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Wow that's a bit quick for a remaster

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It released at a bad time, and at a time when Xbox One sales were low..

It's a shame, it's one of the best games of the generation.

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If Microsoft did this they would be crucified.

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Visually they do look like crap. I remember at the playstation experience they looked like ps2 games

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Sure if you call it little bitch mode. No trophies or online, and you don't get to see the ending. And every enemy has to be screaming NOOB

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Don't worry DLC will save the day

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That's a good life lesson: don't trust anyone

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Since when? 2007? 2008 to 2009 and beyond have been mostly playstation dominated. People were saying that the PS3 was far better than the 360 since it had a slightly better version of GTA4. Tons of agrees on that sort of stuff.

Every game that comes out goes through the same resolution garbage, the only people that care enough for that to still be happening are the holier-than-thou- PS4 morons. Guess what? Because of this, the games have been sucking more and more.

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I find whiny kids pretty often in destiny and black ops 3 on ps4, no different from Xbox. And honestly PlayStation fanboys have been the bane of the gaming community for the past 6-7 years. No way in hell I'd want to deal with the arguing in the middle of the actual games.

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The updates have been impressive, but still compared to something like GT5 it's lacking.

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You call Second Son and Driveclub a must buy? Both were total garbage.

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Who the hell cares? so sick of this resolution crap.

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This has been happening for ages, why bring it up now?

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I'm a bit worried they havent showed much variety in the locations... That's part of why dark souls was so good

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It would be pretty cool if it actually got an update wouldn't it?

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I just think of it this way, the older ones are unplayable today, and have been for quite some time. Resident Evil 4 is still better than pretty much all the horror or third person shooter games released today. Even it's director couldn't top it with the Evil Within.

If they updated RE4 to have the production values of a modern game, it would be better 99% of everything else. Assuming they updated some of the dialogue.

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Wish they sold them individually on the ps store and xbox marketplace

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@cobra yeah the abilities are good just like in the first two games. But i'm just saying that even if Geralt clearly dodges an attack, as in clearly visibly missing, he can still get hit.

Combined with the controls and other things like human enemy patterns forcing the fight to last longer (unless you use bombs or something like that) it makes clunky and not very fun combat for me.

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It had some good stuff like potions for boosts, but for me the mechanics were clunky. Actually the controls in general were clunky now that I think of it (at least on consoles). Like there was some lag and you couldn't move the speed you wanted to, either too slow or too fast. Other things like rolling out of the way and still getting hit are bigger problems in TW3.

The controls are some of the weakest I've played in a third person game, not just compared to bloodbor...

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The Witcher 3's combat somewhat puts me off the game. I tried to start playing it for the third time, and after 15-20 hours I can't be bothered. The combat feels so outdated after playing the souls games and bloodborne, plus the main story is so uninteresting which is really disappointing after the first two games.

Halo 5 is the first one I can't be bothered beating, and I played through the whole MCC to prepare for it. And 343 KNOW how to make a good campaign sin...

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