True Life: I'm An N4G Mod - You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea
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The shrink gun was your mom

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Wonder how many are out there? There was that 1 story about the guy buying it for I think 100 on ebay. That's the only other 1 I'm aware of.

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HHG is awesome! Missing his PShome appearances

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The next one will be awesome....

Dexter's cool too.

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Automatic payment went out automatically? Wierd.

Dumb article is dumb.

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So basically they can optimize it with the 360 version and apparently they are not aware of how to do that on ps3.

I don't even like motion blur.

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OMG the army has moved to the front the world?

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Tis cool, but not quite the same thing. This only lights matches, won't cut something in half.

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These comments will go well I predict.

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A full fledged shooter MMO would be epic, I don't know about COD being that game though,.

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Looks stupid, no matter what controls. Sorry, I thought I wanted this, but now I do not.

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LULZ, at least they didn't let that go on for too long

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LOL, nice comparison

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LOL at the title, but the article was decent. I would most concerned about the online, or lack there of.

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Maybe I'll get it when it goes to like $10, which I'm sure won't be long.

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Read the article then comment.

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And 2 of 4 psp games...Double win! Plus extending my ps+ a month and free quirosity. Quadruple win, I've been too busy for psn anyways.

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Yeah....Everying they do is awesome...They should do some live and acoustic songs too!

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Cool story bro

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I don't use xbl, but it's obvious they did partys and partychat.

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