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Part 1 had a few missions that dragged on and on to the point of being bored half way through, especially the rachni queen one. Yeah it had exploration, but most of it was just pointless and empty. Combat was tedious for me. Had the best plot of the 3 though.

Part 2 had much better combat, and the individual missions were shorter and better paced, so no particularly boring parts. All the side characters were interesting (some more than others) and having anything from none to... #6.2
Coming from the guy with the Mass Effect 3 avatar #8.2
Yeah. I think the resolution plus the overkill lighting make it hard to see what's going on #25.1
I got bored and quit playing after 2 matches. It's battlefield minus the stuff that makes battlefield good. #27
Artistic freedom? Man that's what ruined the mass effect 3 ending

For me this whole thing only serves to make quiet less cool. I mean she's half naked the whole game, if she wore an actual cool outfit she'd be a badass. It's hard not to see her as just a bikini girl as it is. So for me this is another case of artistic freedom being kinda stupid. I don't think it should be such a big deal... But Kojima probably made her character like that to be controversi... #1.6
Combats up to preference. Their stories are both interesting and its cool how you have to look up stuff online to fully figure them out, can't really say one is better than the other. Game design? What about the game design? I know that there's barely any armor in bloodborne, and it all looks the same. That kind of design? Or maybe how everyone has the same playstyle since thas how the game was designed?

What do you mean by level design? It's nothing noteworthy co... #10.2
I agree in terms of... Actually no I can't think of any way bloodbornes better. It was worse in basically every way other than combat (which is up to preference). #10.1
Best game of last gen I'd agree with, plus with this gen being mostly full of rubbish with better graphics its basically better than anything this gen so far too. So not a bad choice. #11
Well the story reason is fine... doesn't change that the characters are boring. I think pretty most of the characters in the other souls games had tragic stories, but they were more interesting.

I don't think the story was any darker than the other Souls games, just the gothicness gave it that feeling. I liked that ending, but still it seems more like a disgusting kind of dark (in a good way) than a huge scale "the world is screwed" dark ending. If that mak... #6.1.1
Bloodeborne took everything from dark and demons souls and made it worse in every way other than combat. It had fewer and less interesting npc's, and the fewer weapons and lack of spell means it only has one playstyle, which is a massive step down from dark souls. And the armour? Why did they even bother with armour in this game, there was barely and what was there all looked the same anyway.

And the world was consistent, but it all looked the same. I got so bored of the... #6
Leave it to the playstation fans to be a bunch of dicks after a typo. #35
Uh... Maybe you should actually read the MCC review? One of the major negatives they had was with the online not working at launch. They also had a review in progress for it too to see if the online was all good. Which it clearly wasn't at launch and they did mark it down for that. I mean yeah it got a 9, but it was easily worth it for all the stuff included.

a 7.6 isn't a bad score either. If I was looking forward to it id still be getting it. Remember Medal of Honor... #6.4
Do you seriously believe any of the rubbish you just wrote? They delayed the bloodborne review to lower its metacritic score? Yeah... Except they delay reviews for lots of games to check the online isn't broken. #6.3
Haha yeah was just about to point that out... This isn't the first article he's been complaining about it either #1.7.1
In terms of sales obviously, doesn't even need another article written about it. But as much as I like the ps4... There's not a single truely good exclusive on it as far as I'm concerned. Both infamous and bloodborne were my most anticipated games of this gen... And bloodborne was okay... But far from being as good as demon or dark souls... Even ds2. Infamous just plain sucked compared to 1 and 2. Rocket league is awesome though

Xbox for me has had sunset overdriv... #29
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Sotc is one of my all time favorites... And I have to agree with him, there's no way I could play it with an annoying voice like that. #10.2.1
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That's what everyone was like with the ME3 ending #15
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Uh... He completely trashed Advanced Warfare, And that was the first cod he played in years. #15.2
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I'm just saying that from a newcomer's perspective. We don't have the nostalgia that fans of the first 3 do. 5 was average and 6 was garbage, so its not just because its more recent.

4 is one of the best games ever... And its actually still good after 10 years, unlike the first 3. #7.1.1
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I found the first 3 painful to play for the first time (which was recently). 4's the only one you need to play. #7
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