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That was a pile of s***. Quantic Dream's game and Far Cry 3 were the only decent things about it. Where was Sucker Punches new game? GOW:A looked like the same tired crap that 3 and GoS were, and they showed a few rooms in TLOU. No-one cares about Harry Potter school, so why did they use 20 minutes with it? And they showed some boring ship gameplay in AC3.

This was worse than MS's one.

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Batman couldn't be decapitated anyway.

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The guy that wrote this obviously didn't see the new trailer for MGR:R... It looks like absolute garbage.

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None of those studios innovated anything. Unless you count good graphics as innovative.

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Winter... which Winter? America's? Japan's? Still, looking foward to this either way.

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What a stupid concept art. The chimera is pointing it's gun up, and what does he plan to do with an axe? Die? He doesn't even have it ready to attack.

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There was so much wrong with ME3, and that's not even including the ending. The biggest problm is the fact that TIM is always a villian. Working with him could have added a TON of replayability. You could choose his option at the end anyway, so why the hell wasn't that an option? He was better than the Alliance.

Add the fact that choices didn't matter, Tali's face, the citadel being the only hub apart from the Normandy (until maybe ...

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You wouldn't be saying that if Uncharted 2 had UC1 level graphics. And UC2 had no competition in 2009. In Mass Effect 2, you and all 10-12 of your squad members could die.

In UC2, everyone lives. Every time. Elena getting injured by the grenade? Who cares. We all knew she would live. If it was ME2, her dying would be a possibility, making it 10X more intense. And that's what ME2 does best; intensity. Something that UC2, and most other games lack.


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Mass Effect 2 is easily the best i've played. And i'd put RDR on there, replacing UC2(gah).

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ME3 was going to be one of the greatest games ever, but if the extended cut dissapoints, then the entire game did too.

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Dedicated severs with custom rounds, clan support and 32 players with big maps. In other words, make it like KZ2. KZ3 sucked due to these lack of features.

KZ2 lasted 2 years in NZ. KZ3 was dead on day 1, and still is. If you wanted to play on anything other than KZ2 maps, then you had to join a dead round. So no day 1 DLC, or community will be split on day 1 again.

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Console version please?

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MW2's one was my favourite mission in the entire MW series.

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Above average isn't exactly quality. Uncharted is the only game that's worth getting on Vita (and that's pushing it), most of the others have either got a version on PS3 (SSD, Wipeout), or is above average.

I guess if you call games like Unit 13 quality, they might be good. But you don't get a new console for "good" games, you get them for excellent, console-defining games. And so far the Vita has none.

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The maps fixed camping in MW3.

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It has 2 player, but I think they got rid of the 4 player.

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What's with the disagrees? The free version of Elite does give free stat-tracking.

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ME3 has the worst ending i've ever seen. It makes no sense, provides no closure, it needs DLC to either clarify or continue it, and it ruins replayability for the rest of the epic trilogy in the space of 15 minutes. ME1&2 had extremelly satisfying endings, ME3 left me thinking "what just happened?" as soon as I beat it.

Here's a challenge. Find 5 game endings that are worse.

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And that's the problem. They either ended it very badly, or are going to sell the real ending later on. But either way, the fans have the right to complain, even if they're slightly overdoing it. Hopefully the extended cut will bring answers.

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