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I used to play this, it was cool and entertaining for a while #1
That pic is funny as hell. Love it. #2
Seems way too crazy, this thing is gonna be like $800. That doesn't make sense. #8
It's crappy shovelware that's why. Did you even watch the video? There is a huge difference in the 2. HD collections are unrelated to this. #21.1
Sony should deny this game as it is shovelware and they own the rights to MJ's songs. #23
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there is no credibility in your logic either, go figure. #11.1
Informer? #9.1
Could this be done with software and a firmware update? #5
U need to go to backround and hit triangle to turn the wallpapers brightness down. Should do the trick #1.3.1
It goes both ways, you may gain, but you may lose. So no approval from me. And also, I like getting an early look at a game regardless of if I'm buying it or not....Why would anyone want that to stop? #3
for a few months, then u can just buy it as dlc. no harm, no foul as they say #3
They could certainly have him extradited to the US. If he went somewhere that doesn't like the US then THEY might not send him. #8.1
Amazingly ignorant and childish #10.1
We sure it's not 250k at a time?

O, and "the scene" sees this as turning their back on them, so I don't think it would be that easy to get that $ #11
So is this x-game VOICE chat? or text? #32
Well good thing no one asked huh? I already have the game and PS+, but I'm not complaining. #4.1
I didn't do it, although I don't approve of piracy, but what is disagreeing going to do? #1.1.3
I would have to disagree. Firstly, IGN is much more credible than destructoid. Secondly, destruc's came off like a rant more than a review. Third off, I have been playing the crap out of the beta and have found no issues with lag or glitches like d's said. He just sounded like a 3rd grader crying when he should sound like a professional. #20.1.1
Maybe Ms yelled at them for releasing a "press" survey? If they wanted it public it would be a public survey....Just a thought. #5.1
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