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Heavenly Sword got the ratings it deserved IMO. Couldn't really get into it. I agree with Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle-Cars though.

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Why can't it be March now...

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Brutal Legend owns.

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N4G will kill you for saying that.

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Uncharted 1 is one of my favourite PS3 games so far... but 12 hours is a bit of an exaggeration. It took me 8-9 hours on my first playthrough.

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I played it for almost 9 hours on my first day... easily my GOTY so far.

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Online passes for MP I can understand (but still don't like), but it's stupid for single-player. Some copies of AC didn't come with the pass or did, but didn't work, and some people don't have an internet connection. Meaning at least 20% of people that buy it new get punished.

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Plenty of kids are playing Bad Company 2. Not that it's a bad thing. It's only annoying when they use their mics, although I find most "mature peeps" to be more annoying. A lot of kids are good at shooters too.

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But how do you know it's a better game than U2? It won tons of GOTY awards and was voted best Playstation yet (forgot where). I think the MP is a lot better in U3, but it's a single-player game.

It's just one review. Wait till the rest of them, and more importantly wait till you play it before you decide reviewers are unfair to U3. 94 would say it's excellent, so I don't see why you're complaining.

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Try beating him with a Blue Phantom. Two people using Soul Arrow will make it seem easy. I beat him on my first try doing this.

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The PS3 version has a 98 metascore so far... you can expect a few haters.

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"And the numerous glitches you didnt find have been patched to hell over the years"
I started playing it in 2009, so I didn't get most of those patches.

I agree that some of the maps were bad, but some of them were good. But even if you didn't like the MP, Spec Ops was great.

Why did you hate it? none of the haters have answered my question.

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The only people that think MW2 was a horrible game are Battlefield fanboys. Spec Ops in MW2 was possibly the best co-op this gen (IMO), the Campaign was short, but varied and fun (BC2's SP was garbage in comparision) and while BC2 had better MP, MW2's was still good.

garenteed that you were about to say "The hackers and glitches made it crap". After over 30 hours of gameplay, I found no glitches or hackers (PS3 version).

So tell me, how was ...

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Does this mean that if multiple people want to play with the same copy, they need to play it with the same stats? If that's the case, I won't get the PC version.

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You mean Red Dead 3.

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I'm just saying that the story is more important than the combat RPG elements. And as I said, the combat RPG elements look like they could be good. Or are you trying to tell me the combat RPG elements are more important than the story?

Read the RPG elements I talked about, and tell me that part 1's were better. Sure, it had more customisable Armour, but 3 looks like it has more customisable stats. I also think they raised the level cap to 60 again, but don't quote...

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Wait until the full game before judging it. There is nothing wrong with making the shooting better. Enemies drop weapons, you can modify your guns on weapon benches (25% more accuracy for example) and you can evolve your powers in different ways multiple times (like the last upgrade for a power in ME2). So to me, the combat RPG elements sound more fun than "Spend point for 2% damage upgrade".

Besides, making decisions that can effect whether you save the galaxy or n...

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It was my second favourite game on the PS2 (right behind SOTC). So I would say no.

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It will be fixed for the full game. End of story.

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Second rate? What do you consider first rate? It beats the living crap out of the BF3 beta (on consoles) and MW3 multiplayer looks like a joke (coming from a COD fan).

I know I will get disagree's for this, but I'm mostly getting Uncharted 3 for the multiplayer.

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