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Yeah you're definitely the reviewer. Or at least one of his fans... AKA 50% of his fanbase. Or hell maybe you even like pretending to be your own fan

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"There was a time when RACING another person, without shortcuts or tricks, was all you needed to have fun."

Linear sim racing games have been around for decades... This gen has had Driveclub for PS4, and Forza 5&6 for Xbox. The problem with them is they don't have much variety between games. I don't see the point in having multiple main Forza games released so close together... 5 and 6 are mostly identical. Same with Forza versus Driveclub, the differe...

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The world of Horizon 3 is better to look at than anything in Driveclub.

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I'm sorry you're a stubborn Konami hater. Not.

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True, I wasn't a fan of Ico either. I played it after SotC, and was somewhat disappointed after hearing all the praise for it. SotC is in my top games of all time book, and yes they are very different

The monster thing has really impressive movement, but the actual gameplay here was very generic. I don't know why they would bother showing THIS part of the game, as I'm sure there are more exciting parts to show. However, the fact that it's been delayed so man...

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Yeah I'd rather have a remake of that, this looks boring.

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Only 12? That must be the lowest number yet

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You cannot get away with bad quest design, especially in a platformer. In terms of gameplay, the platforming looks bland. The combat looks solid for a platformer, but combat should be there to either support the platforming, or at least be supported by it.

Just compare it to other combat based 3D platformers released a decade ago, such as Jak 3 and Ratchet. It doesn't even look half as fun as those.

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Yeah the gameplay looked pretty rubbish. Which is a shame; I was looking forward to a good 3D platformer.

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I still reckon New Vegas sucked, such a generic world.

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I think other than the design it looks pretty good, not sure why there's so much negativity around it.

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My god it looks even worse from the front.

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Nah that at least looks professional. This just looks like they didn't know what they were doing, so they thought "Let's stick another slab on a regular PS4!" Hell the PS4 already had a cheap look, this is ridiculous. I would have hoped for a more premium look for a premium console.

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That is the ugliest console design I've ever seen

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I was confused, then your name explained it. Only Australia would produce such a weirdo

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Yeah I get it, some people prefer this one. That's fine, I'm not saying you can't think that. But that doesn't mean I can't say how rubbish I think it is, especially when I've played most of the games. The reason I say that BC2 is indisputably better is because it did everything better. That's a fact. You can prefer BF1, but BC2 is clearly the better game. Another example is I preferred God of War: Ascension to God of War 3... but I can still see that GOW3 is clear...

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I was basing my expectations from the PSP God of Wars that they made. Even 8 year old Chains of Olympus is superior to The Order, so calling it great is giving it too much credit. They can do better.

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I thought The Order was way better than everyone was saying, although I'm glad I got it for cheap. Full price would have been a rip off. The Wolf Among Us was just plain amazing... I don't know why you'd bother comparing them.

EDIT: Wait you actually think The Order's better?... No. In all the things you compared between the two games, TWAU is better. Better QTE action scenes, better story. It was quite a bit cheaper at launch, so it can justify having no r...

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No glasses pal. The beta map for Bad Company 2 was Port Valdez, I remember that from the top of my head. No one will give a damn about the BF1 beta map when the next one's out. The map design was far superior in BC2 compared to BF1. Just compare the two rush modes... and realize they're incomparable.

Seriously: Good luck disputing me, because you can't. Everyone runs around like morons in this beta, unlike BC2. This shows how much better BC2 was designed. Tha...

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I'm plenty good, been playing shooters long enough.

BC2 = masterpiece. BF1 = trash. Actually yes I take that back, I would take one masterpiece over any amount of trash. So BC2 is infinitely better than BF1. NO ONE can properly dispute that BF1 is a downgrade from older games. Hell even the destructibility still isn't as good as BC2.

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