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1.5 percent of time Xbox One is used on backwards compatible games. That might sound low, but the raw numbers tell a different story.

Sony just announced PS4 users use Their console for 50,000 years per week. 24 hours times 365 days = 8760. 8760 hours times 50,000 = 438,000,000.

Surveys have shown that individual Xbox users, on average, use their console just as much, if not more than PS4 users. So we'll just call it equal. Xbox One has sold 29.6 mil...

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But would all the Sony fans still think that? It's fine to not care for it, but many posters here absolutely would flip their stance to further trash Xbox.

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"Lol it's useless, Xbox has no games"

Sony fanboys in their full force. Just a question... If the PS4 suddenly got full PS3, PS2 and PS1 BC... would these same people be saying "Don't care, I don't want to play old games"... Or will they say something like "Yes! Thank you Sony! I guess Xbox has nothing now. I can't wait to revisit some older games."

I think it's fair to say they'll switch their stance....

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"All of a sudden graphics matter for Xbox fanboys?"

PlayStation fanboys constantly bitched about having a slightly more powerful console for years, so expect Xbox fans to bite back when they have a considerably more powerful one.

Sales apparently didn't matter last gen, but they do now that PS4 is selling like it is. Who cares? Fanboys switch their stance whenever convenient.

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Genre specific fans can be annoying.

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Single player games can benefit from frame rate increases. Multiplayer games can't, that's all I'm saying. What's wrong with it simply looking better? I don't think anyone's being handcuffed at all, Pro owners still get a better version that fully utilizes their console's capabilities. It's a decision that'll keep the game's community together. Scorpio could possibly have a better looking version, but 60 frames isn't needed. Just make it look better...

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So you think PS4/X1 players should be at a disadvantage against Scorpio/Pro players? Developers can make whatever upgrades they feel like. If 4K is what they or Sony wanted, then that's fine. PS4 Pro has mostly brought resolution upgrades so far anyway.

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It shouldn't be 60 fps, you can't have Scorpio players having an unfair advantage like that (Unless they separate competitive and co-op frame rates.)

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"Funny that" - Do you really find that funny? You have one weird sense of humor.

But no, I like to discuss any games I'm interested in regardless of the console. God of War is the game I'm most looking forward to at the moment, and Persona 5, Halo 5, and Forza Horizon 3 are currently some of my favourites. I don't have any biases towards or against either console, only for their communities. Sure I refer the Xbox One, but that won't stop me playing...

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Shut the hell up. Hardly anyone switched their stance on the game, it was a massive disappointment for a lot of Xbox fans.

PS4 fanboys need to piss off. Their toxic attitude has made it hard to enjoy this gen, even on the PS front.

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You guys must be bored of your PS4 exclusives already, considering you're more interested in trashing Xbox ones than actually playing your ones.

"No I'm on a ten minute break from Horizon, the best game this gen!" - Must be pretty boring if you're constantly taking breaks to look at Xbox games.

"I'm trashing it while on a break at work" - Yeah right. Who the hell would hire a kid such as yourself? Maccas?

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Or people who actually like the game? A lot of the criticism was warranted, facial animations and launch issues and all. But that has snowballed into the game apparently being terrible... which is far from the case. There's a lot of good stuff in this game.
Sure it's not as good as the main trilogy, but for me it's been one of the most enjoyable ones this gen so far. A lot of people on my friends list have also played the hell out of it.

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Representation is not important in games. And I certainly don't want it to be, we don't need more stuff like the new Star Wars, where they so blatantly shove in a female lead for the sake of it.

Don't get me wrong, if every game I played for the next few years only starred female characters, I'd be completely fine with that - Characters like Clementine, Lara Croft (specifically the reboot/ROTR one), and Ellie are great characters. Fury in particular looks b...

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Hardly anyone made a fuss (No real backlash) over this case, and the few that did were all shut-down after people explained why they're wrong. The writer of this article must be extremely nitpicky about what comments he writes his articles about, because this article has no grounds to exist.

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Not that much of an achievement, the first was goddamn awful.

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You can't make a poll like this before we even see the console. Price will be a big factor too, so what a stupid time to be looking for stats like this.

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I responded to some of those points in my response above. The Kett are the weakest part of the story, everything else is pretty interesting. I don't think they really played it safe, to me a Mass Effect 4 using the indoctrination theory would have been playing it safe.

Long games like this tend to get repetitive. That usually isn't a fair complaint unless it's on the level of Mafia III, where they made no effort to counter repetitiveness.


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I've only played since patch 1.05, and there hasn't been any major issues bug-wise. Not perfectly polished, but there's nothing to detract from the game.

The main plot is generic, but the lore is interesting. That's not a bad approach due to the nature of the "colonize a new galaxy" story. Another game that's like that is Horizon, which had great lore to make up for a generic plot.

Script and dialogue are fine. Sure there a...

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If they don't want Andromeda 2, possibly make a Mass Effect 4. I think Andromeda's a great game, it's a shame the poor facial animations caused the internet to go absolutely ballistic on it, because it is the weakest aspect of the game. It's a great game overall.

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