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Yeah, P2 has been getting rediculously good scores. It's going to be a GOTY contender for sure if that's anything to go by. #1.1
Thanks, I would have accepted it in the comments, but that works....Also, you put portal 2 instead of regular portal when editing. Good review. #1.1.1
I have not played it, but I would have thought the graphics score would be a bit higher. Could you do an over under? Like looks better than ____, but not better than____. Just curious really. #1
My order-
4-Chopper Gunner

Don't know how he left out nuke, must never have gotten 1. #1
Shhhh...don't tell FOX, they'll have a field day with that one. #2.1
I like Raidens #1
I agree, but they are reducing cost by having shorter/no manuals and I don't think they'll go back. They should just put more info in the game at your disposal. They could make much better manuals virtually. #6.1.1
Not needed any longer. They are a waste of paper now. They haven't been useful for a while. They used to have needed info, now it's all in game or on the internets #6
They have drove Sonic to the ground so hard I don't think anyone cares about him anymore. :(

Hopefully they can make up for it with this. We'll see #2
New Driver, yes! #1
Screen shots look pretty good, wouldn't say astounding, but good. #12
They just need to get rid of user scores already and maybe kick some reviewers out while they're at it. #6
96,95,96 for actual scores....Plenty of trolls in the user section though. Clearly a lot of buthurt crybabies there. #2
That is bs, but couldn't a friend outside the country discretely package it? or put it in another case? #2.1.1
have someone personally ship it to you. #2
Cool update...Wonder how long it will take them to get some good stuff out using this. #8
That tv is blurry as hell in the xbox version. Nice work on PS3 valve, not so much on the 360. #19
Midway is similar to what you suggest. No rides, just games. It cost money for tickets, but you can win a lot of items. #4.1
Buzz is a really fun quiz game, adding motion controls could be very interesting for the genre. #4
Cool #2
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