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Much better review than destructoid, seems much more fair. #20
FYI, new dash already hacked. Right on the main page of this link, down a bit. Worth mentioning that neither the ps3 can't be played online while hacked and the 360 online while hacked will get you banned.

http://www.xbox-scene.com/ #1.1
Your mom needs a pixelated sausage....sorry couldn't resist, it's been a long day. #1
It's all those bells and wistles they added. #1
Whomever disagreed is a moron, there is another article out that proves this is fake. It's actually done on a ps3 ironically with a fake disk. Someone did it for the lulz, get over it. It is not possible to fit 10gb on a disk that holds 8.5, what don't people get? #45.1
I don't care as long as they don't interfere with the gaming. See adds everywhere else you turn so it's nothing new. #1
You'll prolly like it once it's on youtube :p #11.1
Super Mario 64 is one of my favs too. Amazing when it came out, played for days. #2
But the opinion of a "professional" is supposed to be trusted, which it clearly is not. still funny tho #39.1
I like it alot and a few people I have shown it to love it. I friend just told me today the beta made him want to get it. This guy is a troll, looking for hits. Socom may not be perfect, but certainly better than a 3. And server issues? WTF is he talking about, the game isn't out yet so they can be working on stuff before it releases, not to mention I have had zero connection issues and of the 100's of MAG games I played I prolly got booted 2x. And how did KZ3 get a 10 with a terrible... #42
I don't think PS3 owners will care too much about this. Once it comes out for 360, people will realize it's not that great and then won't want it by the time it releases on ps3. #1
it's not 8.5 extra, it's like 1gb extra #13.1
Finally an acticle about the truth...10gb's my ass #14
That's great news that they got too many people to watch, now they know and should be prepard for it next time. #2
I would approve this, but it looks like those 2 just got done with a dutch rudder session. #6
Awwww, I see what they did with the title there...Clever. #1
Yea, SEGA just makes crappy games in general imo. #1.1
Ok, who isn't? It's not that violent games lead to violence, it's violent people want to play/watch violent games/movies. No approve. #2
Sounds shady....MS hyping this game constantly as a "core" kinect game and now this, that's a little fishy. #3
So similar they might get sued imo. #2.1
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