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More fans than that were disappointed with the cancellation. Yes, there were fanboys, and a few people who didn't care about the game in the first place. But most were disappointed.

I also remember a lot of PlayStation fans being over the moon with the news.

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@Ottomatic - There was nothing SJW about his comment. This is about disliking YouTube style clickbait as the most popular articles on here.

Let me put it this way...if a girl decided to flash her tits on camera, with a Mario cap on, claiming to be cosplaying as a female Mario... that would have no reason to be considered gaming news. And that's not far off from what this article is.

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Ugh. Do Dinosaurs or something, change it up.

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Wow... thanks for sharing this revelation.

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Yes, thank you for regurgitating that same message again. It's great to have constant negativity in every piece of Xbox news, even when it isn't related.
You're a hero. Thank you, PS4 cultist OH I mean savior.

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The formula is fine, it's just the engine that needs to improve.

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I tend to look quite hard at graphics... it's things like the limited draw distance, and the rather static environments that bother me. Uncharted 4 had better, more consistent environments.
The water reactions are what seal it for me though... seeing a giant stomp into puddles of water, only for the water to not really react at all, isn't really acceptable in games anymore. Not since Uncharted 1 did it well in 2007.

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In 4K on the Pro, yes. Then again I had just played Hellblade before playing this, and the graphics in that were truly mindblowing. GoW would have been impressive earlier in the PS4 lifecycle, but games have come out that look better over the past few years.

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I'll try it again... maybe they improved it. But I'd rather have a locked 45fps as opposed to an unlocked 60.

Absolutely, the game looks good, and a lot of attention to detail was put in the environments. But it's not the best looking game on PS4, and the Pro upgrade has been disappointing. Still one of the best games this generation though.

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Not really, I found the PS4 upgrades to be disappointing. Resolution mode only looks slightly sharper, with no noticeable new details. Frame rate mode isn't stable enough to use.

It's a great game, but not a great demonstration of the Pro... I was more impressed by the upgrades in Shadow of the Colossus and Hellblade. And it's certainly not the best looking game on PS4, since Uncharted 4 and Hellblade look better in my opinion.

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When did I say I didn't like it? I'm just saying it made sense from the outset to make the game the way it is, and not another locked camera game. It's fantastic, but the camera change was never risky... as it would have been slammed if it didn't make that change.

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Not really, it would've been more risky to do another fixed camera game. You'd risk having critics panning it for not changing the formula, if they didn't change it up.

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It's because there's countless 10/10 review for the game... it's practically expected to score at least a 9 from everyone. So when one that's lower than the norm shows up... of course it'll get attention. This will be from people both up in arms with hatred over the review, and yes some from those biased against it.

Uncharted 3 got a 4 from somewhere when that was out, did the same thing. That one was obvious clickbait, but it shows that this is a certai...

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It will need to have an upgrade for the multiplayer, current CoD games wouldn't cut it with their multiplayer alone. I don't agree that multiplayer only games shouldn't be full price, but they still need to be packed with content.

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Who the hell's giving Sea of Thieves a free pass?

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I burst out with a 'HAAA!" Far Cry 2 had a lot of potential, and possibly had the best setting in the series.. but it wasn't fun to play. Far Cry 5 is the best shooter in years, even with a rather poorly told story.

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I also get annoyed when people use a word or term incorrectly, and it is happening more these days. So you could argue that people are getting dumber.

However, to put this on a more dangerous scale than what global warming could potentially be, is nonsense. That's on the same level as the cult's logic in Far Cry 5.

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Incorrect use of a word will lead to humanity destroying itself... sure.

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Vexx please.

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@Indysurfn - What are you talking about? The store absolutely does let you see what game pass includes before signing up... Just go in to Store > Browse Xbox Game Pass. Simple. It doesn't force you to do anything.

Anyone agreeing with your comment is a PS4 cultist, as anyone who actually has an Xbox One can easily have a look for themselves.

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