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Site has terrible editing. #24
They said they didn't store them #17
ps+ gave them all to me except Munch’s Oddysee, have to see how this plays out #17
Going down in a blaze of adequacy pretty much explains it....well said #1
If there were a lot of games, what were the others? #2
Yup, that's exactly it. #2.2.1
Actually they don't have to give the info out, it's part of a criminal investigation, so they may not want to show their cards so to speak. Taiwan is acting irationally imo. #2.1.2
Ahhhhh! Sarcasticgamer, u a-holes. #13
"The internet is a dangerous place, the Wild West of the 21st century" - I always say that. Good read #1
Who does Taipei think they are? lol

Everyone wants answers, why are they special? #2
bubble up for comment and your name. #1.3.1
Interesting concept, can't say I've seen this b4. #2
Hackers in for trouble....FBI and DHS, not good for them #1
I hope it's not announced soon. They need to take their time and make it really good and worth while. None of this 1 game a year shit. #3
Said it before and I'll say it again.

Stupid analysts are stupid. #8
They may have, but it was the right choice if they did. Vick on the cover is a PR nightmare and this guy tots deserves it #4
Finally get to play the 1st one soon. #7
I like the cut of your jib sir.... #2.1
Looks decent #1
He's on the cover b/c he's bad ass...Reminds me of a young Mike Allstott. He runs fools over, good hard-nosed football. Great role model as well, he's an excellent choice. #2
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