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Yay for free stuff, ty n4g.

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I dont think they should cave to the censorship, release the game the way the developer ment it to be, or gtfo.

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=) merry Christmas!

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The great mouse detective would be awsome, also a Duck tales world since they are remaking the game anyways would be a good fit and all the characters are already in the game.

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Im not a tech genius and maybe my math doesn't apply correctly but even if you have slower ram, you have quadruple the amount at 17GB/s and 360 is 22.4 GB/s and ps3 25.6 GB/s main memory BW + 22.4 GB/s graphics memory BW, no eDRAM .

Wouldnt that mean 17gb/s * 4 = 68 gb/s.

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Every C&C game they have made after closing down westwood.

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Looks like the 650ti will be the sweet spot, 250$ for gtx 570 performance, which is going for 330$ on newegg atm. That is if this is true. Tbh tho all these are cheap and performance wise better than the ati cards.


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In general most consoles are 10xs more powerful than their predecessor, so for now i will keep this as a rumor. It might be based on a 6000 series card but, more likely, its the 6770. Glad to see amd cards will be in the next xbox, the more competition to nvidia the better products will get from both.

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ps4 games wont run native 4k, they will be 1080p and will be unscaled.

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Wow they did a great job with this mod.

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just get an emulator and play =).

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2 bad this isnt on consoles.

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C&C's quality is dead, i wasn't planing on buying it at all. Unless ea can magically get westwood back together ill pass.

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As long as one of them is kh3.

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if they ever make another good c&c i will buy it, be ever since generals they have been crap. They need to get back to what made RA2 so great.

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Ya i think they talking about max graphics, then yes but almost all pc gamers will be able to play it. 90% of steam users have a dx10 and dx11 cards. Tho i do think were going to see a lot of people upgrade.


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Anyone can buy a game that's not lucky.

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How are they lucky when they bought the game.

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sad resistance 2 week 1 sales were 409,270
r3 fws 274,051

probably part mw3/bf3 hype and part r2 sucked, to bad r3 was a much better game than its prequel.


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