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Liquid you need to be quiet... You'll offend him with your actual facts!

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What are you talking about? It's going to have great combat, which means it's not going to be an RPG. That makes sense right? It's probably going to be like The Division... because that game sucked too. Mass effect 1 is one of the greatest RPGs of all time, proof being how bad the combat was. Deep RPG elements? then how do you explain the good combat?

-KaiPow's logic.

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It was the graphics that won it wasn't it? I agree the story was mediocre, and the game just drags out overall. I got the platinum for 2&3, but I couldn't be bothered replaying it. Not with some of those long, boring platforming sections that only there to show how pretty the game is.

The combat was clunky too.

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Probably because they had the opportunity to do so, the had an idea and executed it well.

Shadow Fall also messed up the Killzone universe, It'd be difficult to go back to it. Unless they did a reboot.

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Depends on the build they received. The missing textures, for example, could be a sign of a slightly older build.

Day one patches are common these days, so I'm sure most of the issues will be fixed for launch.

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Very positive overall, just some polish issues. Should hopefully be fixed for the final game.

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And that justifies going into any positive Xbox news to trash it? Most people commenting on this article aren't even interested in the game at all. We get it, PlayStation has more games this year, Xbox is lacking in the numbers. But why does everything that IS positive have to be trashed?

This is why I won't consider myself part of the PlayStation community, despite owning all of the PS consoles. The community is toxic.

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I think it's mostly the pictures chosen. One where he's clearly modelling, and another where she's a game character in the middle of dialogue. The second set of photos were much closer.

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While I prefer Dark Souls, they do play very differently. Bloodborne and Nioh are faster paced, which is something many prefer over the slower nature of DS.

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How are my arguments bullshit, then? You haven't presented any proper logic yourself, all you've really said is "He said something bad so he should be punished." I felt I've disputed that. I even bought up a Jewish person's opinion in the h3h3productions video, and you haven't disputed that either. The only way you'd believe any of this is if you are unable to think critically. Which you have demonstrated. You even compared him to Hitler, which is incredibly ...

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@annoyedgamer It won the most game of the year awards across all publications.

I assume you're talking about the VGA or VGX (whatever it's called now?) Does EA have a sole say in that though? There's more than just EA supporting the event. Microsoft owns the place the awards are done, and Nintendo have been the biggest contributors for the past few years in terms of game announcements. I mean Overwatch won the award last year... wouldn't EA give it to BF1? ...

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It's a good review. I actually read the whole thing, which I don't do often.

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"I don't watch South Park, Family Guy, Drawn Together and all that jokes of TV series, because they're all of bad taste and disgusting, just unnecessary trash in my opinion."

Don't like the humor? That's completely fine, it isn't everyone's cup of tea. But to say he should be punished for making a joke in "bad taste"? That's an over sensitive reaction. Especially since he wasn't trying to offend anyone. Bloody SJWs.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition. I personally wasn't a fan of it, but I can't deny that it was highly regarded.

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They can't be that bad, considering their last game won game of the year.

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Did people think it would be? it was always going to be hub-based.

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You're the one being over sensitive, dude. "No dark humor allowed! Unacceptable! He has donated millions of dollars to charity but he's still a horrible person and we should boycott him! His explanation is an excuse, the Nazi! I didn't watch the video but it sounds horrible what he did. South Park and Family Guy are also so offensive and should also be banned and..." I could go on.

You aren't thinking about it objectively, seriously look at the h3h...

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I'm guessing you didn't watch the original video? He didn't intend to offend anyone, even a Jewish person would have to be incredibly over-sensitive to be offended. Just watch the h3h3productions video on it (who is a JEWISH YouTuber.)

Just to quote Sofia Riana from YouTube, who put it perfectly -

"Pewdiepie: "I raised a MILLION DOLLARS for CHARITY! :D"

Media: ...

Pewdiepie: * Is shocked peo...

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Anyone who believes he's anti-Semitic is a moron, end of story. Even if you don't like the guy, these are rubbish claims.

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@Angeljuice You clearly didn't watch the original video. The joke wasn't "Lol kill all Jews" or anything, it was more the shock that they actually did what he asked.

It's not like he's actually killing Jews. It's not like he actually has a problem with Jews, hell he has a Jewish friend who made a video saying how this is all rubbish.

You cannot compare this to murdering someone's family... You must be incredibly ignorant...

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