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Not a good list, the site clearly says their making guesstimates. #14
They would compete in software and accessories...They would also compete to sell their version of the console. Might have some other companys jump in with their version of the console....It was done before, can't remember which console it was, someone could look it up if they really wanted. #3.1
They're great for my psp. They're like smartphone games: good for some quick gaming. PS+ has my psp overflowing with minis #1.3
Good to know #7
Wierd #1
Windows 8 might, skynet for sure.

"constantly scans the room, looking for you." - creepy #2.1
Put gestures on the cloud? No thanks skynet, keep my pics where I can see them. #2
Troll article from cnet? WTF? You can't be reimbursed for something you didn't pay for.....Stupid article is very stupid....They just lost a lot of respect from me. #42
Its works, just try sign in when it asks and keep going a few times and then the screen with your movies pops up, then it asks, try to sign in again...watching the universe right now.22min through #19
Now I wanna check out Warriors, Catlevania and Crush...They all sound cool. #2
They should have expected this if they didn't cover their tracks well. DDOS is illegal, so expecting all those major corporations to do nothing seems illogical. #29
Should be other way around....
Sony: "Anonymous is incompetent" #4
I like the psp, it just never caught on with the casuals. #1
You'll prolly be able to buy them at at later date, but you can't get them for free, that I'm certain of. #5.1
Yeah, agreed, but PS3 media server is perfect for streaming, can't see many switching. I don't think many know about media streaming to the ps3 anyway. #1.1.1
Why would anyone need this? PS3 media server is awesome. Never have any problems with it and it plays every file type I throw at it. It's small and doesn't require any technical knowledge. Run it on the comp and it pops up on the ps3, easy. TVersity and WMP11 suck though. #1
Troll article #18
Completely optional, fine with it. #14
I enjoyed reading that article. #1
Womever wrote a story about a logo is a goddamn moron. #15
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