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Leviathan. Guaranteed.

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Infamous 1+2 > Uncharted trilogy. Actually, scratch that. Infamous 2 alone beats the Uncharted trilogy.

Much better story.
Better, deeper gameplay.
Whereas Uncharted has....... multiplayer? I even prefer Infamous 2 visually in some parts.

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...Only to turn into franchises themselves.

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Black Op's story was good, so i'd believe it.

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BF1943 - 2009.

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Getting AC: Brotherhood and KOTOR for $7.48... me like steam.

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The back of the RE4 box said: "forget survival horror, and get ready for survival action!" Or something like that.

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At least you knew it didn't end at Halo 2... And MGS4's ending was great.

And Borderlands 2 isn't even out yet.

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...But ME3 is higher on PS3 and X360. Even if it is by 1%.

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New Vegas over 3... No. Just no. Dark Souls beats the living crap out of NV too.

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Did he say that? Or different gamers? Because I don't even think 99% of gamers care.

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The story sucked... it lead no-where. The characters were rushed. Who was Cutter? Elena knew him too, yet we never found out where. Him and Chloe just disappeared. Salem was probably supposed to be in the game longer, but they ran out of time, so he was cut short.

And as omi25P said, Marlowe knew who Drake really was, that his real name isn't Drake... but that never got explained. And personally I think it's stupid that after three games, the only protagonist to die w...

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Anything with "the video game" in the title will probably be bad.

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This game is the definition of repetitive.

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Omega DLC is inevitable. I also hope it brings Aria as a squad member, and I would buy it instantly if it has an explorable Omega. It felt ripped out of the game.

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At most, there will be rescue DLC... and that's a long shot.

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I wouldn't call unlimited ammo a plot hole. a weird design choice... I don't know. Resistance 3 had infinite pistol ammo at the last part too.

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So the main villian will tell you that he's killing you so a different army doesn't kill you. Then he gives you a choice, Destroy, Control, or Merge with his army. And in all endings, you die, and all the water in the world will evaporate.

In other words...

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I'm getting tired of these "games are art" articles. I don't care if it's art or not, a game could be about gameplay, story, graphics, or all three. It doesn't matter. It doesn't NEED to be defined as art.

"Artistic integrity" was Casey Hudson's poor excuse for the ME3 ending... Would you rather they keep the ending for the sake of art? Or would you prefer it if they scrape the ending, and made a new one that did the series justice,...

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Some of them are... Sly 1, Trine 2 (you don't even have to beat the game!) and movie games like Up, or Terminator: Salvation for example.

And some of them are difficult, like Dark Souls or RDR.

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