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Could have been a better list imo. #1
Of course they will, a statement is not needed from any financial instituation saying that fraudulent transactions will be re-imbursed. It's implied. #2
Love the pic! #17
They do that with a lot of games for numerous reasons. Especially when Japanese games get ported to the US/EU. Likely some sort of test group indicated what the name should be for each region. #1.1
Since when do sites report random emails as news? Seems really stupid. #7
lol, me too, maybe i get it out tonight and play some sp #5.2
It was not encrypted b/c they were using custom firmware, real fw makes the data encrypted. #1.3
Ah, it was still a good read. #1.1.1
Anyone could of wrote an email saying that. Why wouldn't they send that to a more respected site? 2/70mil, I like those odds. Not to mention cc info is stolen every second of the day, could have been from anything. #42
lol, didnt even notice..I guess I deserve those disagrees then..I'm not running a website though. #1.2.1
Shouldn't he be doing something else? Quit wasting taxpayers money. It's going to turn into baseball steroids trials all over again, tons of time and money with very minimal results becuase their bafoons. #18
Agreed, and that's assuming it was actually taken....They said their was no evidence of it being taken anyway. It's turning into a "My cc info iz doomed" outrage... #29.1
Kind of funny, but I don't get it. Approved #1
Does anyone use Hulu+ on anything to tell me if it's worth it compared to regular hulu? I think the only thing I've tried to watch that was hulu+ was tosh.0 #1
Why not? They can support more than 1 console at a time, Sony is doing it with the PS2 and Wii games would still certainly sell. #2
Hope it's happening. #3
Not very hard to beat that list, the only one it really had to beat was Alan Wake. #5.1
No wayz...I'm going to start writing articles saying stupid things and see how fast the rumors fly. #5
I guess we disagree on that matter then. Someone else would have posted it with better punctuation and grammer. #1.1.1
I just finished reading it, but thanks....

And it's not that bad, they cleary said they don't have any evidence that it was taken, just that there was a chance....you conveniently left that part out. I don't care though, they can have funning trying to use my credit, they won't get anywhere. #19.1.1
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