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You shouldn't like BF3 then, because it's CoD with bigger maps... not for long though. The Close Quaters DLC, along with Metro being the most popular map will change that in future BF's.

I wouldn't give it GOTY because it didn't do anything special. 32 VS 32 on big maps? BF2 already did that, and Planetside 2 will have 1000 player battles on MASSIVE maps. The Console version is terrible.

Things like Dark Souls, Infamous 2, Skyrim, Uncharte...

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BF3 sucks.

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Does anyone know when Shepard makes that face?

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I was thinking about getting the original games, are they still good today, or should I just wait for this?

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WASD sucks. Joysticks FTW.

There is a reason Vader died.

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Enslaved > Heavenly Sword.

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Bioware, you heard him. Bring back the clunky combat and interface in return for some average RPG elements.

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Have you played ME2? The demo for that sucked too, but the full game was/is epic.

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The first Sly cooper is free for PS+ members (link in the comments).

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It wouldn't exactly be hidden if you could see it...

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If you read up on the story after you beat it, I would say Dark Souls.

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The list is in no particular order. Red Dead gets my vote for best looking game, looking at the world from a mountain and knowing you could explore it beats any linear game (for graphics) IMO. I would also add Prince of Persia 2008 to the list.

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Agreed. I'm just saying that it does nothing anyway if the staff have no power over it.

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Did those staff have control over the day 1 DLC? If not, harassing them does nothing.

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Not really a fair comparison though is it as production costs for PS1, PS2 and PC games from that era were far less than they are now.

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Black Ops. MW3 has better co-op though.

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Not if you're playing on consoles.

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I'll wait for the price of it, along with the memory cards and games, to go down.

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ME2 didn't get a complete edition, so I wouldn't keep my hopes up.

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F*ck off EA. Put it on the disc you greedy bastards.

...Though I have to admit a Prothean squad member sounds interesting.

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