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People over the internet are racist - FACT

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Well why dont u pop it in the ps3 and see if the warning is there or not for us.

thnx in advance cockman

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April 20th is also Hitlers birthday, coincidence?

Yes, absolutely.

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A future without is much more likely.

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I agree, the problem they might have is the micro transactions going on now don't involve buying a $60 game to start. That might be too much for most, charging full price then wanting them to keep buying little things. We'll have to see how it unfolds.

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Doesn't seem right, don't know about this one.

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Hells yes, battle and build + mechs + single player....Can't believe how far they took it, looks absolutely insane.

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Warhawk was great, this looks 10x better! Also, holy crap, MECHS! Super bad ass looking game. Can't wait.

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Does kind of make sense. There's a lot of cash going through micro-transactions right now on FB, android and iPhone. I'm sure activision wants to see if they can do that too.

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Why is it Starfox 64 when it's not on the 64? Why not Starfox 3d?

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Holy crap, that was very detailed. Sounds great.

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Pretty vague.

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"PlayStation Network and Qriocity account holders in the United States only" are eligible for one year's worth of free identity theft monitoring services from Debix.

How ignorant, clearly he didn't do his homework or he would know the other regions now have a similar program and so does SOE...Garbage article, joining the club of people all trying to jump all over Sony.

To quote 1 fairly regular user, "Lame" - WTF! Is he serious? <...

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Everyone loves free stuff, def a "make good" plan here. Seems like their going all out.

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Damn, that is quite a find. If you are a serious collector the internets has been very good lately. Another uber rare NES games was posted here on N4G the other day, as mentioned in the article.

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Wow, how ignorant. Why ask a stupid question like that other than to troll? You obviously have the internet, use it.

I really want this, hope I can actually understand how to use it.

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Nice, expectations fulfilled.

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There is usually a seizure warning at the beginnings of games. I wonder if he consulted a doctor as directed in the warning. Also, I understand he's upset, but why sue Sony? What a toolbag.

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Love ps+, no complaints here.

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Tha list would be terrible for me, I would call and complain. I have all 5 of those!

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