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Shouldn't he be doing something else? Quit wasting taxpayers money. It's going to turn into baseball steroids trials all over again, tons of time and money with very minimal results becuase their bafoons. #18
Agreed, and that's assuming it was actually taken....They said their was no evidence of it being taken anyway. It's turning into a "My cc info iz doomed" outrage... #29.1
Kind of funny, but I don't get it. Approved #1
Does anyone use Hulu+ on anything to tell me if it's worth it compared to regular hulu? I think the only thing I've tried to watch that was hulu+ was tosh.0 #1
Why not? They can support more than 1 console at a time, Sony is doing it with the PS2 and Wii games would still certainly sell. #2
Hope it's happening. #3
Not very hard to beat that list, the only one it really had to beat was Alan Wake. #5.1
No wayz...I'm going to start writing articles saying stupid things and see how fast the rumors fly. #5
I guess we disagree on that matter then. Someone else would have posted it with better punctuation and grammer. #1.1.1
I just finished reading it, but thanks....

And it's not that bad, they cleary said they don't have any evidence that it was taken, just that there was a chance....you conveniently left that part out. I don't care though, they can have funning trying to use my credit, they won't get anywhere. #19.1.1
poor grammer/punctuation, who approved this? #1
CC info is stolen all the time, but still sucks. Banks can fix it.

Theirs some guy in Nigeria trying to use my card with no $ on it who's really dissapointed.

Goddamit....up to another week, shitty #27
Has anyone actually got this email?

I'm a US ps+ member and I didn't. #19
That's great, it's called exagerating. I have 1 DS and 1 psp, nothing tempting me to upgrade either....

Zelda might do it. #1.4.1
Or maybe it's our opinion. That's why I didn't get one and I would imagine other feel the same way....There is nothing making me want to upgrade. Don't care for 3d, and it has no games I'm interested in yet. The 3d pictures is the only thing that almost made me get one.

And who's the real troll mr 1 bubble?

hint: it's you. #4.1
More games need to grip you like Heavy Rain did and I assume LA Noire will. #1
Use it for Battlefront 3 already! #1
Michael Pachter is a toolbag, even though he's right this time. #2
It's that and people are tired of buying a new model for few enhancements. There are like 18ds models now. Also, it haz no gamez #1
FW never bricked my ps3 and there are plenty of othrrs that didn't have a prob obviously. PS3has 10 year life cycle, so its got time. Prepare for disagrees sir, 1st comment=first disagrees. #1.1
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