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@DashArrivals Give me some examples of other actual GOOD PS4 exclusives then. I've looked, and I can't find any. I don't have any prejudice against PS4 games either, I personally thought Bloodborne and UC4 were disappointing. However I can tell they are quality games, so I consider them to be good reasons to have the PS4. So if anything I'm being generous.

I'm not saying the X1's lineup has been any better either, I haven't really compared them l...

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Oh no not directed towards you at all, I'd be surprised if the Pro had an official price drop this soon. I'm just saying the new X1 is doing great, nothing like the original at all. I bet blackblades wishes that was the case though.

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You wish.

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Yeah most of the PS4 exclusives have been disappointing anyway. Second Son being the worst offender. UC4, Bloodborne, and perhaps TLG are the only exceptions. Literally every other PS4 exclusive has been average.

And yes Persona 5 looks great.

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If you have a PC, no need to get an Xbox One. You aren't their target audience for the console.

However, most people who don't have a good PC will still get an X1 if they want to play X1 games. The fact that the games are also on PC won't change their mind. They might decide to get a PS4 instead... either way, the PC won't sway many new adopters.

The Xbox One/PC "exclusives" will still be a selling point to new adopters for an X1...

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So... What do they mean by Spring 2017? That trailer was incredible.

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The Witcher 3 wasn't so good that even it's DLC could obliterate everything, I personally don't understand the praise the game got, and that's coming from someone who played 1, 2, and even read the book.

Dark Souls 3 is easily in the same league as the base Witcher 3, if not better. Witcher 3 DLC above it though? You'd have to be crazy.

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It quite probably would have honestly. But it's not a new game, its an expansion to an existing one. It needs to be exceptionally good to even be nominated for GOTY on its own.

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Indeed, literally no one was asking for this.

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They gave best RPG to Witcher 3 DLC over Dark Souls 3... that shows the quality of their selections.

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So you're fine with them making up random stuff for the 4th game in a series? Yes 2&3 were also generic, but they didn't feel forced. How on earth does UC4 have the best storytelling? It does nothing better than the others to earn that statement. For example: I understand introducing a grappling hook, but why have it introduced when he was a kid? That's a huge plot hole, as that would have been helpful many times in previous games.

To add to the story woes,...

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The story felt forced and made up specifically for the game, the brother wasn't mentioned at all in 1-3. Very generic story. Before I beat it, I was talking with someone who had beat it, and he was saying how great the story was. I had barely played it, and I told him what I thought was going to happen in the story. I got it exactly right.
The story was so generic I could almost predict exactly what was going to happen. No Chloe and Cutter was slightly disappointing also.

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Gears 4, Uncharted 4, Recore, Quantum Break, No Man's Sky, Deus Ex, Probably Final Fantasy XV. Ugh every game ends up disappointing these days.

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EA's the one you should be complaining to, Don't they have a requirement for all their games to have some form of multiplayer?

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AAA is related to the budget towards the game, not the scores it receives.

Yeah Gamespot sucks. But the scores are slightly disappointing, all the trailers showed it was going to be one of the best games in recent years.

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I agree with the last two points. We'll have to see how everyone else scores FFXV to determine if this is a troll review.

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I thought Infinite was good, and that video didn't really prove anything.

You can pick apart almost every game in existence, and make them look worse than they are. I could do the same with the first Bioshock. Sometimes you have to take games for what they are, even if they aren't as good as other games in their series.

Since you're clearly trying to ruin the game for others, how about you tell us some of your favourite games for us to ruin? ...

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They don't really feel that similar to me. Uncharted is full on linear, which makes good action and flow. Tomb Raider has open hubs and RPG elements. Too similar? I think there's room for both.

I haven't played much ROTR, but the 2013 reboot was rubbish to me. Clunky controls, underdeveloped RPG stuff, boring hubs. But it certainly felt different enough to Uncharted.

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