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Womever wrote a story about a logo is a goddamn moron. #15
It's not essential, but if one team is working together and the other is not, the team working together will win 10 out of 10 times. #9
Analysts are stupid.... #12
It's ok, wouldn't pay for it that's for sure. Can't see this game lasting too long. #1
Look identical to me. #10
Nice review #1
Yea they have a bunch or bundles w the gun and game at my local gamestop for ps3 and 360 - maybe the wii too #1.1
No shiz...fake rumors obviously fake. #1
Why can't you say cameltoe or earning red wings? There are tons of word/phrases there that are not even censored on TV....wierd. #5
This should be classified as rumor, I don't think either side would do this. #21
Amazing....ND will keep stepping it up with innovation and smart thinking. Why has this not been done before or more often?
Whole game plays like a movie, now the mp will too! #24
Great blog idea, nice read. #1
1st one was great, this looks much better and it's cheaper....Winning #3
PS3 version is the best of all 3 b/c it comes with a PC version and is better looking than the 360 version. Valve did well here obviously #4
That would be very cool....there were rumors of new tracks b/c people saw some picks of the track logos....Wouldn't be surprised if they added a lot of stuff. #2.1
I love GT5, but this dude is crazy....How long does he think he should get? He would say it's a pursuit of perfection, but where does it end? Before you know it it's coming out for ps5. Guys a clown, get more employees or something. No game should take that long - looking at you too Duke #1
They should be if they aren't.....I have a PSP 1000 and the PSP is a great system, but obviously nobody wants a pspgo. xperia is arriving and ngp on the way, no room for the go. Not even in Japan, which is really surprising to me. I would have bought one if they were as cheap as the one I got. #8
lulz....that is great....why can't all teachers be that cool #2
Don't really see a clear winner there. Just a little difference in darkness....seems like good work from the makers of MK. Nice job guys. #46
ANOTHER perfect....wow. Impressive. #1
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