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They packed too much in such a small world for Horizon. With such jarring changes in weather and locale, it's hard for me to say it had that great of an open world. It just wasn't believable how close desert was to snow.

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Persona 5... No contest.

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PS4 fanboys are just pissed that it beat Horizon for game of the year.

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Maybe because they hardly released any multiplatform games last generation? Maybe because this is their most popular multiplayer game yet? Maybe because multiplayer games are more popular than ever now? Plenty of legitimate reason.

No one's begging... true gamers just know that crossplay would be a good feature. Die hard PS4 cultists obviously wouldn't want it, but real gamers on any system would.

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Lol PS4 owners don't even buy many exclusives anyway, otherwise they wouldn't have let a great game like Gravity Rush 2 only sell 280k globally. PlayStation cultists like to brag about having a lot of exclusives...even if they aren't interested in playing them.

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Bethesda just Titanfall 2'd this and Wolfenstein 2.

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This could include anything from an indie game that no one will hear about ever again, to a playable character in a game we've seen plenty of. The biggest announcement from last year was Psychonauts 2, with nothing else even remotely noteworthy.

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Some games genuinely can justify them for continued support for years on end.

Rocket league is a great implementation of loot boxes, and well justified. It's still being supported years after launch with tons of new content, and the only things loot boxes unlock are cosmetic, completely ignorable. Not to mention it's not a full price game, and many people got it for free on PS+.

I don't expect developers to keep adding new content to multilaye...

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Plenty of games have and will be upgraded, whether many of them are exclusives or not is irrelevant.

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The game is mediocre, even without micro transactions.

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In the same way that every multiplatform game looks significantly better on the X... Yes.

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Did anyone expect an upgrade to sell better than an actual new system? I don't see how that's "remarkable."

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I thought it was the fact that it has the worst maps in the entire series, but sure.

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Those numbers would make it 150 games. But yes, still incredibly absurd.

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Worst Call of Duty since the PSP game.

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Yeah, Wolfenstein 2 got robbed.

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The multiplayer is the worst in the entire series, but the other two parts are good.

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None of the three main parts are even out yet... what kind of review is this? Take away the score and call it a preview.

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Nope, game is trash.

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The Order was terrible. But a sequel would be interesting, since the world has so much potential.

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