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"True Life: I'm An N4G Mod - You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea"


More Foo!,I think I have all the released ones already. #1
I think it's awesome, but drive 3dtv sales....idk. #2
I do see some potential in this surprisingly. The graphics aren't very good, but Bear Grillis is a good narrator and it appears there are lots of different things to do. #1
That is quite a bit. #3
OMG that's funny. I wonder if he played shooters and killed his own "troops"....ironic. #4
Really? So the 3rd hand info we were getting repoted saying it was from 2nd hand info wasn't accurate? Never would have guessed. #1
Yup....Why no duck hunt remake? They remake everything 10x over, yet it can't get done once. I would have bought it in a heartbeat. #2
very nice #27
2nd hand info=reliable? #11
Not here....I had some friends claiming they would, but they won't and haven't #3
WTF, why are all these clowns making a bad situation worse? Don't they see that? #2
Nice pic. #2
The stories are what brings this game to life, it keeps you hooked on wanting to know what happens next #6
So basically they are not, which is what most suspected anyway. They are still cool though and once they hit the net, they will be around forever. #1
Proll not, they have been releasing stuff on xbl first recently. The problem with my saturn version is I have no memory card. Which sucks. #2.1.1
OMG, love this game....I still play it on my saturn from time to time. Please bring to psn! #2
0. They can't do squat. You do have to play along a little bit b/c they'll just kick you out. But just wait like 10mins and it will let u back in. #3.1.1
I highly recommend going to their irc chats and messing with them.....It is incredibly fun. #3
Or home isn't back. They said it would come back at a later date. #2.1
They are just getting used to these systems, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I can't afford a new system anyway #10
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