but this is probably the worst time to release it.

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Oh cool, didn't realize MCC was getting upgraded

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But you left the last game on a cliffhanger

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It's certainly far from the best game this gen.

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Horizon? Bloody hell, then lets hurry up and give best multiplatform game to Far Cry Primal. They're both generic open world games that offer nothing new.

Take away the pretty graphics and it's nothing special.

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Horizon wasn't that good.

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