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"True Life: I'm An N4G Mod - You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea"


I want this #2
Dissapointed by these scores. Wanted this to be good. #15
I'd say it's pretty close, with the ps3 version just barely getting the edge. #48
PS3 version looks better on this one. Theres like a fog over the 360 version. #7

related vid
www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiK4I 4M6eyM #12
Lol, almost none of those are features. #1
Yeah...."journalists" ; #1
It does, you knew what I meant though. #2.1.1
It's good, but not the best ever...C'mon #2
Awesome! #3
Only creepy guys go cross gender confirmed. #2
The shrink gun was your mom #3
Wonder how many are out there? There was that 1 story about the guy buying it for I think 100 on ebay. That's the only other 1 I'm aware of. #3
HHG is awesome! Missing his PShome appearances #18
The next one will be awesome....

Dexter's cool too. #1.1
Automatic payment went out automatically? Wierd.

Dumb article is dumb. #16
So basically they can optimize it with the 360 version and apparently they are not aware of how to do that on ps3.

I don't even like motion blur. #36
OMG the army has moved to the front pages.....next: the world? #1.1.5
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Tis cool, but not quite the same thing. This only lights matches, won't cut something in half. #2
These comments will go well I predict. #2
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