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"True Life: I'm An N4G Mod - You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea"


There is usually a seizure warning at the beginnings of games. I wonder if he consulted a doctor as directed in the warning. Also, I understand he's upset, but why sue Sony? What a toolbag. #1
Love ps+, no complaints here. #7
Tha list would be terrible for me, I would call and complain. I have all 5 of those! #6
Looks great. #12
Good, we already know about Starhawk, GOW4, etc....Bring on Shenmue/Battlefront! #9
It is tops on my list, with SW Battlefront 3 close behind. #20
Wouldn't work on my rents vista laptop, kept saying to update chrome. But it was up to date. #9
Who owns, Sony or NT? They might not be making it, doesn't mean it's not being made. #4
LOL, I think I heard about the kittens, but the last unicorn! That's too far! #2.1
I(we) would hope so. #1
Where? #1.3
What a moron this guy is, doesn't he realize that's what they've been doing for 3 weeks now? #4
Nice, Socom 4, then KZ3, now KZ2....stuff's happenin' #3
I want my profile to show the level %, trophy counts and what kind....Is that new or a EU only function? Mine does not look like that. #2
Awesome! I'm gonna pick some games up then....Like stocks, buy low. #1
That makes sense. #1
Shinobi is the only one I'm interested in on that list. #1
OMG at these comments, it's not like AC was the first to have one of these or this guy is the first to make one. People have been making crazy weapons since the dawn of time. So what if he made it, you could just as easily buy one. Here is one from a pro company

Also, there are like 50 tutorials on youtube on how to make one #3
Looks really cool, like an 8bit rpg minecraft. go there to see gameplay #1
Didn't hear about the members deets, that's funny #1
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