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Or home isn't back. They said it would come back at a later date.

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They are just getting used to these systems, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I can't afford a new system anyway

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That list should have been way better, I think they made this in like 4 mins
my fav that ive seen is ibeatmywife247

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Well I feel everything congress does is "Half-baked and half-hearted". What a bunch of tools.

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LOL at the pic.

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I started reading and was about to move on, but decided to keep reading. Glad I did, pretty funny.

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They said no to that already....U should have deactivated the account though before selling

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Yup, he was just the first one to use the key properly and fully open it. That didn't work out so well for him....It would have been nice to try, but alas, I never got around to it.

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They did say that, but now they know otherwise.

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It says details on psn restoration soon!

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Great list....Bring on Battlefront 3 already!

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Where the hell are Battlefront 1 and 2?!? Those are the best imo, followed by KOTOR

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Anon can't even know if they did it, there members are anon, how could you ask them all?

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I knew the comments would be priceless here. Maybe their thinking people will buy it b/c it's such a strange idea.

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A few bad apples had to spoil it for the whole bunch.

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I've been saying they wouldn't know if they did it. That's what happens when a group isn't organized, no one in the group can really know if they actually are guilty or not.

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That's pretty creative of them....I want that beta bad!

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Infamous 2 FTW!

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It's a pretty fun/challenging small game. PS+ gave it away as a mini. I play it while on the can.

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Nah, he might not get paid as much once his contracts up though....The saints backs are always hurt, they'll need him too.

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