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I think that particular moment was overrated. To question whether we should have a sequel, because you don't think it will have as good of a moment, is nonsense.

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"LOL you guys just suck"
No... the controls genuinely make it much harder than the original. I don't mind a hard game (Platinumed Dark Souls), but not when it's because of bad controls.

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So I guess there won't be a Wolf Among Us 2 then?

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It is rubbish.

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Why do/did people like this game? It probably has some of the most bland and repetitive combat in a game I've ever played.

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It's still pretty good to play, even after 16 years.

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So basically you weren't good at Halo 5. There's plenty of fun still to be had in the big team battle/warzone game modes, no need to be a pro for that. The maps were good, so I think that's just you being frustrated with the game rather than bad map design. Lets face it - if only 5000 people liked it, it would have died shortly after release. It still has a good online player base.

Halo 4's campaign was excellent, I don't think an FPS has had a better ca...

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Recently got a PS4 for my own place and... I'm really disappointed with the newer exclusives so far.

I've been nice and said that Horizon is a great game, but that was before I actually played it. Now that I have, I only see Far Cry Primal with Robot Dinosaur skins. And I say skins because even the dinosaurs don't play much different to the enemies in Primal, the only difference being the enemy weak points. The lackluster human combat shows that it's only t...

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Can you play it on Nintendo or PlayStation? No? Then it doesn't make a damn difference. Persona 5 is on PS3, and Nier Automata is on PC. It's fine to include those as PS4 exclusives, because the whole exclusive argument mostly boils down to Xbox v PlayStation v Nintendo anyway.

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Wasn't it already Windows 10 and Xbox? Even if this means non Windows 10 owners can play it, that doesn't change much exclusivity-wise. And it's been explained many times before that it ain't a bad thing for anyone.

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"the Launch lineup was strong (with Breath of the Wild, Shovel Knight, and Snipperclips)"

Uh... the weak launch line up is the main reason I'm not considering getting it yet. Shovel Knight is a simple indie game that's been available for ages on other consoles. Not a good sign if that's the second game that you think of. Never even heard of Snipperclips

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It really wasn't that bad.

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You find it amusing? That's a weird sense of humor you've got there.

405k vs 179k. The PS4's sold twice as much as X1 hasn't it? Well then these sales aren't far off the PS4:X1 ratio.

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Uncharted 3 showed how to do these sort of moments. It's disappointing that games still opt for QTEs when simply moving the joystick forward would be much more engaging.

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Single player games are feeling too scripted. I feel that when playing most of them, the developers want the player to do this, do that, and not give the player any freedom. Even if they offer "multiple playstyles" they often still feel heavily restricted. Open world games are suffering most I think, as they try to cram in as many pointless quests as possible. I loved Fallout 3, hated Skyrim and Fallout 4. Skyrim for having such pointless quests throughout the game, and Fallout 4 fo...

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They said developers could do whatever they like with its power. That doesn't just mean 4K, it also means upgrades to lighting, textures etc.
It would be a massive handicap to developers if they were all told "Your game MUST be 4K."

The CoD4 Remastered standalone is going to be timed exclusive on PS4. For me, it's going to be a rather long wait it to release on Xbox One (As I'll need X1 version to play with friends.) So to me, timed exclusive...

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The Last of Us had a decent story that was well told, not an absolutely legendary one like people make it out to be.

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Wolf Among Us 2... The first one was possibly their best game. I'd also be interested in them doing one based on a cartoon like Adventure Time, Regular Show (If possible) or SpongeBob. Their writers could make great stories for those.

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What? This is games with gold ya troll. Your two sentences weren't even about the same thing

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Too clunky, and not as much polish as Uncharted. It's a jack of all trades versus a small, well-refined set of gameplay mechanics. This is coming from someone who has criticized Uncharted 4 many times.

That's just me, though

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