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a free bj

edit: handy would be acceptable #17
1268d ago by Emilio_Estevez | View comment | Trolling
It really doesn't make sense why they would release it with such crappy show availability. It's like they really don't want people to pay for it. #2

very different to xbox live - which is a far more equal service for ALL nationalities. LIVE doesn't discriminate

that's not true at all- same thing, different regions have different things b/c different people like different things #2.2.5
Dammit, it says he doesn't speak Japanese #7.1.5
$250 controller is a terrible idea. Would be very cool though. #1
I'm getting this once it's in the bargain bin. #1
Whoever disagreed with this guy obviouly didn't read GAF. Their making a "core" kinect shooter. If there is such a thing. #1.2.4
What are the infections in COD and modded avatars? #10
I doubt that happened, but if you did I hope you put it on youtube #9.1
Thats what I did, hopefully get it at some point #2.2
They said they wanted an MS exclusive char, but couldn't make it happen. They also said they couldn't reveal why. It wasn't new that everyone dreaded also, they said there wasn't any from the beginning. #2
Streets of Rage 2! #8
Site has terrible editing. #24
They said they didn't store them #17
ps+ gave them all to me except Munch’s Oddysee, have to see how this plays out #17
Going down in a blaze of adequacy pretty much explains it....well said #1
If there were a lot of games, what were the others? #2
Yup, that's exactly it. #2.2.1
Actually they don't have to give the info out, it's part of a criminal investigation, so they may not want to show their cards so to speak. Taiwan is acting irationally imo. #2.1.2
Ahhhhh! Sarcasticgamer, u a-holes. #13
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