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Sotc is one of my all time favorites... And I have to agree with him, there's no way I could play it with an annoying voice like that. #10.2.1
That's what everyone was like with the ME3 ending #15
Uh... He completely trashed Advanced Warfare, And that was the first cod he played in years. #15.2
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I'm just saying that from a newcomer's perspective. We don't have the nostalgia that fans of the first 3 do. 5 was average and 6 was garbage, so its not just because its more recent.

4 is one of the best games ever... And its actually still good after 10 years, unlike the first 3. #7.1.1
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I found the first 3 painful to play for the first time (which was recently). 4's the only one you need to play. #7
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This is the most boring racing game I've ever played. #25
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"Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is the best multiplayer shooter of 2014."

Puts Titanfall higher... #4
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At the Game Awards I was constantly going: "God not more indie crap". They usually suck. #31
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One of the worst? Maybe not. Still complete trash though. #1.3
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"Wah Waaaah it's not better than X1!!! Waaah! Pre order cancelled! Screw you Ubisoft!"

Shut up you whining little morons. I only have a PS4 and even i'm sick of your damn complaining. Whenever it's the other way around you go "HA HA SCREW YOU XBOX!" and when it's the same resolution you get pissed off. Seriously, shut up. #20
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You can say Demon's was better all you want, but calling Dark Souls utter crap? That's bullshit and you know it. I played Demon's first, and I still preferred Dark. Both are two of the best games the last generation, I just think that Dark's open world was the best in any game ever. Going back to Demon's, it felt too linear after playing dark. That's just me though.

Dark Souls 2 on the other hand is okay, but no where near the level of the others. #1.2.1
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Nope, at least not the beta. It's like Borderlands if you take everything good out of it. #15.4
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One week of use and my triggers are already squeaky as hell, they are god awful. #4.4
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There's only one other review on metacritic... It's a 5.0. It sounds like it's the worst version of the game by far, and the GOTY edition was released last year.

They justified the GOW review, why would you want to play a weaker version of a collection released 5 years ago?

They have given vita games high scores. For example, Tearaway got 9.3... and Uncharted an 8.5, which was a terrible game if you ask me. By far the worst in the series. #15.3
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Read the n4g comments for the IGN GTA4 review back in 2008. Seriously, do it. #30.1.3
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"Upscaled 720p to 1080p can't be sharp like native 1080p. Textures can't be sharp, they are muddy. Ryse is great looking game, but sorry, no. It is not good like KZ : SF. Only better faces ( facial animation ) and AA / MLAA ), nothing more."

Here again with the technical garbage. BF4 is really sharp, you saying: "720P! 720P! 720P!" Doesn't change that. No, it's not muddy, that just says to me that you haven't seen it in person.
... #11.3
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"I'm not talking about trolls. I'm talking about people who arent ok with the AI in the MP."

No you aren't... All you talk about is how bad the game is and how people who think it looks good are "stupid". Again, I can understand being disappointed. But this is just pure bashing.

It might have been better with no AI... But we don't know. So just wait and see. No-one's forcing you to buy the game. #6.2
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I understand if you're disappointed in the 6 vs 6, I kind of am myself. But there's a difference between stating your disappointment, and constantly trashing the game at every opportunity. You have people saying things like "TITANFAIL!" and "THIS GAME SUCKS" without even playing it.

No waiting for reviews, no seeing if it's bad or not. Just plain hate. Yes, there are those who are disappointed, but anyone just plain hating the game want it to... #6.1
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You don't get it. This guy said Titanfall looks sharp, and i'm saying Battlefield 4 looks sharp. You're saying: "NO ITS NOT ITS ONLY 720P YOU IDIOTS". The resolution doesn't change how good it looks. Flight Control HD on PS3 was 1080p... That doesn't mean it looks better than BF4, it just means it's running at a higher resolution.

No-ones saying they look as good as Shadow Fall, that's not the point. The point is; 720p can still be sharp.... #11.2
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Yes. Unless you're saying that pretty much all ps3/360 games all look bad now. Uncharted 2 and 3, Gears of War 3, Halo 4 and God of War 3 are all 720p, and still look terrific even with new consoles out.

I've played Battlefield 4 on Xbox One, and it does look Really sharp. Resolution is just a number. #11.1
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