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"True Life: I'm An N4G Mod - You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea"


It's just greedy lawyers trying to cash in anyways. #2
Star Wars Battlefront 3
Bungie Reveal

those 3 trump your list(except #8, I really want that one too) #18.1.2
It isn't, but that doesn't mean it didn't win...Numbers can't lie #11.2.1
Totally believable, wait wrong comment. Your a troll, I'd smoke u. #7.5
you got me I didn't, but p2 is def better imo #8.1.1
Troll article #8
Maybe it's the exclusive Sony picked up #20.1
That is a super weak list, set your hopes higher man. I won't disagree b/c it's an opinion, but there are a lot better games you could hope for. #18.1
Dude, I don't like the Wii, but if you look at the numbers their is no question who is winning and already won this gen. Doesn't matter if you look at hardware of software. Here is all time hardware in mils
1 Nintendo DS (DS) 146.93
2 Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) 142.97
3 Nintendo GameBoy (GB) 118.69
4 Sony PlayStation (PS) 102.49
5 Nintendo Wii (Wii) 86.10

and software
1 Sony PlayStation 2 (PS2) 1,512.50
How much is 1200 monopoly money worth in real $? #7
It was over a while ago, the Wii won. None of us like it, but it's true. The others were never close. #11
Is that a good thing? I wouldn't think so #1
Custom playbooks! #1
Sighned up, hopefully they want me to assist in testing! #9
What a heartless biatch #3
How can one person speak for a group that is not organized? If they had actual structure/organization then it would be believeable, but all it takes is for one of those A holes to do something and then they are all seemingly at fault. Disorganization is good for not getting caught, but bad for getting blamed....If I joined anon right now, then did a cybercrime they would be semi at fault, becuase I was part of their group and did it. No organization means no one can really say they didn'... #11
Could have been a better list imo. #1
Of course they will, a statement is not needed from any financial instituation saying that fraudulent transactions will be re-imbursed. It's implied. #2
Love the pic! #17
They do that with a lot of games for numerous reasons. Especially when Japanese games get ported to the US/EU. Likely some sort of test group indicated what the name should be for each region. #1.1
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