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Vexx should be on this list.

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MW3 will have a Campaign, Survival, Spec Ops and Multiplayer. If that isn't enough content then I don't know what is.

If you think the destructible environments in BC2 are good, then you should see Red Faction: Guerilla.

Are we talking about console or PC? Because it doesn't have dedicated servers on console, and as for PC, MW2 is the only one without them.

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Make games that are worth buying new. And I don't mean give us a good multiplayer with 6 maps on launch day with a bad single-player (BF:BC2), I mean give us games with A LOT of content.

Games like Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Gears 3, MW3 and a few more will all be worth getting new because they have lots of content. It's either that or sell the game for less.

But that doesn't mean you should force us to buy them new, if the game is good enough then pe...

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If you don't like it, import your one from ME2 or create one.

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Although liked the amount of weapons and main story in part 1, part 2 had better characters, combat, side stories and exploration IMO.

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Every game that has an online pass should at the very least have dedicated servers. Bad Company 2 didn't just have no dedicated servers, it also has some of the worst servers iv'e ever seen (PS3 version)

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You must wake up every morning thinking: MASS EFFECT 3 IS BAD MUST COMPLAIN.

What's the point of ME3 if you can't play as Shepard?

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So, less portable than the PSP-1000
No built in storage
Another proprietary media card format
No details of video codec support
No details of web browser
No details of battery performance

Yeah, no reason to think negatively of the Vita yet. I will wait until this thing is in the hands of consumers before I pass final judgement but if this is the PSP-1000 all over again then I'm not interested. That was ...

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Yeah, cause U3 is so much different than 2... And getting a 12 hour linear shooter is a lot better than getting an epic 200+ hour game...(obvious sarcasm)

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I remember the time I fought the super mutant behemoth in the white house (at least, I think it was). As soon as I saw it I screamed in my head: AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH, then I found out it couldn't walk through doors.....

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This article is at the top of the main page, and half of the comments are filled with haters.

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First, you didn't say that YOU found it boring, you just said that it was boring.
Second, The last time I replied to you, you were bashing Mass Effect in a different article. So i'd say you're living up to the name.
Third, if you think the characters are boring, then tell me a game that has better one's.

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To some of the comment's: How the f*** could you think the characters are boring? Name one game that has a roster of characters that are better.

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Living up to the name yet again, I see.

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N4G? more like N4BFG.

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This part of the map will be a snipe-fest.

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Take away the Kinect at that gameplay was pretty dire. Just because its being controlled with Kinect does not make it good.

The AI, the hit model, the gameplay was all last gen.

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Does anyone know when this is going to be available to EU PS+ members?

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On console, Batman: Arkham Asylum uses it and looks great. Gears 3 will use it, and that looks incredible. Although I do agree that Mass Effect 2 looks average on console, It looks great on pc.

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Living up to the name, I see.

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