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Oh god it's actually called CoD: WWII

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They probably wouldn't be able to say that it's happening at this time, E3 is where they'd announce it. It would be incredibly disappointing if there isn't a Halo 3 Anniversary.

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Infamous 1&2 were some of the best games on PS3... Can't believe they messed it up so much with Second Son. Weaker in just about every department.

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I disagree. Yes it looked great, but just about every aspect of the first Uncharted was just as good.

It was the first time I had seen fun realistic platforming combine with cover based shooting so well... the gameplay was incredibly good back then. The combat alone was almost as good as Gears 1's, which was masterful back then. Uncharted's combination with platforming is what set it apart. I reckon it also had the best story in the series.
Yes, the graph...

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Why are you both thinking he meant it in a "Oh such bias ign" way? It's an interesting point. A remaster of an old, forgotten platformer out-does a brand new one (According to IGN.)

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They can suck you into the experience. But if they're the best part of the game... it probably isn't going to be that great of a game.

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With a new ending

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It's been dead for ages now. Which is a shame, the console was pretty good.

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You know you're stretching when you list Mr. Shifty...

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Good, the Vita will actually be useful for something. I'll be first in line for this.

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Halo 3 Anniversary please.

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I find it much better. You no longer feel like you're leaving the game for something simple like checking the time. Some people will need some time to get used to it, but it is certainly is an improvement.

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Yeah agreed. Come on MS, look at Sony as an example. Add a cluttered UI with some extremely overrated games... and make sure to patch the UI to make it worse. I can't stress enough how cluttered it needs to be.

Also, you should sell people a cool portable console, then release a grand total of 2-3 good games on it before you stop supporting it a year after launch. It's a great way to show how much you care about your fanbase.

Also downgrade your c...

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Does everything have to be about Xbox v PlayStation? Screw off.

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Uh... quite the opposite. The videos stated it's a mid-generation refresh.

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I've been fine with the exclusives so far. Before the start of this year, I felt that both consoles had equal lineups. This year the PS4 is undeniably outdoing Xbox, but I'm still fine with the games coming out.

Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 are two of the most interesting looking games this year. Because I have both consoles, I have quite a big selection of games I could buy. So I look for quality over quantity. Nioh, Horizon, and Gravity Rush 2 are all great, no...

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Yes, but at first they only really gave away downloadable games. It was 1-1.5 years before the PS4 launch where was at its peak, and gave away full retail games.

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Was this for the whole PS3 cycle? It was like that at first for everywhere. It was only in the last 1-1.5 years before the PS4 released that it became good.

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Why do you assume everyone else is from the United States? PS+ used to be this good around the whole world, until the PS4 released.

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I know quite a few people who are playing it now, they all enjoy it. I think people jumped on a bit of a hate bandwagon with the game. Sure, the animations are terrible, and some of the dialogue isn't great. But it has some excellent combat, enjoyable exploration, and the story does end up being good.

That's just based on what I've heard at least. But I will take their word for it over many of the bashers, as most of them likely haven't played the game.

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