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"True Life: I'm An N4G Mod - You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea"


Really? So the 3rd hand info we were getting repoted saying it was from 2nd hand info wasn't accurate? Never would have guessed. #1
Yup....Why no duck hunt remake? They remake everything 10x over, yet it can't get done once. I would have bought it in a heartbeat. #2
very nice #27
2nd hand info=reliable? #11
Not here....I had some friends claiming they would, but they won't and haven't #3
WTF, why are all these clowns making a bad situation worse? Don't they see that? #2
Nice pic. #2
The stories are what brings this game to life, it keeps you hooked on wanting to know what happens next #6
So basically they are not, which is what most suspected anyway. They are still cool though and once they hit the net, they will be around forever. #1
Proll not, they have been releasing stuff on xbl first recently. The problem with my saturn version is I have no memory card. Which sucks. #2.1.1
OMG, love this game....I still play it on my saturn from time to time. Please bring to psn! #2
0. They can't do squat. You do have to play along a little bit b/c they'll just kick you out. But just wait like 10mins and it will let u back in. #3.1.1
I highly recommend going to their irc chats and messing with them.....It is incredibly fun. #3
Or home isn't back. They said it would come back at a later date. #2.1
They are just getting used to these systems, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I can't afford a new system anyway #10
That list should have been way better, I think they made this in like 4 mins
my fav that ive seen is ibeatmywife247 #4
Well I feel everything congress does is "Half-baked and half-hearted". What a bunch of tools. #18
LOL at the pic. #3
I started reading and was about to move on, but decided to keep reading. Glad I did, pretty funny. #1
They said no to that already....U should have deactivated the account though before selling #1.1
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