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"True Life: I'm An N4G Mod - You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea"


Yup, he was just the first one to use the key properly and fully open it. That didn't work out so well for him....It would have been nice to try, but alas, I never got around to it. #1.1.1
They did say that, but now they know otherwise. #21.1
It says details on psn restoration soon! #24
Great list....Bring on Battlefront 3 already! #1
Where the hell are Battlefront 1 and 2?!? Those are the best imo, followed by KOTOR #8
Anon can't even know if they did it, there members are anon, how could you ask them all? #3
I knew the comments would be priceless here. Maybe their thinking people will buy it b/c it's such a strange idea. #9
A few bad apples had to spoil it for the whole bunch. #1
I've been saying they wouldn't know if they did it. That's what happens when a group isn't organized, no one in the group can really know if they actually are guilty or not. #2
That's pretty creative of them....I want that beta bad! #1
Infamous 2 FTW! #1
It's a pretty fun/challenging small game. PS+ gave it away as a mini. I play it while on the can. #1
Nah, he might not get paid as much once his contracts up though....The saints backs are always hurt, they'll need him too. #1.1
That would be silly. #1
Truly an assclown #2.1
They should just level cap it really low like they did in the beta. Would be equivilent to a demo #1.2
It better be. It's been years since the last console was released, so there is no reason for it not to succeed them. #2
150gb is quite a bit, but that still sucks. Article says only about 2% of users will be affected. #1
Here is how - get a sense of humor and jump off that high horse. It's called creative expression, which can't/shouldn't be solved. Don't like it, don't buy it. Capitalism will fix it if it is such a prob. #1
Well that stinks. #1
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