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Do you know of any other devices that features free 3G? Unless sony buys a telco I can't see it happening.

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Other than Battlefield most games feature indestructible environments and objects. Look at Gears of War. The plants can stop gun fire. Bulletstorm. You can shoot the crap out of everything but a chest of drawers sustains no damage. Medal of Honor, you couldn't even shoot out a light.

The list goes on and on.

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You're kidding. The form factor for the NGP is horrible. I went from the PSP-1000 to the 3000 to the Go. The Go easily wins hands down in terms of form factor.

If I want a "portable" device with a big form factor then I'll take the Samsung Galaxy Tab any day of the week.

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I think the lightning looks better in the first (Going by those screen's).

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So... judging by the amount of COD4 you played, your a kiddie too?

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Although I didn't think the story was as good as that in Halo, I also enjoyed FoM, the alternative timezone reality was fantastic.

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Better be available for PS+ members.

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I wonder how much more processing power and memory the PC he used for the hack has over the 360. Its not that you could not do this on the 360 its just that the 360 is well behind current PC capacity.

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Once you get past the 3D you're left with jaggy heaven again. The 3DS would have been brilliant with a minimum 3D res of 640 x 480.

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This game is nothing above an 8 because of the lack of content.

5 hour single player with no replay value, with only 8 maps
and most of them are small, (Kaznan jungle and phyrris crater for example) and the marksman and disguiser class are unbalanced.

I bought this game on day one and I sold it after less than 2 weeks. Killzone 2 was better.

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Do people still play MAG in NZ/Australia? And if so how many?

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I'd give it a 7/10.

The campaign was 5 hours long,(yet people bash MW2 and MOH
for that) there is only 8 maps and only 3 of them work for

The campaign was fun though, but not worth the purchase.

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How did Dance Central and Fifa 11 get nominated, but not Starcraft 2?

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The reason I love BF over COD, BF have stayed the course and remained more geared toward the hardcore gamer.

BF3 looks incredible.

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Announcing DLC before a games release is one thing, but showing a trailer before or just after the games release makes me wonder if they took it from the main game.

Dragon Age 2 is probably going to be a great game, but this is unacceptable.

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I miss the menu system from K2...looked a lot slicker.

On another note, its funny that the Crysis 2 demo features the 3D-like image that KZ2 used during load screens.

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What first person shooters do you find fun then?

If you say Killzone 3 I'll die of laughter.

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I played through Mass Effect 2 three times then I got part 1, and I think it's boring.
I'll admit that the main story is better in ME1, but the side mission story's in ME2 beat it by miles.

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Yeah, but worst thing about taking away choice is that you can quit, re-enter, quit, re-enter, the same game over and over and over. F**king annoying when the game you're trying to avoid is full of noobs or those using dirty tactics.

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Assassination rounds last 60 seconds or so. On a map that size with only 12 v 12 you need longer. 60 seconds is just a joke.

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