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"For starters, you no longer need to mash your controller in order to open chests. It never made sense that the beefy protagonist should have to exert such energy to collect concealed green, blue and red orbs anyway, and so the developer has done away with it. Furthermore, the illusion breaking Circle buttons that previously highlighted interactions around the world have been removed – replaced by much more subtle semi-circles that command your attention without pulling you out of the ex...

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Clearly states that GT5 numbers are not included so would love to know what you're looking at.

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Can someone please point out where it says that numbers were sourced from vgchartz?

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Title of the article should be "How to tether the Vita to a 3/4g phone".

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Pretty nice. I wonder what tablets will be supported as in what the minimum specs will be.

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A global store does not necessarily mean infrastructure to support it would be centralised in one place.

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Mass Effect 2
Red Dead Redemption
Heavy Rain
Dark Souls
Fallout 3

My top 5.

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They showed an off screen image about a day ago... not sure if it's in game or a concept art, but it looks good anyways.

And the first game looked fantastic. especially the last few chapters.

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And how exactly do you reckon that?

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Regardless, the price drop makes it a very attractive buy if you dont have one.

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Kinect is far from a waste of time if you get it for the right price. Its aimed at family entertainment and it does it well. As for more serious games, I had far less trouble setting up Kinect to work for Forza than I did setting the PS3 eye up with GT5.

Kinect may just be the EyeToy on steroids but nothing wrong with that when it comes to family game time.

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Looks a lot closer to the look and feel of the Xbox marketplace.

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Which developer's are you referring to?
Or might it be that developers calculate how much profit can be made and dont see the point in spending more money than is needed when making a game?

Why spend 6-12 months longer polishing a game for a given platform if its not going to yield any more in terms of sales on that platform.

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So if company pours lots of money into marketing their product will be a success?!? I'd say it increases their chances but it by no means guarantees it. Maybe before the days of the internet but not now that word of mouth can spread so far and so fast.

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Wow, calling the very consumers who can save the Vita brain dead. You know, Angry Birds is not why smartphones sell, its because smartphones offer what the consumer a great general purpose device. Vita is gaming....and not much else.

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Yet all we ever hear is how Angry Birds is not real gaming from Vita owners?!?

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Like the ME3 one. So much truth to it.

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The PS3 version was widely hated, in case you don't remember... then it was fixed. End of story.

Dawnguard isn't that great. A Shivering Isles quality expansion not going to PS3 would be widely hated though.

The ME3 ending sucked. And if you still hate it after the EC, tough luck. Not going to be fixed, unlike Skyrim. Dante hate was stupid though.

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Sony make the same noises now as they did with the thier Move controller. PS3 with Move is better than the, who cares. Move was a waste of money and the Wii trumped the PS3 in sales from day 1.

Wii-U will outsell PS3/Vita combos from day 1 also.

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This is just the campaign... so he can't judge it because it was awful.

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