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"True Life: I'm An N4G Mod - You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea"


They should just level cap it really low like they did in the beta. Would be equivilent to a demo #1.2
It better be. It's been years since the last console was released, so there is no reason for it not to succeed them. #2
150gb is quite a bit, but that still sucks. Article says only about 2% of users will be affected. #1
Here is how - get a sense of humor and jump off that high horse. It's called creative expression, which can't/shouldn't be solved. Don't like it, don't buy it. Capitalism will fix it if it is such a prob. #1
Well that stinks. #1
I want them both already #3
This seems very possible, but I don't like the idea of internet traffic being sent to this hacking site. Here is the article:Just days before PSN was "hacked," Sony fired over 200 employees in their online division.

In Sony massive corporation style thinking, once March 31th, 2011 rolls around they decide to get rid of any "dead-weight", in this case, employees they think are "useless" or no longer needed so they can close off the "yea... #17
update from kotaku
Update: Sony Online Entertainment has issued a notification assuring customers that current credit card information has not been compromised. "There is no evidence that our main credit card database was compromised. It is in a completely separate and secured environment."

So they are calling BS on themselves. Tisk, tisk #26
I don't think so, didn't come up as traslated to me. English to english translation? #24.1.1
idk about this idea. Competition is always good, but apple I just don't know if it is. #4
Pretty creative. #2
In Communist China u don't play games. Government plays u! #4
It's sad they keep having to respond to baseless rumors. #8
I beleive the xbl and psn versions are the same. #2.2.1
Yeah, and it's not like they didn't have time. The ps3 version was up a while ago and it was just as crappy. You would think they would learn something from it, but nope, they didn't #2.1.1
a free bj

edit: handy would be acceptable #17
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It really doesn't make sense why they would release it with such crappy show availability. It's like they really don't want people to pay for it. #2

very different to xbox live - which is a far more equal service for ALL nationalities. LIVE doesn't discriminate

that's not true at all- same thing, different regions have different things b/c different people like different things #2.2.5
Dammit, it says he doesn't speak Japanese #7.1.5
$250 controller is a terrible idea. Would be very cool though. #1
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